Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to remove nail strips easily and hassle-free ~


I hope you have enjoyed the recent Chinese New Year holidays. And did you make use of the tutorial to apply nail strips? I hope you did and have had beautiful nails to show off to your friends during the CNY gatherings ^_^

Yesterday, I tried to remove the bloop nail strips which have been on my nails for more than a week. Then I realized I didn't include any steps on how to remove the nail strips in the same post on how to apply nail strips here I am sharing with you on how I remove the nail strips, the easiest way :D :D

Before that, let's understand a little bit on the nail strips. As we all know, the nail strips are stuck to nails because of the glue beneath. So when we want to remove the nail strips, it's actually removing the glue that sticks the nail strips to nails. And removing glue is always easier with warm water :D

According to the bloop nail strips packaging, to remove the nail strips, follow this 3 steps:
1. Remove the top coat with a nail polish remover
2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then, gently peel off nail strips
3. Remove any excess glue with bloop nail polish remover

Ermm...I didn't really follow exactly the am sharing here on how I remove the nail strips ^_^

Step 1: Gather all the props you need; nail polish remover, cotton pad, and some warm water (slightly warm is already sufficient)

Step 2: Pour nail polish remover on cotton pad, and wipe on nail strips, especially on the edge. This steps apply to all nails with nail strips, regardless the top coat exist or not.

Step 3: Dip nails into warm water, and gently rub off the nail strips. Note that while doing this step, nails are still, and always in the water. The nail strips shall come off in tiny pieces.

Step 4: After all the nail strips remove, clean the nails with nail polish remover again to remove any excess glue.

Step 5: Clean your hands and nails with soap and water.

Tada!!! All nail strips removed nicely and neatly!! So easy right? ^_^

Allow me to comment a little bit on Step 2.

Although the instruction on the bloop nail strips packaging says that the nail polish remover is to remove top coat, I find it easier to remove the nail strips with nail polish remover wiped on, whether the nail is with top coat or without.

Remember nails on my right hand are without top coat? Initially, I didn't apply the nail polish remover, and straight away dipped my nails into warm water. I found it a bit hard to remove off the nail strips, like the glue just didn't want to dissolve. So I applied some nail polish remover, and it helped to soften the nail strips. Then I dipped the nails into the water again and was able to rub off the nail strips easily and effortlessly.

So...with or without top coat, just wipe on some nail polish remover, especially on the edges of the nail strips ^_^

With that, I hope you find the above tips useful....may you have beautiful and healthy nails everyday :D

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