Thursday, October 1, 2015

Female Magazine October 2015 - the Freebies you can get :D

It's another new month, wow!!! It also marks the starting of the third month since I was back from Singapore...Time flies fast when you are on vacation, isn't it? And new month means, it's time to check out the new magazines in stores (^▽^) I find that, this year, 2015, the local English language magazine gift with purchase is a blah....or almost none...I really miss those awesome gifts with purchase, such as magazines in March 2014, huhu...

Anyway...I have found one pretty awesome magazine this month that, although there was no gift with purchase, it however contains many vouchers or coupons which you can exchange with some freebies, yeah!!! Presenting to you, if you love freebies, why you should get the Female magazine October 2015 o(^∀^*)o

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins has been actively promoting their Double Serum in their FB page, and has also organized a giveaway for the samples. If you missed the giveaway link, don't worry, just scan the QR Code at page 53 to access the sample registration form. Be mindful though, after the registration, you need to print the email in order to redeem the samples.

But if you don't have printer, then just use the redemption card attached on page 133 and you are good to go (^▽^)

Shiseido Ultimune

With the success of its Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate which was backed by 20 years of research, Shiseido has recently launched another product under the Ultimune range; the Ultimune Eye. Wanna get a sample? There's a redemption card for the Ultimune kit at page 69, weeee \(^.^)/

Not enough with one sample kit? Get another one by cutting out the voucher at page 71, hehe (^^)

L'Occitane Divine

If you like L'Occitane, then there's a redemption voucher for a Divine trial pack on page 123 :D Based on my experience though, L'Occitane usually only gives tiny samples, haha...

Cosme Decorte Liposome

Never heard of this brand? Me too, until I bought this month's Female, lol...a quick check on the web; Cosme Decorte is a high-end brand, under the Kose skincare if you have been loving the Kose Sekkisei, maybe can give a try to Cosme Decorte? Check out the redemption card for the new Liposome Treatment Liquid at page 179/180 :)

Vaseline Healthy White

Vaseline is one of my favourite drugstore brands, simply because it's gentle to my skin....have you tried the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow lotion before? I love that lotion so much; I smell like delicious cocoa every night now (^▽^) In this Female edition, there's a RM2 discount voucher for the new Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair lotion, between the page 208 and 209.

Free Cocktails and Mocktails :D

Check out The Buzz: Bring on the bubbly at page 266 and 267...Redeem free cocktail and mocktail from The Merchant, Blue Elephant and Quivo by just flashing the page to the bars :D

So...that's all the freebies that I can find in Female October 2015...have any of you bought the magazine and found more, which I could have missed out? Do let me know, and I would add on the list :D 

Oh, before I end this post, do check out Beauty Beat: Spotless skin at page 132 too...yep, that's me giving my honest review on the Habuki White C Gel (^▽^) I would do a post review on this great Vitamin C gel soon, do stay tuned!!

Wanna get all the freebies, or check out my review on the Habuki White C Gel? Well, the Female magazine is priced at RM8.48 (including 6% GST), available at all bookstores now (^^)

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