Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bronzey and Glittery Nails with bloop Nail Polish

Hey pretties!!!

Did you enjoy my tutorial on applying the bloop nail strips? I hope you did cause I spent quite some time to explain in details and also included my personal tips and tricks lol !!! Constructive feedback is always welcomed though :D

And now in this post, let me teach you how to achieve bronzey, glittery nails with bloop nail polish!! \(^.^)/ The bloop nail polish I'm using here is H505, so be sure to check out this one when buying bloop nail polish ok?

Again, disclaimer first...lol...I want to confess that I'm still very much beginner in applying nail polish, in fact anything to do with nails, even though I have always been fascinated with all the pretty diy nail beauty that you can find millions in the internet....Internet is really a good resource to learn all kind of nail art, so you can save up rather than going to nail parlour, hehe...and diy result would always be more worthy and satisfying right? ;-)

So why bloop nail polish? It's quick drying, long lasting and ultra glossy!! And super bling-bling too lol :D

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's nail it! with bloop Nail Strips -- my first attempt yo... :D

Hi Hi!!!

Today I'm going to share my very first tutorial on applying nail art strips!!! :D :D

Now now....I want to make a disclaimer here first...I'm not really an expert in nail beauty or nail art, but have always been fascinated with oh-my-gosh how did they diy their nails sooooo pretty???!!! I've previously spent on manicure pedicure package at Kamar Emas Sogo and I gotta tell you it's not cheap!! And the time there always made me wanna sleep (because the session can lasts up to 3 hours =.=") I've since stopped going there after my package ended...that was like, 2 years ago?

Since then I have never visited any nail parlour. Oh wait...does the mani pedi at Posh! counted lol? I also seldom do mani pedi at home. But I still like to see nail art so much!! I always admire nail designs posted online and longing to be able to diy my nail art too...

But but...I can make it a reality now :D :D With nail strip, it's really easy to have beautiful nails too!! I'd show you how here, but please pardon me if my work is not nice lol...In fact, this is my first attempt on nail strips lol (but already bercita-cita besar wanna share with you all how to do it haha) So, my demo could be wrong here and there, therefore please do feedback!! I always welcome constructive criticism (^.^)

pardon my 'naked' face >.<

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bag of Love January Edition: New Year, New You

Yoohoo~ It's time for Bag of Love again!! The only beauty subscription that I have ever had so far!! Comes to think of it, I never miss Bag of Love every month, except for the first Bag of Love March 2013 edition and the June 2013 edition. Other than the two months, I have had like...9 editions of Bag of Love, including this edition? Can I call myself Bag of Love freak? Haha... :D

So...jeng jeng jeng!!! This is the bag for the New Year edition!! A very useful, handy tote bag, made of canvas material...the bag is big enough as quick shopping bag, yet chic enough as fashion bag!! This is the bag that I would actually use on daily basis!! Omigosh I love this bag so much!!!

The greeting card that never fail to amuse me :D Look at the cute Mi Mi in the strawberry costume, lol...looks like an adorable baby right? And the sweet berry on the paper boat, hehe....cute cute drawing!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why I never like buying clothes online...thus far...

Today's consumers have become savvier, aren't they? "Money can buy happiness" or "Have money, will spend" have become the mantra for retail therapy for clothes and footwear very often. Bummer, I know!! But hey, with the boom of online shopping sites, shopping has become very easy-peasy. Just know your size, choose your items, make your payment and voila!! Sit back and relax at home, and wait for your parcel to arrive. No more queuing to try out clothes, or tailing by those nosy salespeople. Just pure indulgence without burning a drop of the ever-increasing fuel...really?? I'm not so sure about buying clothes online though...

I bought clothes online before too, few years ago. Then I avoided online shopping. I think I have forgotten the reason? Since a year ago, I tend to occasionally question myself as to why I never buy clothes online. I see friends and bloggers doing it. Some bloggers even have that advertisement space in their blogs for the online shops, or model clothes for the online shops. I in fact subscribed to a few favourite online shops newsletters because I like their pretty and cute dresses. So why I'm still unsure about online shopping for clothes? ┐(‘~`;)┌

I was reminded why I avoid it, though, upon a recent purchase at Pink N Proper ("PNP" hereinafter).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Living towards a Healthy Lifestyle - even when eating out at Mamak Stalls!!

