Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Joyous Experience at The Butterfly Project's Spa Party!!

Ready to go for The Butterfly Project's Spa Party? Checked....YES !!!!

✿ The Butterfly Project x The Spa Party ✿
✿ Date: 29th June 2013 (Saturday) ✿
✿ Venue: Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI ✿
✿ Time: 1:00pm - 5:30pm ✿
✿ Dress Code: Bath Robe and Flip Flop ✿

Remember my entry in order to win an invite to this Sparty? I made a video that incorporated my imagination of the party ambiance, like this...

I have amended a little bit from the original creation though, due to change in the list of the collaborators... anyway, guess what, the Sparty happened to be almost the same like the above illustration haha...the services were arranged station by station just like the above...each of us was given a set of coupons to redeem a service: Manicure, Mask, Massage, Pedicure and Facial...

Well, before I bring you to a tour of all the stations, let's have a peek on what's inside and what was happening on that exciting afternoon  (*⌒∇⌒*)

Decorations that enliven the party mood by Tres Chic The Party Planner... nice and adorable huh? I thought so too ^_^

The Havaianas giant flip flop!!

The prezzie tower...all the presents and gifts in cute packaging for contests and lucky draws on that day were neatly arranged to form a Christmas tree-like tower...oh yeah, there were a lot contests going on like instagram contest, best dressed contest, fashion runway contest etc...

The event officially started with the performance by Ayna... Ayna sang a song with customised lyrics to suit the event, while playing her super-cute pink ukulele to produce the sweet melody to accompany the song...I think Ayna sings and plays the ukulele very well!! I enjoyed her performance...did you?

It then followed by Tammy's welcoming speech...Tammy is the backbone of The Butterfly Project that has brought many awesome experiences to the young bloggers... My very first blogger event, the "Unzipping Bag of Love", was brought by The Butterfly Project too  ^_^

This is Vivian, the owner of the Pink 'N' Proper...Subsequently after Tammy's speech, the floor was taken by Vivian to officiate the Pink 'N' Proper fashion show... 

These were the models who have walked the 'fashion runway', showcasing the Pink 'N' Proper Spring/ Summer collection and Prom collection...I like some of the pieces, but dislike some too, haha...just personal preference ya  :P The winner was Arisa, but my personal favourite was Wiida who never stop smiling and her smile was just too sweeeeetttt  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Now....follow me to a tour of the Sparty awesome stations  o(≧∇≦o)

Station 1: Eat Pray Love -- no coupon needed!!
This is obviously the first station everyone saw once entered the Posh! Nail Spa premise. This is also the station where you can fill your tummy with yummy food, courtesy of Good Friends Cafe...(>y<) My favourite was the Raspberry was so yummy I think I can take more than 10, greedy me... (but I didn't lah, I took 1 and only 1...give chance to other people ok? lol....) The honey lemon iced tea tasted a bit weird though... @.@

Station 2: Take A Photo! -- no coupon needed!!
This is a fun station where many butterflies put their best *crazy* expressions and immortalized it in the form of instax photos lol   (─‿‿─)  Besides self *crazy* expressions, we have the choice of putting on some props too, like extra big bling-bling ribbons, hello kitty frame, Rudolph hairband etc. The best part? It's unlimited shots!!  \(  ^o)( ^ 0 ^ )(o^  )/   Thank you Fotobox !!

