Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blackheads control with b.liv Off With Those Heads

I was given the chance to try the b.liv Off with Those Heads recently; which is actually a blackheads sebum gel that claims to extract blackheads with ease after just 14 days, without the need to painfully squeeze. 😖

Naturally, I feel super excited to try the product as blackheads has always been my topmost skin concern that seems to be immune to any products that I have tried before. Moreover, it's a gel form; my all-time favourite skincare texture 😆

Now, I'm not going to paint beautiful story like 'other reviewers', on how this product 'works like magic that erase all my blackheads' followed by edited and touched up pictures ⟹ I call that fake and dishonesty. 😎

Instead, I enclose here closed-up pictures of my nose -- no touch up, no filter -- and let you judge yourself.
(Gosh, this would be the first time I show my closed-up strawberry nose 😂) 

Img 1: Before use of product

Img 2: After about 14 days of usage

Img 3: After about 21 days of usage

Even after 14 days of usage (Img 2), the blackheads on my nose still very much obvious compared to before use (Img 1), but the oil control from the product is quite good I must admit. The little white heads on my chin however have decreased a lot and that's pretty exciting for me! 😃

Then I used for another 7 days or so; and as you can see in (Img 3), while blackheads are still there, the size seems to be have decreased. I am very happy with the small area between my eyes though; it's a lot smoother now! 😄

I was thinking, perhaps if I use the product longer then I would have seen more satisfactory result in my effort to combat the blackheads...Unfortunately, the product has already finished (it's only 15ml bottle) and I'm still debating with myself whether to buy this product because the price is not cheap for a small amount. 😣

In conclusion, the b.liv Off with Those Heads definitely does not work for me in 14 days as claimed, but it does produce favourable result when use longer than 14 days. But then again, everyone has different skin type that react differently to different beauty products 😉 

p/s: Pardon me for the different sun light setting on the images.


b.liv Off With Those Heads is priced at:
  • 15ml: RM99
  • 30ml: RM169
  • 45ml: RM209

Available at Sasa outlets and

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