Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Elianto Nutri Mask for a quick skin pampering

Around Christmas in 2014, Elianto was having this giveaway campaign where you need to register in advance for a designated private shopping day, and upon minimum purchase, you'd get a free bag of gifts. Those were the days when I was crazy about gift with purchase promotions and thus off I went to buy 3 sets of facial mask sheets to make up to the minimum amount.

So I bought 30 masks at one go that day! I'm not sure how much each piece was sold individually, but the set that I bought was RM29.90 per set if not mistaken. And although it has been more than one year ago, only recently I started to use the masks haha ╮(─▽─)╭   I have used up one set, and I think the masks were great (◑∀◐)

So the mask box actually categorized the masks as "Nutri Mask". Not sure what does that mean, but I guessed it's "nutritious mask"? The Nutri Mask Sheet set is a collection of ten pieces of mask sheets made in Korea with different formulations that are nourishing and nutritious to the skin. With powerful botanical ingredients, the masks aim to boost the skin's energy and radiance level.

There are 5 types of masks; 2 pieces for each type in the box set. Each type of masks has its own functions that are beneficial to the skin overall complexion. They are:

Sage (skin renewal and sebum control)
Sage works to balance the skin's production of sebum and hydration. As the mask is infused with anti-oxidants, it revitalizes the skin and infuses the skin with anti-aging properties. As a result, the mask helps to control the skin's sebum production and boost cell regeneration, leaving skin young and healthy.

Black Bean Isoflavone & Green Gram (anti-oxidant and rejuvenate)
Isoflavone extract is rich in anti-oxidant and soothing properties that helps to care for the skin and maintain its elasticity. The 100% cotton mask pack helps the face to better absorb the high nutritional content, leaving the skin soft and healthy.

Rosemary (calming and soothing)
Rosemary works as a effective astringent to sterilize, cleanse and soothe the skin. Enriched with anti-oxidants, this mask cleanses and protects the skin, leaving the skin looking young and healthy. The cotton mask pack helps the skin to better absorb the astringent properties, leading to improved elasticity and vitality.

Coral Leaf & Deep Sea Mud (anti-aging and prevent freckles)
This mask is set to nourish and clarify the skin. It is formulated with lead extracts from the South Pacific Ocean and sea mud extracts from the oceanic waters surrounding Korea. The high mineral content is rich in anti-aging properties and infuses moisture to skin, while preventing the formulation of freckles.

Red Ginseng (firming and revitalising)
This Red Ginseng mask moisturises and nourishes the skin, and by boosting the skin's production of collagen, it improve skin's elasticity and vitality. The 100% cotton mask pack helps the skin to better absorb the rich nutritive properties of red ginseng saponin, leading to a renewed skin.

The essence for the masks are plentiful and I even have spare to apply on my necks and limbs. At first, the essence may feel a bit sticky but it was not too long before the stickiness was gone when the essence was slowly absorbed by the skin. I also like that the scents of each type of masks was just nice and pleasant to the nose. Well, maybe except Red Ginseng, haha...but that is because I am not fond of ginseng smell (─‿‿─)

What I love about these masks, other than the rich nutritious benefits, is that the cotton mask fits perfectly on my face. I have encountered mask sheets that were too big, or too small for my face. I have no idea how those manufacturers benchmark those mask sheets???!!! My face size is pretty standard; not too big not too small, so I am not sure how the manufacturers could come out with mask sheets that are out of standard proportion lol... ┐(‘~`;)┌

To enhance further cooling and refreshing effects, I store the masks in the fridge. If you haven't try storing masks in fridge, I think you should give it a try and I can almost guarantee you'd love the result! (°∀°) So I have this routine of scrubbing or exfoliating at evening twice a week, and the next evening after the scrubbing day would be the masking day (◑∀◐) Taking out the mask from fridge, slapping the cool mask sheet on face, is a great comforting pampering after a tired day.

Happy masking!!

Note: This is not a sponsored review.

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