Sunday, February 23, 2014

Playing Nail Beauty with play it! with bloop

Ok I surrender....nail strips and nail stickers have won me over...if anyone wondering why I would not go back to nail parlour again to have my nails painted, it would be due to the awesome-ly simple-to-use nail strips and nail stickers...Finger nail strips? Toe nail strips? I have tried both, and both made me fall in love with my nails lol...

Oh wait...I would visit nail parlour, to have my nails cleaned, to pamper myself with nail spa perhaps....but to have flowers painted? Maybe not any more lol, as long as nail strips and nail stickers are still here to rule :D

In this post, let me introduce to you the bloop nail stickers for kids -- play it! with bloop :D :D I was very delighted when I first saw the nail design, as it has my favourite colors and also tiny 3D flowers as deco!! So girlish and beautiful!!

As there is no kids at my house (We are all grown up, lol), I applied the nail stickers to my own fingers :P Now, I would not explain long on how I applied the nail stickers as it was basically the same way as how I applied the nail strips previously. You can read further in my previous posts on finger nail strips and toe nail strips.

So, this is how it looks like on my thumb nail. Note on the tip of the nail sticker -- it has torn a little bit. One thing obvious difference that I can see between this play it! with bloop and nail it! with bloop is, the play it! with bloop is more 'fragile' than nail it! with bloop. With the nail strips, I can remove gently and stick again on my nails if the previous attempts are not so nice (of course, don't do that so often lah, otherwise the glue not sticky anymore). However with this nail stickers, if you do that you'd easily tear the tip part of the nail stickers.

Well, maybe not because of 'fragile'; it could be due to the glue being very, very sticky, compared to that of the nail strips. Because at the transparent part with the tiny flowers, once you have already pasted it well on your nails, it won't come out again easily. If you remove it by force, I think you won't be able to remove as one whole piece nicely -- the nail stickers would be torn into tiny, tiny bits.

So after you have satisfied, file off the access, in downward motions. Because of my mother thumb nail was short, after filing the tip part design was almost invisible lol...But my flowers are still there, so ok lah... ^_^ Oh ya, because my nails were too short to file, I used nail hero.... :p

This was how it looks like, on my right hand finger nails, and on my left hand finger nails....Nice mah? :D :D :D

Notice that the nail stickers did not cover the whole nail width? That is because this nail stickers are actually meant for kids, not adults ya :) I just want to confess I'm only 12 lol...~

See...!! Wasted so many of the design part on the tips...This stickers was design for person with long finger nails I guess...but this stickers are for kids and kids are not supposed to have long finger nails!! I hope bloop can address to that matter i.e. to shorten the nail stickers so that more fitting for kids' nails perhaps?

And the extra tiny flowers, I'm keeping it for future use :D

So don't you think this nail stickers are awesome!! The design is nice, it's easy to use, and it definitely makes your nails look more stunning!! Ever since I used nail strips or nail stickers, I always got question like 'how much to do such design', 'do you draw it by yourself' and compliments like 'wow, very nice!!' etc. hehe :D :D :D If you have kids at home, isn't it great to play nail beauty with your kids? In one way you can prevent the kid to bite own finger nails because how could she when her nails are so pretty to look at? :D

Gorgeous design, easy to use, fast and no waiting time...all this for only RM9.90 per design for nail stickers at bloop that with the price you pay to nail parlour >_<

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Have fun beautifying nails with nail stickers!! :D :D Share with me too your beautiful nails? :D

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration but that doesn't affect my judgement and review. I'm not paid nor obliged to write good things. Please refer terms of use, thank you.

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