Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Simple Steps to Flawless Fair Skin by Clinelle WhitenUp

Once upon a time, there was a young lady, who owned a Magic Mirror that was able to talk....she called it "Happy Mirror" because the mirror always make her happy...

One fine morning, she talked to Happy Mirror as usual, and she asked a million-dollar question...

She was bewildered with Happy Mirror's response...!! So she quickly resorted to her saviour, the Clinelle WhitenUp 3-Step Kit!!

After using the kit religiously for 3 days, she asked the same question to Happy Mirror again...

And so happy she was, coz the Happy Mirror made her happy again....

But not without the Clinelle WhitenUp kit...

 And she lived happily ever after with Happy Mirror and Clinelle WhitenUp...

The End


Oh no, not yet end, lol....while there's no such thing as 'Magic Mirror', there is a magic product that gives you translucent flawless fair skin in 3 days :D Ok, maybe not magic....but it's the powerful ingredients and formulations of the products that makes the skin appear fairer and better...Allow me to introduce you the Clinelle WhitenUp range ^_^

I was at Watsons to pick up some facial cottons when the promoter there approached me and persuaded me with the introductory basic kit. And I was sold (^~^;)ゞ Who will not, when on the box it says "skin turns fairer, spotless in just 3 days!" (which was quoted from international artiste Ella Chen).

So these are the trio from the basic 3-step kit: Whitening Cleanser (15ml), Whitening Toner (10ml) and Whitening Day Cream SPF20 (10ml) - all for the price of RM18.90. Actually, I hoped that the toner is in bigger size as toner usually finish up fast...!!

Whitening Cleanser: Colorless gel-like foaming cleanser that cleanse gently without drying the skin. I like the mild scent that is aromatic yet not too strong. It has a nice light gel texture - not too thick and not too 'liquidy' either. Skin feels cleaned where impurities are washed off after the rinsing. My skin appears to be brighter too.

Whitening Toner: A hydrating toner that help the skin what I call appear 'bouncy'. This toner gives me a cool feeling while helping to prepare cleansed skin for maximum absorbency for the next skin care products. However, I don't feel that my pores are refined after using this toner...well, maybe it need longer time to show the result.

Whitening Day Cream SPF20: I absolutely love moisturiser that comes with UV protection property. It means I am still protected, although lesser, if I forgot to apply sunscreen, which I always do (~_~;)...The best part of this cream is it is lightweight, non-greasy yet moisturising, thus it does not break out my skin. I have acne-prone skin thus have been careful in using cream products....but I can use this cream with no worries ^_^ And it's pretty good in oil-control too :)

I also have here the sample pack the Whitening Serum and Whitening Day Cream SPF20. You can apply for this duo-sample here too. I only knew about this sampling activity when I browsed through the Clinelle FB page, and I thought it would be good since I don't have the serum in the basic kit.

Whitening Serum: This is a serum that absorb and penetrate pretty fast into this skin!! I usually wait at least 15 seconds for serum to absorb properly before applying moisturiser, but this serum absorb in less than 5 seconds. The good thing about this serum is, it evens out skin tone, lighten pigmentation, thus skin appears to be fairer and more radiant. 

The other 2 products in the range that I have yet to try on are the Whitening Spot Corrector Essence and Whitening Night Cream. All together, there are 6 items in the Clinelle WhitenUp range and they are pretty affordable too!!

Whitening Cleanser ✿ RM33.90 for 100ml
Whitening Toner ✿ RM33.90 for 120ml
Whitening Serum ✿ RM79.90 for 20ml
Whitening Spot Corrector Essence ✿ RM59.90 for 15ml
Whitening Day Cream ✿ RM53.90 for 40ml
Whitening Night Cream ✿ RM59.90 for 40ml

Clinelle WhitenUp is dermatologically tested with safe ingredients and formulations with RX3 White Action. It contains effective and powerful paraben-free whitening ingredients to:

Repair with Japanese Purple Rice Extract (also known as ‘forbidden rice’ and consumed by emperors as beauty food), which helps enhance the effect of Vitamin C to lighten pigmentation and dark spots, thus promoting fairer and firmer skin.

Reshield with Daisy Flower Extract, which prevents skin darkening by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to skin surface for longer lasting whitening result and revitalizes dull yellowish skin.

Refine with Hydrolyzed Black Pearl, which penetrates deep into skin to suppress melanin formation and even out skin tone, thus for better skin cell regeneration

Clinelle also pledges 6 Secrets to Happy Skin:
✿ No artificial coloring
✿ No artificial fragrance
✿ No comedogenic ingredients
✿ No lanolin
✿ No mineral oil
✿ No SD-alcohol 

Overall, I am very happy with my skincare regime with Clinelle WhitenUp kit, and the Whitening Serum sample pack. I have always had this dull and uneven skin tone problem. I am not dark, yet because of the uneven skin tone, my skin look 'unhealthy'...Sometimes, I even feel 'intimidated' by people with fairer complexion, especially if that person is a guy =.=" However with Clinelle WhitenUp, I can see improvement on my skin radiance and brightening. I won't say that it is a magic product that erase all my dark spots, tighten all my pores and make me become Snow White in one day, but at least Clinelle WhitenUp makes me realize that given some time and with the correct products, it is not impossible to achieve a happy bright, flawless and supple skin. Thank you Clinelle  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥

Oh btw....I found an interesting video on 'facerobic' inspired by Ella, to achieve a happy skin, by doing these 8 simple steps:
✿ C = Cleanse Away Impurities
✿ L = Lighten & Tone
✿ I = Increase Firmness On Forehead
✿ N = No Laugh lines
✿ E = Elastic Bright Cheek
✿ L = Lipser-cise
✿ L = Lift & Firm Chin
✿ E = End with a smile 
You can view the video here :D

Clinelle WhitenUp is available at pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardians, Caring etc, and it's pretty affordable too :) Visit Clinelle FB for more information on Clinelle latest news.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product with my own money, and am not obliged to write good things. Please refer to terms of use, thank you.

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