Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Lessons in one weekend...


I just had my first 2010 marathon last Saturday was held at Putrajaya and there were a lot participants joining the marathon...which translated to the big battle for oxygen....

Darn, how could I forget that the trees and plant don't produce oxygen at night? Marathon in the morning is much more refreshing!!

I swear that was the first, and last night marathon for me...ops...last night marathon if there is nothing special about the run (because in some race they offer a lot goodies which are very hard to resist ^^)

Lesson No 1: Never deny the rights of plants to inhale oxygen

Online Shopping 

Just yesterday night, I got my clothes that I ordered online...well, not exactly online, because the business owner is my sister's friend...and oh really disappointed ==

  • White blouse with black jacket - too big for me, straight, boring cutting

  • Mini checked red skirt with a black ribbon - too small that it highlights the shape of my butt

  • Black dress top with rectagular-shaped spangles on the waist line - I thought it was a dress, but it is a top, cause the skirt is too short, and it's very, very tight...make me look too sexy on it

  • Dress with a ribbon on the bust, top grey, bottom black & white motif - the bust hole is too big (I don't have big breasts) and the back side is weird
Served me right, I should have known this would happen before I placed my order == argh!! Give me back my money!!!

Lesson No 2: Never buy vague stuff online

p/s: I would post my marathon pictures soon

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