Ever since I was diagnosed with a disease that need me to be on long term medications, I become more concern on health and well-being, especially on the food I consume. I am now very particular on the type of food I eat, and also be more cautious on the ingredients even in any medicines or supplements. I am also in the process of improving my lifestyle to a healthier one for the overall well-being of me...I would share with you progressively, and thus I have added a category 'Healthy Living' (instead of only ‘Marathon’)  to cover a wider scope on living towards a healthy lifestyle...erm, perhaps there's a better name than 'Healthy Living'? Share with me your suggestions (=^-ω-^=)

Recently, I read an article on how to eat healthily in a mamak stall...yes, mamak food stall!! Among the favourite gathering venue for Malaysians from all walks of life!! I used to be skeptical on the food I consumed at mamak stall as unhealthy, partly because I have always ordered maggi goreng (which is delicious yet can be very oily), the hot ayam goreng, the fluffy roti canai or roti telur with the appetizing kuah kari ikan and the savory nasi lemak with telur mata kerbau... For the past few months though, I have cut down trips to mamak stall and even stopped eating those heavenly-delicious-foodie-once-upon-a-time, and instead switch to thosai kosong and teh tarik kurang kurang manis (no, it’s not typo, I really order kurang kurang manis oh...)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Afternoon Date over the Delectable High Tea

I'm pretty sure that everyone (ok, maybe not everyone, but almost everyone) has only praises to cakes, cookies and macarons at Delectable by Su....I'm a big fan of the cookies, hehe....and the high tea at Delectable Treats by Su which I get to enjoy during a blogger event in April was just too awesome that I have always keep this plan to bring my loved ones there one day...

Me being a busy woman, always delay this plan though....but not anymore cause I won the High Tea for 2 in October last year (proud)!!

In celebration with its achievement of 12,000 FB fans milestone, Delectable by Su was giving away a High Tea set for 2 for the first commenter on the post. Me being lucky as I was just on my iPad and logged in to FB and that was the first thing came out in my News Feed so very naturally I just commented and tada!!! I was announced as the winner later that afternoon \(^.^)/

I only went to redeem the High Tea set in late November; 24 November to be exact (I know...it was already a month after the winner announcement...busy mah...!!) I went with hb, as a treat for him for being so nice to me all this while lol...When we reached the Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall, hb was like...


Friday, January 10, 2014

Cute Clutch Diary and other surprises with CLEO January 2014 ^_^

Women’s magazine is awesome right? You do not only get the latest news and tips on fashion and beauty, sometimes you get some goodies also :D Last month's The Women's Weekly and Lisa were awesome with their GWP, and this month, it was CLEO!!!

I have been reading CLEO since I was still in Form 3 or Form 4...those time, I didn't buy but borrowed from friends...I only bought my first CLEO when I was in Form 6, and it was a 'wedding edition' if not mistaken :p I don't buy every month though, only occasionally when I like the cover and of course, when there's awesome GWP :D

CLEO has been putting hints in its FB page that every copy of CLEO January 2014 would come with a CLEO Limited Edition Clutch Diary. When I saw the diary cover design, I was like omg!!! There were 3 designs available randomly, and I’m so dying to have the leopard design; it was so pretty!! I initially planned to get a copy within that week itself (last week of December), but I ended up only getting it on the first day of January 2014 lol…a New Year gift for myself? Hehe…

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thank you for blessing me with the new year....

Happy New Year 2014...!!!

Hope it's not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year lol...

While everyone was busy reflecting what had he/she did and gone through during the year 2013, and busy listing what he/she wish to achieve during the year 2014, it's pretty simple for me...I didn't particularly spend the time to reflect 2013, nor thinking on what to do in 2014....

I'm just grateful and feeling thankful, that while 2013 has been awesome, fulled with up and down for me, it's wonderful that God has given me another year, 2014, to live and explore this beautiful world...

2013 was great...I was back to blogging in March, with more focus area instead of random ramblings posts when I initially set up this blog lol...I attended some blogger events, given some review assignments and won some contests....well, compared to other bloggers, I was less active or less popular, but heck...popularity or earning money or free things was never my intention and would never be my goal in blogosphere...my blogging aspiration has never changed, to share with people the good things around...Less active was because I couldn't afford to blog full time, and that would never change for now...blogging is just to spend my time on weekends :) In fact, not many people know I blog as I always want to experience events or services as a normal consumer, not as a blogger...


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