Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Chapter of Manicure and Pedicure

After done my first and second session of manicure & pedicure, I still have another 2 sessions left before the package expired on 30 September 2012...but it was already 21 September and I would not want to 'torture' myself for 2hours++ within the same week lol ^^

So I brought Mom along, to enjoy the pampering together on that thing good about this package is it is transferable to close family members :P

I can't remember the girl's name who served me, but I still remember how patient and passionate she was when doing this design for me; strong maroon base with white and yellow flowers and it :D :D

For the foot nails, I chose to be simple this time...just plain purple metallic :)

Mom has chosen a design that suits her cheongsam...white base, with purple flowers and green leaves (sorry for the blur picture >.<")...she was absolutely happy with it and ya, I can sensed the joy and excitement in her as that was her first manicure and pedicure session lol ^^

We were so going to show off our pretty nails during my wedding reception at Bagan Serai the next day ^^


  1. How long did they take to paint the flowers?

  2. Mom's was about 1.5hours...
    Mine 2 hours =.="

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