Saturday, June 9, 2012

I ♥ Nail Art

I have always loved to see nail takes patience and skill to draw a beautiful design on the narrow surface...the end result is always satisfying, and you just can't stop admiring your pretty nails...

But i'm too lazy to learn the skill, haha....that's why i signed up the manicure + pedicure package at Kamar Emas, Sogo so that people would do it for me, hohoho...well, to be exact, i was 'duped' to swipe my credit card and sign on the dotted line =.="

Anyway, the package of RM252 includes 4 sessions of manicure + pedicure + nail art, and a small gift...not too bad huh, considering i never really spend a lot to pamper myself... (^^)

 This is the design that i chose during the first session, one day before my pre-wedding photography shooting in April...simple and nice....

 This design looks good on the sample, but the end-result was not looked like my toe nails are dirty or i have some kind of weird disease that infect my toe nails =.="
 This is the gift that comes with the package, which i only get it during my second session yesterday...two bottles of nail polish, one nail clipper and one callus remover...

 They have new design, which i chose during the second session yesterday...simple, nice and cute!! omg, i can't stop looking and admiring my finger nails now...i'm so going to show it off during my cousin's wedding dinner coming sunday ♥♥

This design is supposed to have a purple background but i requested for a strong pink instead...nice mah? ^^

Haha...wait until after my wedding, i would spend some time to learn nail arts... (^^)

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