Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Toe Nail Art with bloop Nail Strips

I have had fun playing with the bloop nail strips. I can have beautifully-designed nails, without having to spend a bomb at nail parlours...and the feeling of accomplishing the diy nail beauty is definitely worth all "the effort and sweat" of applying the nail strips!! If you haven't read about it, go to this post and don't forget to pick up a few tips and tricks from me when applying nail strips ;-)

And yesterday evening, I played with bloop nail strips again; this time nail strips for toe nails :) Check out the design that I got from HiShop:

Nice design isn't it? Very chic-ly and geometrically design with a choice of blue stripes or red strips, coupled with a touch of gold shimmers and tiny stylish and urban-ly chic!!

There are a total of 20 strips, means I can use for my toe nails two times!! In this post anyway, I have chosen to apply the blue strips, except for the index toe which I opt for red strips instead to spice things up a little :p (so next time it would be the other way round, hehe ^_^)

for future use... :p

Basically, the application steps are exactly the same on how to apply the finger nail strips. After all it's from the same nail beauty props right? But in my case here, there's a slight difference due to my toe nails were too short!!

Ok, here's how I did it:

Step 1: Pick a desirable nail strips design.

Step 2: Prepare the props; the base coat, top coat, scissors, nail file, nail clipper (in my case, lol)...

Step 3: Choose the size best suited for each toe nails, and cut out individually.
The reason I cut out individually is so that I can estimate better whether the nail strip would fit my respective toe nails.
Apparently, the nail strips fit my toe nails quite accurately width-wise, except for the mother toe nails and the tiny last toe nails.
I had to trim the sides of the nail strips for mother toe nails so that they slimmer.
For the nail strips for the last toe nails, the nail strip size is too small, but I ignored won't be obvious to see that the nail strips actually doesn't really cover the whole nails lah... :P

Step 4: On cleaned and neatly trimmed toe nails, apply the nail base coat.

Step 5: Remove the transparent protective layer from the nail strips, and then carefully remove the back of the nail strips.
Remember to always minimise contact with the sticky part of the nail strips otherwise the glue would be less sticky.

Step 6: Stick the nail strips to the nails starting from the cuticle side, then flat down and press in outward directions.

Step 7: File off (Remove) the excess nail strips.
Ok, this step is supposed to be done by using a nail file. But my toe nails were too short that it was impossible using a nail file to file off the excess!! So I tried using a scissors....but my scissors were too big =.=" At the end, I used a nail clipper lol...way easier, and left a neat trim too :D

Step 8: Press down any bump or trapped air bubbles if any.

Step 9: Apply the top coat to secure the nail strips longer.
Because the nail strip design comes with tiny rhinestones, I found this step is necessary. But remember, avoid the edge if possible, else the nail strip could become 'soften' :)

Step 10: Tada!! Nicely done nails!! Now go show off your nails to the world :D

Lovin' my toe nails now, woohoo~ It's much easier to apply the nail strips now; guess I have beginning to master the skill lol...I like the bloop nail strips because:

# Fast & easy to use!!
# No drying time
# Super thin & realistic on nail
# Made with environmental-friendly materials
# No chemical and alcohol content
# Allows air to penetrate through the nails
# Last 5-7 days!!
# And it fits to my toe nails perfectly without extra trimming required!! (except maybe mother toe :p)

Thus comparing to the finger nail strips, I think I prefer the toe nail strips lol...mainly because I could save a lot of time estimating the correct size for my nails; toe nail strips made my life easier!!! Nah...I know I shouldn't compare in this way as both serve different purpose (one for fingers, one for toes)...Anyway, I'm in love with this nail strips and I think it's one of the most innovative nail products!! This save a lot of girls having going to professional manicurist just to have a flower painted on the nails lol...

This toe strip is priced at only RM12.90 per design at bloop that with the price you pay to nail parlour >_<

For more information on bloop nail strips, head on to: 
bloop FB page: (don't forget to 'Like') 
HiShop FB page: ('Like' this too, lol)
Buy bloop at HiShop:
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Have fun beautifying nails with nail strips!! :D :D Recommended to all who wanna proudly show off toe nails now :D :D

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration but that doesn't affect my judgement and review. I'm not paid nor obliged to write good things. Please refer terms of use, thank you.


  1. Woah, i also in love with Bloops nail sticker is easy and pretty! Btw I've held a giveaway on my blog (hint: the best lengthen mascara I ever used!) I hope you could join it, you might be the winner :D <3

    Click HERE to join:

    1. Yeap, the bloop nail stickers are really convenient ^_^
      O...Thanks for alerting me on your blog giveaway :D Will check it out :)


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