Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Afternoon Date over the Delectable High Tea

I'm pretty sure that everyone (ok, maybe not everyone, but almost everyone) has only praises to cakes, cookies and macarons at Delectable by Su....I'm a big fan of the cookies, hehe....and the high tea at Delectable Treats by Su which I get to enjoy during a blogger event in April was just too awesome that I have always keep this plan to bring my loved ones there one day...

Me being a busy woman, always delay this plan though....but not anymore cause I won the High Tea for 2 in October last year (proud)!!

In celebration with its achievement of 12,000 FB fans milestone, Delectable by Su was giving away a High Tea set for 2 for the first commenter on the post. Me being lucky as I was just on my iPad and logged in to FB and that was the first thing came out in my News Feed so very naturally I just commented and tada!!! I was announced as the winner later that afternoon \(^.^)/

I only went to redeem the High Tea set in late November; 24 November to be exact (I know...it was already a month after the winner announcement...busy mah...!!) I went with hb, as a treat for him for being so nice to me all this while lol...When we reached the Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall, hb was like...


Apparently, he never realized the cutesy little shop beside Tesco there is actually a bakery shop lol...he had no idea what the shop is, what the shop sells, and never bother to find out...when I told him the Delectable Treats by Su is just beside Tesco, he was like, Got meh? Where got cake shop beside Tesco oh? Where got anything there oh? LoL...So now he knows!!! (=^-ω-^=)

As the Christmas season was coming, the shop was beautifully decorated with Christmas tree, wreath, and ball ornaments. So different from the last time I went there, hehe!!

After introducing myself to the Delectable Elves on duty (staff at Delectable are called 'Elves' lol), hb and I sat at the corner end of the sofa lounge. Comfortable as it always is!!

There is an array of english tea for selection. I chose Earl Grey Lavender for tea. I can't remember what are the other flavours offered there though...Anyway, I believe my choice was an awesome one, cause the tea was delicious with a pleasant fragrant.

And this, our tray of sweet delicacies :D :D If you compare this with the previous that I had before, there was a difference on the menu....In this tray here there was: Vanilla Macaron, Roasted Cashews, Carrotcake, Moist Chocolate CakeDried Berry Cake (not sure what's the correct name lol) and 3 Delectable Cookies. Double that to portion for 2 pax ^_^

The menu may be different from the Tea Time Treats bunting but it was no big deal; all the items were just heavenly mouthwatering and delectable!! I particularly like the Delectable Cookies so much that I am thinking to buy a delectable hamper for my parents for coming CNY :D The cakes were as awesome as previous, and the macaron too!! But I think I would prefer a chocolate macaron though; me CpMooN and chocolate are inseparable :p

I had hope that hb enjoyed the high tea and boy he did!! He even planned to bring his parents; ie my parents-in-law; here to enjoy the tea and delicacies, some day. Hehe...me too...planning to bring my parents and siblings here too ^_^ Good things are meant to be shared and spread!!

Arh...The Potong...When we stepped into the shop and saw this I was planning to get one when we leave later...but we were both already full then....so next time ya Potong...wait for me xD xD After the high tea we were in mood for movie so off we went...

It's amazingly true indeed... the Delectable High Tea can really bridges friendship, or relationship, over the sweet delicacies and the tantalizing aroma of tea in a warm and cozy ambiance...thank you Delectable Treats by Su for having us that wonderful afternoon.... \( ^o)( ^ 0 ^ )(o^ )/

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