Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tiamo "Basic ♥ Fun ♥ Feminine" Collection, every girl's BFF

To many of us, 'BFF' means 'Best Friend Forever'. To Tiamo, 'BFF' means 'Basic ♥ Fun ♥ Feminine'.

I kinda like the definition too. Because in order to be a 'BFF', she has to be someone who has all the basic human values, and is someone who I find fun in her, be it during happy or sad times. In other words, our BFF is usually a close friend, where the friendship is characterized by intimacy, trust and a sense of permanence (definition from Wiki).

I guess that is what Tiamo wanted when they came out with the BFF collection, that every girl treat the bags like BFF...because BFF is after all about good friends and good shopping :D

From Tiamo website:
BFF collection is an exclusive online collection by Tiamo featuring a new range of bags that comes in a variety range of color to suit the uprising young executive. We promise there will always be unending choices awaiting you and your BFF to suit your personality and unique style. You can now strut in style at an affordable price without compromising style.

With our philosophy, we provide you and your BFF unending selection of bags ranging form the basic everyday use to unending variety colors while showcasing the femininity of a woman.


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