Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wanna join the Bio-essence 200 People Mega Challenge?

Q: What is greater than being invited to a show?
A: Being invited to a show, be part of the show, and be close to the VIP of the show ^^

I have recently applied to be one of the volunteers for the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water 200 People Mega Challenge :P

                                                   Image Source: Bio-essence Malaysia Facebook

Volunteers would get to meet Linda Chung in person and also free gift pack worth RM150 :D

How to apply?

Application is simple!! Just PM your details to Bio-essence Malaysia via FB, or call their number by 21 March 2013. Refer image above for more details.

Days after I applied for the event, I received an email from 1Utama...also promoting on the event, lol ^^

And woah...if you are OneCard member, you can get the Bio Miracle Water (25ml) for free with purchase  of Bio-essence products RM60 and above...not bad mah ;-D

Hurry...cause the promotion is limited to the first 1000 OneCard members only....

                                                        Image Source: 1Utama newsletter

Application close today, and successful applicant would get call by today...Now crossing finger with the hope that I would get selected  >_<



  1. did u manage to went to the event?
    I am ur 3rd Follower!

  2. Hi Wendy...thanks for following!!

    Ya, I was chosen as one of the 200 people ^^
    Will update the event soon, stay tune ya ;-)


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