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Let's nail it! with bloop Nail Strips -- my first attempt yo... :D

Hi Hi!!!

Today I'm going to share my very first tutorial on applying nail art strips!!! :D :D

Now now....I want to make a disclaimer here first...I'm not really an expert in nail beauty or nail art, but have always been fascinated with oh-my-gosh how did they diy their nails sooooo pretty???!!! I've previously spent on manicure pedicure package at Kamar Emas Sogo and I gotta tell you it's not cheap!! And the time there always made me wanna sleep (because the session can lasts up to 3 hours =.=") I've since stopped going there after my package ended...that was like, 2 years ago?

Since then I have never visited any nail parlour. Oh wait...does the mani pedi at Posh! counted lol? I also seldom do mani pedi at home. But I still like to see nail art so much!! I always admire nail designs posted online and longing to be able to diy my nail art too...

But but...I can make it a reality now :D :D With nail strip, it's really easy to have beautiful nails too!! I'd show you how here, but please pardon me if my work is not nice lol...In fact, this is my first attempt on nail strips lol (but already bercita-cita besar wanna share with you all how to do it haha) So, my demo could be wrong here and there, therefore please do feedback!! I always welcome constructive criticism (^.^)

pardon my 'naked' face >.<

Step 1: Pick up your favourite nail strips patterns and styles ^_^
You'd be spoilt for thousands of choices seriously, and you might be having headache in choosing 'it' nail of the day :D :D But fret not lah, you can always change your style every other day, hehe...I'm having here the bloop nail strips...

Step 2: Gather all the other necessary supplies.
So you've picked your favourite nail strips! Now go pick your favourite nail base coat, top coat (optional), small scissors and nail file ^_^ One thing good about bloop nail strips is, it comes with a nail file :D :D

Step 3: Clean up your nails and file the nail ends to the shape you like....Then apply the nail base coat....
Applying nail base coat can stabilize the nail strip and makes it last longer ^_^

Step 4: Cut out the individual strips for each nail.

Step 5: Choose the best strip size for each nail.
The bloop nail strips I have here is too big for girl's fingers lol. Use the scissors to trim the side to fit your nails, sidewall to sidewall. I find this step a bit challenging and I just wish the nail strip all can fit my nails perfectly lol...Anyway, practise makes perfect; in no time you'd be very good in estimating your nail size ^_^ I have tips here can try and see whether it works for you :p

Tips 1: Bend the nail strip a little bit and try to fit on your nails for a better estimation. I find it to work!!

Tips 2: Alternately, you can cut out the shape of each of your fingers on a paper or cardboard (for each nail), then use it as template to trim the nail strips. You'd get the nail strips size perfectly ^_^ And you can keep the templates for your next nail strips application :D

Step 6: Remove the transparent protective layer for the nail strips, and then carefully remove the nail polish strip from the sticker backing.
Minimise contact with the sticky back of the nail strips, otherwise the glue would become less sticky....

Step 7: Start by placing the nail strip at the cuticle side and apply it by pressing down the strip towards the tip...
If there are bumps or uneven surface, just press and rub gently at outward directions to sidewalls or to tips to smoothen it...Ensure the nail strips really sit on nails, not on fingers!!

Tips 3: I personally think that, the nail strip does not have to cover your 'whole' finger nail fully. A very slight gap between the finger sidewall and the nail strip would make your fingers appear slimmer :D

Step 8: Use the nail file to file off the strip excess.
Position the file at vertical direction, and gently file off with downward stroke. Do not file side to side or up and down, as it may spoil the strip. Just a downward motion and in no time you'd have a nice finished end to your nails :)

Tips 4: As the original nail strip size is quite big for a small finger nail like mine, you can use a nail strip for two nails!! So the rest can keep for future use (^.^) Aih...why I only thought of this after finishing all? lol...

Step 9: After done filing, press down any bump or excess air bubbles if any. Then, apply top coat if you like it (optional). Applying top coat can secure the nail strip longer.

Tips 5: If you choose to apply top coat, remember to apply just a very thin layer, and do not apply top coat at the edge of the nail strip. Applying too much would cause the nail strip becomes 'wet' and soften, and applying at the edge would cause the nail strip to bump and buckle. I have to redo my left pointing finger because it becomes 'ugly' due to too much top coat (T.T)

Tips 6: Otherwise, you can skip the top coat (",) Nail strips already have a polished look so...just be careful not to be too rough while working with your fingers lah lol ^_^ I didn't apply top coat on right let's see and compare ;-)

Step 10: Ta-dah!!! Nicely done nails with nail strips :D :D Now go show off to your friends hehe ^_^

Left fingers...with top coat...

Right fingers...without top coat...

I'm lovin' my nails now!!! Well....a little bit messy as it was my first time, but it's really an easy manicure fix to beautify your nails!! :D And the feeling of accomplishing the nail beauty myself is tremendously amazing and wonderful!!

When I first started this, I felt frustrated because than nail strips size are too big for my petite nails!! But after done for the first nail, I immediately fall in love with the result so I went on with the rest of the nails...Although not perfect yet, I believe with more practices I can master the skill easily lol..I can even skip learning to draw on nails lol...And now I don't have to visit nail parlour anymore!! Save money, hehe!! 

The only thing I don't really like is, when choosing the size suitable for my nails lol....I think I'm going to make my nail templates out of cardboard, so next time I can save more time from trimming hehe... ^_^

Day 2: Left fingers...with top coat...
Note the sidewalls and edge of my mother thumb, pointing finger and middle finger...
a little bit 'spoilt' and bumpy due to too much top coat...

Day 2: Right fingers...without top coat...
A little bit chipped at the edge due to my 'bad' skill in filing the excess >.<"

Do you also wish to use nail strips to dress up your nails? I recommend here the bloop nail strips :D

Why nail it! with bloop?

# Fast & easy to use!!
# No drying time
# Super thin & realistic on nail
# Made with environmental-friendly materials
# Allows air to penetrate through the nails
# Last 5-7 days!!
# And it's cheap!!! Only RM38 per set of 3 packs (3 different designs) at HiShop!!

For more information on bloop nail strips, head on to:
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Buy bloop at HiShop:
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Have fun with nail strips!! Now everyone can be nail art expert, hehe :D :D

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration but that doesn't affect my judgement and review. I'm not paid nor obliged to write good things. Please refer terms of use, thank you.

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