Station 3: DIY Station! -- no coupon needed!!
This is another fun station for us to DIY our own bath salt ^_^ Ayna was there to guide us the process from the beginning till the end...and it was not hard at all!! Just stir everything - salt, lemongrass, essential oil, some pink colouring (not sure what's that) - together, and pour into a container and done!! Ready to bring back home for a relaxing bath!! ( this bath salt or foot salt? @.@)

Station 4: Mask Station -- yes, coupon needed...
Timeless Truth masks are no longer stranger to most of the butterflies I think...I myself am a very satisfied user of the TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask... Suanne, the Channels Manager of TT Mask Malaysia, manned the counter and explained all our enquiries on the different types of TT Masks...each of us get to redeem a complimentary mask using the coupon given  (=^・^=) 

Station 5: Manicure Station -- yes, coupon needed...
Posh! Nail Spa does not only sponsor the Sparty venue, it also sponsors the manicure and pedicure pampering to all the butterflies...that's really generous of the Posh! Nail Spa owner  (‘∀’●)♡  I requested just a simple nail color will do, but Eline, my manicurist, painted my nails with alternate colors (specially chosen by her!!) to spice things you later ya :D :D

Station 6: Pedicure Station -- yes, coupon needed...
Finally a lounge to sit comfortably, this pampering session a lot...and my pedicurist, Linh, was such a sweetie, being so gentle and patiently trim my nails, scrub my foot and color my nails...thanks oh...and I was so in love with the sugar scrub and body lotion used (are those on sale?

picture credit: Tammy's camera

Station 7: Facial Station -- yes, coupon needed...
The facial station and massage station at the upstairs were having super long queue list that some did not manage to to redeem either the time it was my turn for the facial, the clock was already ticking closed to 5pm...anyway, the facial that I did was a 'drainage' facial to detoxify the face and neck. The facial was done by Jamie, the owner of Aspen Spa Asia, where she used a machine with suction motion to lightly massage on my face and neck.

Station 8: Massage Station -- yes, coupon needed...
Didn't get to redeem this - Aspen Spa Asia staff told me it's either facial or massage - so only showing here the pictures of the massage tables...

During my facial session, I can already hear the loud cheers downstairs...the results of the various contests were being announced and I missed most of the part!!! After the facial, I went down to just in time for the 2nd round lucky draw...and me being so lucky was the last winner of the lucky draw  ヾ(*´∇`)ノ Thank you OnlyBeauty Malaysia for sponsoring my lucky draw prize :D

picture credit: Swee San's camera

It was closed to 5:30pm and the Sparty officially ended...hb was already outside waiting more than half an hour so I had to rush out after saying goodbye...check out all the goodies that I received from Sparty: Door gift, mask, spa voucher, lucky draw gift, instax photos, tote bag, vials, lotion, makeups, more vouchers etc...thanks to all the goodies sponsors :D :D  (should I do a separate post only on the Sparty gooodies??)

Notice what was missing? Yes, my DIY bath salt (>.<")...while rushing to go back, I have totally forgotten my bath salt, wuwuwuwu :'(

Anyway... thanks to all the awesome collaborators for making this Sparty happened...

✿ Posh! Nail Spa 
✿ Aspen Spa Asia 
✿ Fotobox 
✿ Pink 'N' Proper 
✿ TT Mask Malaysia 

Not forgetting the SWAT team from The Butterfly Project... you guys girls rock big time  

p/s: Was still in love with my manicure and pedicure the next morning....


  1. Omg the cartoon illustrations is sooo cute! Nice work! :D

  2. Your illustration is so cute..and almost similar to what we planned out! I enjoyed reading your station to station review :) looks like your angle to cover your experience makes your review very organized! Bravo CP Moon! OH ..the last few pics of the goodies u got, makes me jelly! It looks like u got lots of things from the party!!!!

    P.S: It's Bath Salts ^_^ which you can use either for a nice relaxing soak in the bath tub or in a smaller pail for your arching feet after shopping.

    1. I just picked from here and there, modified and combined to make that completed illustration...and glad you enjoyed reading the station to station review :) yeah, a lot goodies, everyone got a lot too...but wait, why jelly? you the organiser didnt get anything? @.@

      P.S: so, it's bath salt!! because some said it's foot salt made me think it's exclusively for foot only >v< but too bad, i forgot to take it home... >.<"

  3. what a nice n detailed review :) Good job CpMoon :)


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