Monday, December 2, 2013

Bag of Love November Edition: Go, Girl, Go!

I know I know…you’ve probably read or seen a lot on the Bag of Love November edition; it’s all over the Facebook, Instagram and blogs since the 3rd week of November...Initially I planned to do the review around that time too but heck, I was too tied up with projects and then fall sick for good few days (T.T) 

Anyway…here I am, to share with you my review on the much sought-after edition of Bag of Love. I made quarterly subscription again, but this time it was due to the bag design lol...I just don’t care about the content anymore when I saw the bag design for November and December lol…but I am not worried because Bag of Love has by far offered quite good products, albeit sometimes I feel ‘blah’ when I already have the products got from somewhere else, or things like perfume (but that is because I am not really into perfume! Different people different taste, hehe…)

Ok, back to the Bag of Love November edition…the bag was selling like hot cakes fresh from the oven. Right after Mi Mi posted the bag design, I think more than 50% was immediately grabbed. Some even subscribed more than two or three!! I was lucky as I subscribed just hours before it was sold out…So, what made this bag so special that everyone wants to have it??

Dang dang dang!!!! Yup, unlike the usual Bag of Love design, this bag is a denim tote bag from Levi’s!!! When I saw the bag design, I can already imagine bringing this bag for my usual weekend outing. The bag is made from soft denim material, with red and white checkered lining inside (which is kind of mismatch haha). There’s a button clasp which is good rather than having nothing to secure at all. 

Let’s see the greeting cards first. The theme for November is “Go, Girl, Go!”, where products were specially curated for busy women (like me, hahaha). And the animated Mi Mi is in a simple white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. Mi Mi was recently chosen to be one of the Revel Women for Levi’s Revel collection. Read more here:

Moving on to the products…

1) Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush - Full Size!

Apparently, this is one of the star products that many went crazy about, apart from the Levi’s bag. Not me. I was not particularly excited when I got to know that one of the products was an electronic toothbrush from the FB postings (parcels are sent to my parents’ house and I only get them during weekends). Nevertheless, this would be my very first electronic toothbrush!!  And I got the orange color one. Now when I re-think, I would have not spent to buy an electronic toothbrush, so this is not so bad. I will use this when time for me to replace my current toothbrush :)

2) Clarins Double Serum (estimate 1ml x 7 sachets)

While the brand Clarins is appealing to me, this sample kit does not. Coz I already have 3 same sets at home, from email redemption and the Clarins Double Serum Event some time back...I would be happier though if it comes in a deluxe-size instead of sachet-size (sachets can be messy and some are hard to peel!!) Nevertheless, there’s a bounce back card at the bottom whereby you can redeem 2 piece gift set worth RM60, after a skin consultation at any Clarins counter. I haven’t redeemed yet, but I have read that some counters give sachets only. I need to re-read to see which counter actually honors the redemption offer and then go redeem at the counter, hehe…

Update 7 December 2013: I have redeemed the Clarins sample gift!! Interested to know what I got? Check it out here: Heartening Small Gifts in the Christmas Season. I can only say my gifts are pretty good :D :D

3) Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT (1.2ml)

I found myself in disappointment when I saw this vial. Vials!!! I got tons of those and all are still brand new (hands up who wants those vials??) Anyway, the scent is quite good and refreshing (I sniff at the tip of the vial); a very sexy scent perfect for the year-end parties.

4) Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo (90ml) - Full Size!

5) Dove hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (80ml) - Full Size!

Although I love Dove shampoo and conditioner, this duo didn’t really excite me…why? Because I already got this duo from the Dove workshop (will blog about this awesome workshop soon, stay tune!), and at even bigger size lol…Nevertheless, I will use the shampoo, especially for traveling, as I really love the Dove shampoo scent and that it never fail to make my hair feel oh-so-soft…

So, overall, I’m not too excited with Bag of Love November, but not too disappointed either. The reason I subscribed to the November bag is for the Levi’s tote bag, that the contents have not become a matter to me (I lol at myself…the very objective of beauty box is to let one to experience different kind of beauty products but this time I am more into the bag rather than the contents haha) And the Panasonic electronic toothbrush has also became quite appealing to me as it’s something new for me to try. I shall see how the Clarins bounce back redemption goes...will update in this blog, so stay tune with me ;-)

And the total value?

Well worth for a subscription fee of only RM39.90 per bag ^_^ And if you subscribe quarterly, you’d get additional mystery gift, like me!!!

A) Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish (5ml)

B) Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Hand Therapy (5g)

Like what you see? Learn more at or join the community at ^_^ Or you can also read more from my previous posts on Bag of Love here :D


  1. Arrr I also bought this toothbrush at full price. Lol

    When I saw d news got electronic item, I tried to sub, but too late jor. *sobsob*
    But honestly, beside d toothbrush and d levi tote, hmm others seem so so.

    1. LoL Maggie you should tell me before you buy, I can sell to you at discounted price haha...

      Oh, I'm sorry you missed the Nov bag.,,but yeah, I was not so amused with the items in the Nov edition, except for the Levi's bag...stupid right? hehe...

      Did you subscribe for Dec bag? :)

  2. No I did not sub d Dec. Not really fancy with it. :P

    1. Ar, I see...guess what, I subscribed for Dec bag, also because of the bag itself >.< Not going to renew my subscription though :P


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