Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello April.... Be good to me :D

Hello April! My favourite month is here again 😍

March 2017 was eventful; I had the most painful inversion injury, still missing my late sister terribly, then involved in my first car accident (hopefully the last too) 😭

Malang tak berbau...Who knows crossing a street can makes you fall down and sprained both ankle 😭 A lot people asked me how did I sprain BOTH ankles but seriously, I have no idea....I couldn't even stand right after the incident....most painful inversion injury ever...Then my feet were swollen and being nicknamed as 'pig legs' by my brother 😂😂😂

March-April also means the season to remember and honour our loved ones who have passed away. This year's Qing Ming festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day) was particularly special and emotional for me because, this is also the first Qing Ming with my late sister...I am still missing her terribly...still couldn't let go...still couldn't believe she's gone... 😢 

As if my inversion injury was not bad enough, I then involved in a 4-car accident, 2 weeks later 😭 Anyway....people say, 'poh choi dong joi' long as not hurt, consider yourself lucky 😂 thank god i'm ok and nobody injured...just hope it does not affect my legs as still in recovery due to inversion injury... 🙏👼

On a positive note....I also started my journey in clay art, visited my late grandpa after years since married, braved to end sleepless nights and restless weekends, etc etc and ended the month with old-friends gathering 😃

My big sister had a dream; to open an art school. She was a meticulous artist who had this passion of curing people via arts....Regrettably, she didn't make it...her art school was ready for opening yet God loves her more....

Dajie, did you see this? I have taken the first step. Still remember how you encouraged me to learn clay art. I wished I have started earlier. 😢

Gathering with uni friends....I haven't met some of them since graduate like 10 years ago 😲 Everyone is still looking good, though some already become mommies 

Regardless, thank god for everything I have and for everyone who care about me...April, please be good to me 😄

 📍 Lincoln's Rock, Australia

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