Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Unzipping" Bag of Love at Delectable Treats by Su

La la la...remember some time back, I posted about the "Unboxing Tea Party" that I wanted to attend?

I know it's kinda 'late' to announce now  was tied up with project timeline, and then 'attacked by virus' one by one for good number of days (migraine -> flu -> fever -> cough -> sore throat; in that order =.="), at the same time was away cruising on the wide ocean :P

Anyway.... I was selected as one of the 30 bloggers to the event on 27 April, woo hoo!! ~^^~

I was in the Session 1 with another 14 bloggers...albeit still down with flu, I made my way to Paradigm Mall to be part of the event :D It was a sweet event full with sweet cakes and treats accompanied by sweet beauty bag...and of course, sweet pretty girls ^_^

Image credit: The Butterfly Project

I was first greeted by this sign when I reached Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall....I love love love this sign!! Cute...and it actually reminds me of cheese and... Jerry of Tom & Jerry (*.*)

The chandelier that instantly boost up the atmosphere...it adds a touch of luxury that makes the whole interior looks so elegant...warm and cozy....

The event was supposed to start at 11am...but the presentation of the dessert table was soooooooo beautiful like a famous statue that how can we just leave it like that without taking any photos or videos to immortalize it? Everyone of us was very focused on aiming the best position to take that best shot, covering every inch of the dessert table...(hey, the food are meant to be eaten, ok? LoL...)



Look at these....very cute and adorable...and sweet and yummy...the cupcakes represent Bag of Love and the Butterfly Project....very mindful of Su ^_^

I really like these cupcake replicas the first time I saw it...since child, I have always like food replicas...think back all the 'masak-masak' children game haha ^^ These cupcakes are actually a mini storage for sweets and treats...nice idea huh?

Found something I like!!! ^^ This is a fake cake ya...I know it looks tempting but it's not edible :P

After mass snapping of the food porn, I headed to the tea table which has been set up to cater tea for four...There are so much food!!! Cakes, macarons, sausage puff...argh, I was not able to try each of a kind as I was a light eater (T.T) Wanna know more about the Tea Treat at Delectable Treats by Su? Check back this blog later ^_^

At about 12pm, Tammy finally gave the official welcoming speech...Tammy was the person behind the Butterfly Project community and has been very  kind to make this event happen...very bubbly and energetic, she is also a famous beauty blogger yoh... ^_^

And this is Mi Mi, the founder of Bag of Love....Sweet and friendly, Mi Mi was previously beauty writer with top magazines before she brainchild the Bag of Love. I can really feel her passion on her beauty bag as she talked about Bag of Love and why she is doing this...Her experience and network within the beauty industry has definitely helped her a lot...

And finally, the climax of the event...it's the unboxing...woops...unzipping Bag of Love time!!!! Yeah!!! The excitement filled up the room as Mi Mi counted 1 2 3, haha...

In celebrating the Earth Month, the April's Bag of Love is made of bleach-free canvas clothe. I especially like the wordings: "little beauty bag"...it sounds so cute, haha... ^_^

Hello world!!! This was how it looked like when I first unzipped the bag.

 Curious on the contents? Stay tune with me ^_^


Me with Mi Mi

Me with Tammy (photo credit: The Butterfly Project)

Me with Jia Wun, a very sweet young girl (I think she's only 16 or 17, omg *.*)

Me with Innanie and Sabby...

And one last picture before leaving...with the staff on duty that day...Thanks for your service ^_^

It was an awesome event filled with sweetness...agree? ^_^ Thanks to Tammy/ The Butterfly Project for organizing this event...not forgetting the sponsors Bag of Love and Delectable by Su...stay tune for details on the Tea Treat and the little beauty bag content ya :)


This event was my very first blogger event. Very contented as it is a milestone to iamcpmoon.blogspot.com ^^ Feel happy to have the chance to meet other bloggers in the community...and gosh, majority of them are so young - late teens and early 20s *_* Suddenly I feel 'old' pulak (T.T) Since they are students or full time bloggers, it's no wonder they have so much flexible time to attend so many events, especially on weekdays...Anyway, as a newbie in blogger event, I has hoped to have more interaction with all the blogger invitees but most were very into their own 'troops' =.=" Hopefully I can overcome this in the future...


Updates: Check out my review on the Tea Time Treat and Bag of Love April edition here:

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