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Clean and Clear with Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask

Radiant and flawless white skin...who doesn't want it? Almost every skincare brand has its own whitening range (some call it brightening), and pledge to help women to achieve the white, translucent, radiant skin...I tried a whitening range from skin care before too, and am loving it... and now, let me introduce to you another whitening product, mask to be exact, that is the Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask :D

Coni, founded in 1999 in Taiwan, takes natural perfection as its brand philosophy and pursues only burden-free natural beauty, so beauty will never be just a dream. The world 'Coni' is actually an acronym; Concept de beaute Original Naturel et Ideal, which literally translated to "Coni Beauty from the philosophy of natural beauty."

Water, Rosa Damascena Flower Water/Citric Acid/Sodium, Benzoate/Potassium Sorbate, Actinidia Chinenses (Kiwi) Fruit Water, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Butylene Glycol/Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Sodium Polyacrylate/Mineral Oil/Trideceth-6, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil/Tocopherol, Urea, Fragrance.

As I opened the jelly mask jar, I can smell the sweet black rose scent that, at a point reminds me of jelly lol~ I like the texture so much; it's jelly form (obviously!) which is why it is cooling and give me a sense of soothing feeling. ♥ ♥ ♥

Some info on the Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask which I copied from HiShop:
  • Added black diamond charcoal, rich in whitening and moisturizing nutrients, regulate excessive oil.
  • Black Rose essence provides sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening and anti-oxidant ability, with comprehensive whitening effect.
  • Particularly well suited to blemished complexions which require deep cleansing.
  • Remove melanin from the inside out and exfoliate. Restores skin’s vitality and elasticity, rejuvenates & brightens dull skin.
  • Skin feels fresh, elastic and bright and no longer oily!

I use this mask every 3 days, after cleansing at evening, for about 3 weeks now... Something about my love hate relationship with 'black mask'....I have used black mask before, prior to this Coni black jelly mask. Every time I use a black mask, it's going to be very messy lol ^^ You know how some people can apply black mask, all over the face, with very 'thick' layer, evenly? Well, I can never do would be either one side is too thick and the other is too thin, or a 'patch' here and there...Thus I would only apply very thin layer, and arh, who cares even if it's not even? Do you have tips to apply a black mask evenly? :D

My skin feel refreshingly cleaned after each usage of the mask :D I really like the black rose jelly scent that is not only soothing but also lifting up my mood every time (perhaps due to the 'jelly' smell!!) Skin feel soft, smoother and less 'rough' (due to blackheads =.=) after rinsing and the bad habit me love to touch my face after cleaning my face :P I'm impressed the mask able to deep clean down the pores on my face (aih, hate large pores >_<)

The whitening benefit however, to me is average only. While I feel my face is thoroughly cleaned after mask-ing time, I can't really see the whitening effect on my skin. Perhaps it takes longer time to see the whitening effect? :)

Anyway...overall the mask is a good thing to invest, especially if you want to get rid of those irritating blackheads and clean your enlarged pores :D The good news is, the price is not too expensive only...It's priced at only RM49.90  for 100ml or RM6.90 RM5.90 for 20ml, at HiShop... Haha, I'm not sure why it's priced like that, but....if you intend to get the 100ml jar, might as well get the 20ml jar times would be only (RM5.90 x 5) = RM29.50 only, for 20ml x 5 = 100ml, lol... :D :D :D

Special for you....Enter the code "CPMOON" upon checkout at HiShop to enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% :D :D

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Have you also tried any Cony Beauty mask? Share with me your thoughts ^_^

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This however doesn't affect my judgement and review in any way. I'm not paid nor obliged to write good things. Please refer to terms of use, thank you.

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