Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water 200 People Mega Challenge - ACHIEVED!!!

So yes!!! I was selected as one of the participants for the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water 200 People Mega Challenge on 23rd March 2013 ^^ You have no idea how delighted I was when I received the phone call, hehe...

So why I wanted to join this challenge anyway?

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water claims to have 20 excellent efficacies for hair, face and body. One of the benefits that really drew me in is, this miracle water can reduces eye bags!! eyes would be happy to have that right???!!!!

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

I reached OneUtama at about 1.30pm...Just about time to register....
I am participant No 26!! Same as my birth date...Lucky number ^^

Bio-essence was having promotion on their products...
caught this good deal - RM69.90 for 2 x300ml Miracle Bio Water...

The tables and chairs were arranged to accommodate 100 participants...
(100 for OneUtama, 50 for Ipoh section 18, 50 for AEON Seremban 2)

We were seated at 2pm for preparation...
This is what each participant have on his/her seat...

The crew for my table group...a very cute girl ^^

She's explaining on the event and what we should do...
The surrounding was actually very noisy, so she had quite tough time to have her voice heard, LoL...

The questionnaire for each participant...
Look!! My skin moisture level - only 32% =.="
(not really sure how to interpret the measurement, but higher % means the skin is more moisturised)

The event finally started at about 2:15pm...
The emcee was Yoon from can see her on 8TV too ^^
She's pretty right? I love to see her hosting the 8TV "Ho Chak" some time back...
The hosts after her are just not as good :(

 Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

The VIP of the event - Linda Chung finally arrived at about 3pm!!
So the launch of the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Mega Challenge event started...

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

I'm neutral towards Linda Chung - neither a fan nor a hater...
But she's really sweet and pretty in real person ^^

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

Look at the number of spectators!!!

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

And the challenge started!!
Participants were to apply the Miracle Bio Water on hair, cheek, hand etc to test on the efficacies...
Thereafter tick on the questionnaire, either 'Yes' or 'No' on each efficacy

While we were busy applying the Miracle Bio Water, Linda Chung came down from stage and took a walk around participants to inspect...I managed to snap this close view, hehe...

The participants' moisture level was checked again, now after applying Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water...
And the result is....100% SUCCESS !!!!!

Image credit: Bio-essence FB Page

[Updated 20 April 2013] Check out the video coverage of the event !!

Video credit: Bio-essence FB Page

At the same time, there are promotions going-on...discounts and gift with purchase...
Purchase RM60 above to get Linda Chung's autograph ^^

At the end of event, each participants were given a goodie bag -- yeah \(^.^)/

From left to right:
Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost Emulsion (120ml)
Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream SPF 25/PA++ (30g)
Bio-essence Acne Clearing Gel (20g)
Bio-essence Pone Pollen Deep Cleanser (50g)
Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water (25ml)

Actually during the event, Bio-essence was also promoting on its latest Bio-Energy Snail Series;
Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Repair and Smooth Cream
Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum

But the Snail series are not part of the goodie bag   (^.^"")

Although the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water succeeded in increasing my skin moisture level, I wonder how really efficient it is in other aspect?

Wish to attend more events like this ^_^ Check back often for the product review ;-)

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