Saturday, May 26, 2018

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra: Music from Anime

I was totally couldn't wait for yesterday night 😃😃😃

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) is presenting a concert; Music from Anime, that features the wonderful music from the most popular works from three iconic Japanese anime composers; Takashi Miki, Joe Hisaishi and Hiroshi Miyagawa; that span from 25 May to 27 May 2018, for 3 timing shows.

Source: MPO Facebook Page

Joe Hisaishi is no stranger to Studio Ghibli fans worldwide. Known for his musical versatility that fuses Japanese classical, Western classical, experimental electronic and minimalist, Joe Hisaishi has composed many of the Studio Ghibli animation soundtracks, including those from "Princess Mononoke", "My Neighbor Totoro", and the Oscar-winning "Spirited Away".

Having grown up with masterpiece films from Studio Ghibli and also been listening to the "Studio Ghibli 25 years Concert" conducted by Joe Hisaishi for countless of times on DVD and YouTube (omg you should totally listen to this concert! It is the most amazing and wonderful concert that I can listen to over and over again), I just couldn't let go the opportunity to listen to live orchestra music from Studio Ghibli! 🎶🎷🎹🎺🎻

Source: MPO Facebook Page

The fact that I only knew about this concert 3 days ago despite the tickets have been selling since last year has kind of made me feel upset and aggrieved. It was almost sold out for all sessions and left only some 'Premium' seats and limited number of 'A Reserve' seats. Luckily though, I was able to get an 'A Reserve' seat for the 25 May show, at concession rate for being a MAS Enrich member (15% discount!) 😅

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Driving A Car

Two years ago when my little brother had to travel to Singapore for a business and a few of us grabbed the chance to visit the country for fun, we decided to drive instead since driving would be more economical than flying for a group of 5. Having no experience of driving to the Little Red Dot (well, we travelled by road to Singapore before but that was like 30 years ago lol), we did a few internet searches and asked here and there of what we should know beforehand; yet nothing beats our personal experience. It's actually not as daunting as we thought; instead it was easier than what we have anticipated :D

Recently, we drove to Singapore again and my memory kinds of refreshed again of the 'process' to drive Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, which took about 4-hour journey. I think it's good to share my experience with all and hope it's a good guide to first-timer!


Well-maintained Car
I definitely do not want my car to break down in the middle of highway or in Singapore; I'm sure you are too! So ensure your car is in roadworthy condition by sending your car to workshop for check and service, days before your departure day.

Touch n' Go with Sufficient Credit
Wherever you are travelling from West Malaysia, ensure your TnG has sufficient credit to pay the tolls (i.e. PLUS Highway) to reach Singapore AND back to your home location when you leave SIngapore.
It's no fun to queue long at the top-up booth which would be wasting a lot of time. Not only the PLUS highway, there's also a short expressway within JB - Lebuhraya EDL that charges toll fee.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Yi Sheng Suo Ai - Shu Qi (一生所爱 - 舒淇)

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (Theme)

Zuo tian jin tian guo qu bu zai hui lai
Hong yan luo xia se cai bian cang bai
从前直到现在 爱还在
Cong qian zhi dao xian zai ai hai zai
愿去等你漂泊 白云外
Yuan qu deng ni piao po bai yun wai

痛爱 让人悲哀
Tong ai rang ren bei ai
在世上 命运不能更改
Zai shi shang ming yun bu neng geng gai
放开 不能再相爱
Fang kai bu neng zai xiang ai
难道这是 上天的安排
Nan dao zhe shi shang tian de an pai

Qing ren li qu yong yuan bu hui lai
Mo yan mo yu tan xi ai bu zai
Sui ran hua hui ling luo
Dan hui zhong kai
恍如隔世的爱 在白云外
Huang ru ge shi de ai zai bai yun wai

Repeat *

This song is one of my favourite Mandarin songs...I hope to share with you all...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blackheads control with b.liv Off With Those Heads

I was given the chance to try the b.liv Off with Those Heads recently; which is actually a blackheads sebum gel that claims to extract blackheads with ease after just 14 days, without the need to painfully squeeze. 😖

Naturally, I feel super excited to try the product as blackheads has always been my topmost skin concern that seems to be immune to any products that I have tried before. Moreover, it's a gel form; my all-time favourite skincare texture 😆

Now, I'm not going to paint beautiful story like 'other reviewers', on how this product 'works like magic that erase all my blackheads' followed by edited and touched up pictures ⟹ I call that fake and dishonesty. 😎

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello April.... Be good to me :D

Hello April! My favourite month is here again 😍

March 2017 was eventful; I had the most painful inversion injury, still missing my late sister terribly, then involved in my first car accident (hopefully the last too) 😭

Malang tak berbau...Who knows crossing a street can makes you fall down and sprained both ankle 😭 A lot people asked me how did I sprain BOTH ankles but seriously, I have no idea....I couldn't even stand right after the incident....most painful inversion injury ever...Then my feet were swollen and being nicknamed as 'pig legs' by my brother 😂😂😂

March-April also means the season to remember and honour our loved ones who have passed away. This year's Qing Ming festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day) was particularly special and emotional for me because, this is also the first Qing Ming with my late sister...I am still missing her terribly...still couldn't let go...still couldn't believe she's gone... 😢 


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