Saturday, November 16, 2013

Delight-able Clarins Double Serum Event at Parkson Pavilion

Clarins has always been a brand that I'm interested in yet I have not bought any of its product yet...I missed the Clarins "Total Luminescent" Beauty Gathering some time in March because of I must not miss this Clarins "Double Serum" event woit!!!! Lucky me for seeing the event announcement on Clarins FB  :D

Date : 2nd November 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 10.30am to 1.00pm
Venue : Clarins at Parkson Pavillion

So the event were to start at 10.30am. I went with hb, and we reached Pavilion at about 9.15am. Why so early you might think. Because there would be door gift for the first 50 pax in line ^_^ However we realized there was no point to reach so early as the entrance doors were monitored closely by the security guards...everyone who walked in before the Pavilion official opening hour at 10.00am was chased out, including us. So we had our quick breakfast at a coffee shop, walked to the main entrance, and patiently waited until 10.00am. Boy, there were already so many people including tourists waiting outside!!

Once the main entrance door opened, I could see a few aunties who walked pretty fast towards the Parkson direction...whoops!! They could be here for the Clarins event too!! So we walked faster too and once we reached the Clarins Skin Spa at Parkson...oh no!!! There was already a long queue!! We quickly join the queue, although we were not sure if we were still within the first 50 pax. The first thing that we wondered was, how did they come in? Weren't the doors monitored by the security guards? There must be a secret entrance lol...

I was anxious that hb told me to relax...he said he would buy whole set for me lah don't worry, but that's not the point right, lol...actually I pitied him also for having to waking up so early, accompanying me to do this crazy (auntie) stuff if I was not within the first 50, then our effort would be wasted lol!! Couldn't do anything, but just wait in queue...every minute, every second felt like an hour!!

Finally it was 10.30am!!! The staff started to giving out numbers to the queue. The queue moved and finally my turn!! Gosh, thank god I was still within the first 50!! And they gave hb a number too lol...apparently the event was open to all gender, hehe...

The event area was actually quite small and there were no chairs provided. There were only two cushion benches that were existing-ly there, and luckily we managed to squeeze into one of the cushion benches lol...There were light refreshment though, so not so bad lah...

After a while, the event finally started. A pretty lady took over the floor by introducing the new Clarins Double Serum. Apparently, the Double Serum was named as 'double' because it is the first 2-in-1 anti-aging serum that combines two serums in one bottle. These two serums give twice the anti-aging power, combining active ingredients which are soluble in both water and oil. not going to talk much on the serum, wait for my review post on this ;-)

While the lady was addressing the crowd, there were 2 models who at the same time demonstrating on the correct applications. One for below 30, and the other above 30 (if I heard correctly lah lol)...Great demo I would say...correct application definitely helps the product penetrate better right?

Then there was QnA session, and some small gifts given for each correct answer. After the QnA session, there was a game whereby 4 lucky attendees were put into 2 groups and was given an assignment to sort out the correct products based on some requirements. How to be lucky attendee? Remember the numbers who were given to first 50 pax? Lucky ones were those with a 'star' stamp behind their number cards. Aww...I was not that lucky though lol....

sorry, blur picture >.<"

Subsequently then, there was a sharing session of a celebrity on her experience in using the Clarins Double Serum...erm...if you ask me, it was pretty boring haha...

After all the activities, we were ushered to the Clarins counter. A number of beauty advisors start promoting Clarins products...although there were pretty good promotions offered, I didn't buy any, as hey...I'm having too many skincare products scattered around my house!! But Clarins, I would definitely come to you once my skincare stocks are finished lol...

Then, we exchanged our number cards with a goodie bad, and tada!! These were what I got from the goodie bag!!

According to Clarins FB, all these are worth RM369 so...a pretty good outcome huh? Now I can try Clarins  properly with all these deluxe-sized products, yeah \(^.^)/

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