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Bag of Love April Edition: The Green Bag

Hola beauties :) 

This blog post is on the little beauty bag by Bag of Love of April's edition. I know this is way long overdue but I've been very, very busy with projects at work, down with flu and then away from the country for a week so, please please bear with me >.< Thank you for your understanding... :')

As April is the Earth Month, Bag of Love is going green too in honour of the mother nature...The bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag inside of the bag is of recycled non-woven material ..although it is made of eco-friendly material, it doesn't look 'sluggish' fact, the wording "little beauty bag" made the bag a very adorable bag indeed ^^ Love love love the wordings :D :D

Now let's see what's inside the Green Bag....excited excited... :D :D 

The greeting card...The 'cartoon'ised Mi Mi is simply adorable huh? ^^

1.) Definite Contour Brush, Full-Size 

Bag of Love has included Definite Face Blending Brush in the debut bag, and everyone loves it, and they demand more! So Bag of Love included now in this April Bag, the Definite Contour Brush...This brush is great for applying, blending and contouring powder products. The hair is soft as it's made of natural goat hair instead of synthetic hair. Love the brush as the size is just nice and fit to add definition to my face ^^

2.) Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++, 15ml 
(RM120 for 30ml)

BB Cream...I like!!! Very easy way to cover the flaw skin on-the-go...and with the added benefit of sunscreen protection, I love love love this product in my bag ^^  This is the first Nuxe BB Cream, and it is suitable for all skin types to beautify and mosturise. By the way, it smells good too :P

3.) Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream, 15ml 
(RM271 for 50ml)

I must admit...I didn't know mosturiser can be this expensive... @.@ Decleor moisturising cream is refreshing and provides an anti-pollution protection to the skin...Most of its ingredients are of natural origins so be rest assured this moisturing cream will leave your skin soft, moisturised and relaxed...I have applied this every morning for one week now after cleansing my face and I love the refreshed feeling :D

4.) The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist, 60ml
(RM59 for 100ml)

I have always love The Body Shop products :D So happy to see this in my bag ^^ It promotes tranquil sleep and gives the relaxed feeling...Thanks to the special blend of the ingredients, including jujube date extract, Community Trade camomile and other essential oils that helps to balance and soothe the mind...Suits a busy person like me that need a good night sleep!! Liking the citric fruity smell...I spray a lot on my bed, pillow, bolster, everywhere...hehe...but I think it's expiring got to finish this up first...

5.) Phytojoba Intense Hydration Brilliance Shampoo, 50ml
(RM88 for 200ml)

This is the product in April Bag that I love most! Albeit never use this shampoo before, the natural ingredients give me confidence it can hydrates my hair...oh yea, my hair can be quite dry sometimes, especially on sunny and humid days...and yes, after using it only once, it assures me of its efficiency in moisturising and de-tangle hair :D And I love the silver can too ^^ I can already visualize that I will recycle the can and bring it along for travels... :)

6.) Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion, 6.5g
(RM62.80 for 170ml)

I admit...I do not know how to pronounce "cupuaçu" =.=" A quick search on the internet reveals that cupuaçu is a tropical rainforest tree that related to cocoa, and is highly hydrating...means it's very good for skin :D I haven't try this though...I plan to bring it along during my travel to Krabi later next month ^^

7.) BONUS: Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial @RM98 voucher
(Normal Price: RM230)

During the "Unzipping" Bag of Love Tea Party, Mi Mi has shared that she has always loved the Decleor Facial, so she'd like the Bag of Love subscribers to feel the benefits too...Talking about love sharing!!! I'm not sure if I would go for this facial due to the hectic schedule this month...but if I do, will definitely share with you in this blog :) Or anyone of you want this voucher? It's expiring on 31 May 2013...Just let me know ya ^_^

And the value of the bag totally exceed the value you pay for subscription... Let's calculate together...

Very very worth it right?

My Verdict: Overall, I'm impressed and delighted with my first Bag of Love. Most of the brands are new to me, which means, now I can know more brands better ^^ The sample size are all adequate and deluxe and not at all disappoint me...most important of all, it's all-rounded: Makeup, Skincare, Bodycare, Haircare and even 'Healthcare' (The Body Shop Mist promotes good sleep, remember?) ^_^ Besides, the fact that it comes in a bag rather than a box sets Bag of Love above par than other beauty box in the market in are not only be surprised with the content, you will be excited on the bag design too :D

So have you subscribed to Bag of Love? It's only RM39.90 per bag. Subscribe for a quarter to get a mystery gift, and subscribe for a year to get the 13th month free!!! Arh...good bargain... ^_^

Bag of Love
Price: RM39.90 per bag

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