Friday, July 26, 2013

The Look for The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

Remember the post where I gave my 3 big reasons why I want to attend The Butterfly Project's Spa Party?

Guess what, my wish was granted ^_^

And the dress code for the Spa Party a.k.a. Sparty? It's bathrobe and flip flop....

I have all the stuff in tact, except bathrobe (aww, why the most important thing >.<")...days before the Sparty, I went to Sogo during lunch hour to look for a bathrobe at its newly renovated 'Home & Living' department...but I couldn't find one at all...there are quite a number of mannequins wearing bathrobes, but none of the bathrobes are for sale  /(;-_-) The bathrobes are really meant for display and decoration only....Then I went to Isetan and Parkson as well, but the bathrobes on sale are damn so expensive like more than RM200 per piece  ヘ(;´Д`ヘ) (why so expensive????!!!!) Walked whole day at MidValley and 1Utama, couldn't find also, aih.... (or my mind was blind already couldn't see one even just in front? lol...)

Luckily on the very last day before the Sparty, I found A LOT at Giant Hypermarket while doing my grocery...nothing fancy, but there are so many colors to choose from...Finally I bought the color aqua blue, to match my flip flop  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Due to my plain bathrobe, I decided to wear a brooch to go with it...and my obvious choice was definitely my black and white butterfly brooch  (≧∇≦)/  This brooch was given by a dear friend years ago and I have wore it once as a hair ornament for a themed function...Since this is a Butterfly Project, I think this brooch suit the mood and ambiance perfectly :P :P :P

The polka dot ribbon hairband was not in my plan initially...but my head was too plain without anything on, so this hairband came to my rescue, lol...since the color match my butterfly brooch, so why not? :P

To have that 'beach and pool' feeling, I opted for a striped bag...This bag is a gift from Cheerful Beauteepro, the sole distributor for premium skincare brands such as Isabelle Lancray, Swiss Line, Carole Frank and Dr. Rimpler...this bag has an ample space for me to stuff a lot of things inside, heak heak  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Finally, my Havaianas flip flop with hibiscus no, I didn't use that rebate voucher that I won to buy this...this pair was bought some time ago in Thailand but never been worn now it's time to make use of this flip flop that have been hibernating so long in my shoe cabinet :P

So I was now ready to hit the pool Sparty  o((*^▽^*))o   and you? ^_^


  1. Your outfit is so cute, really looks like you're ready to hit the pool :D

    1. Hey Nala...yours' cute too ^_^ and great video you created there :D

    2. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Hope to meet you again in future events :D

    3. Soon...I think I saw your name in Street Love x Aveda Hair Pampering session...Is that the same Farisha Nadia?
      If yes, we will meet coming Saturday hehe ^_^

  2. How much did u buy your bathrobe from Giant! curious coz I thought bathrobes are cheap. RM200 is crazy! :)

    1. The bathrobe I bought from Giant was only RM23, ten times cheaper than those at Isetan and Parkson...i thought bathrobes are cheap too, but looks like some are 'made from gold' >.<


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