Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet Tea Time Treats at Delectable Treats by Su

Looking for a cozy lounge to have high-tea with your besties?

Look no further, coz Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall might just be your perfect answer ^^

The Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall offers a warm and comfortable place for you to have catch-up sessions with your families and friends. The place is not wide, yet it gives you the just nice and convenient corner for you to relax while sipping on the english tea and munching on the sweet cookies :P

The bunting at the outlet sums the Tea Time Treats well...For only RM15 Tea for 1 or RM28 Tea for 2, you get to taste the yummy and delicious sweet delicacies with a pot of english tea...and of course, at a comfy environment... imagine the tea party illustrated in the Alice in a Wonderland story book *.*

Hmm...the bunting picture that I took might not be so you go, a better quality picture from the Delectable by Su FB page for your better visual...

Notice the difference between the two bunting pictures? ^^

The Tea Time Treats was used to be offered only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...but due to the good reception and demand, Tea Time Treats is now available everyday!!! So no more headache where to entertain your sweet tooth everyday now, yeah!!!

This portion as above was actually tea for 4. It was set up as such to accommodate all of us 15 bloggers  at the same time...Tea for 2 would be half of this ya...

Anyway....I think the portion, for 1, was too big for me though!! Ok, I admit I didn't try each of the 8 items, so I'd share with you on the items I tasted only...

Spicy Sausage Puff
I don't think it's spicy at all, LoL...anyway, this savoury puff is a great complement to the other sweet delicacies here...since I personally like sausages so ya, this is good...mmmm....

Chocolate Macaron
I love love love the macaron!!! The sweetness is just nice and not too sticky...I don't know, I tasted some macarons that were not so nice but I highly recommend this!! And with the chocolate filling that melt in my mouth...ah umph...!!!

Roasted Cashews
Although I'm not a nut fans, I sampled some...I think it's coated with honey? It's a bit sweet, but it was alright...great for munching while gossiping huh?

Delectable Cookies
I tasted one of the Delectable Cookies...I'm not sure what cookies it was, but it tasted awesome!! Suits me who is a huge fans of danish cookies....crunchy and not too sweet, it was just....argh, I can't find the word...

So by now, I was already full...yeah, I'm a small eater...So I couldn't comment on the Carrotcake, the Moist Chocolate Cake, the Cherry Almond Cake and another Delectable Cookies...So do let me know if those are as great if you have tasted them? ^_^

In addition to the sweet delicacies, you would get this cute collectible fabric button too for each prebooking :D :D Yeah for added-value stuff \(^.^)/ 

We were lucky that each of us get 5 of the adorable buttons...Notice the lollipop also? Ya, I think most of us brought this home can I forgo the colourful rainbow lollipop? :P But this lollipop is not included in the tea set ya...don't confuse, haha...

So if you are planning for the next gathering with your friends, Delectable Treats by Su might be just the perfect place!! them first to place your booking to avoid disappointment, hehe...Don't go alone; go double and you get to save RM2...yeah for good bargain :D :D

Just remember that, the Tea Time Treats is only available at Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall, and not other outlets...

Delectable Treats by Su
Lot LG72, Level LG, Paradigm Mall
(near to Tesco; you won't miss this cute little cake shop)

After your tea time session, remember to buy and bring some of this home for your loved ones too... ^^


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