Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Korean Trip Haul~ Part 1: Food, Snacks and Beverages

안녕 Annyeong~

I'm just back from trip to Seoul + Jeju recently, and there are so many interesting things I wanna share with you all :D :D

Yeah, food are expensive (one simple meal cost at least 7,000won per person, which is about RM24~), thus most of my exchanged Won goes to food T_T Luckily almost all restaurants provide free drinking water, thus can save from there *happy*

Food aside....let's see what have I bought from Korea and brought back to Malaysia :D Hopefully can give you an overview on what to include in your shopping list when you visit Korea? hehe ^_^

As I drafted this post, I found it becomes too long, so I shall split the post into 2, or maybe 3 parts :D

Presenting you the Part 1: Food, Snacks and Beverage (yum yum!!)

1) Binggrae Banana Milk

If you like milk, then this is a 'must try' milk in Korea. It tastes sweet and creamy, with a mild banana flavor. The Binggrae Banana Milk is very popular in Korea and you can easily get it at any mini mart like GS-25, 7- Eleven etc, at 1,300won per bottle...if you want more, can buy at Lotte Mart Seoul  Station for only 4,120won (if not mistaken), per carton of 4 bottles :D I like the milk so much I wish I could bring back many many cartons back home! But because it's liquid and it's milk, checking in with checked-in luggage may cause the milk spoilt :(

So how did I bring these 4 bottles back? I bought at the Incheon airport at one of the cafe at the transfer lounge, after the Security Check :D I didn't notice the cafe name, but it's selling the same price at 1,300won, compared to another cafe nearer to the departure gates which was selling at 1,500won *whoops* Since it's after the Security Check, I was able to hand-carry all these 4 bottles in my cabin luggage, hohoho (^.^)

p/s: I heard from my friend it's selling at Jaya Grocer too in tetra packs :D Gonna 'borong' a lot when I go there, hehe~

2) Chongga Mat Kimchi

What is Korea without Kimchi? lol~ Not wanting to miss the Korean Kimchi when back to MY, I bought the pre-packed Kimchi from the Lotte Mart Seoul Station. However I can't remember the price as I bought it bundled together with my sister-in-law (and was paid by her :p) But it should be less than 10,000won for a pack of 5x200g ~

I have tried the Kimchi with my Maggi yesterday, and it was an awesome one :D Thus if you would like to bring back home some pre-packed kimchi but unsure about the taste, fret not, get this Chongga Mat Kimchi :D

3) Only Jeju Chocolates

Apparently, these chocolates are everywhere in the Jeju island!! They are selling at the airport, at the supermarkets, at roadside stalls, at street markets, at souvenir shops, at all tourist spots in fact, even at Yeha Terminal Guesthouse (the guesthouse I was staying at Jeju)!! The chocolates I bought here comes with a bundle of 5 (smaller box) or a bundle of 4 (bigger box). I tasted the chocolates; nice, mild sweet, just the way I like it....and it's great as souvenir :D The flavors I got here are Jeju Orange, Jeju Cactus, Jeju Hallabong, Jeju Green Tea and Blueberry.

Initially, I bought the chocolates from the 'Chocolate Land' (near Jeju Teddy Bear Museum). Admission ticket was 3,000won per person, and comes with a rebate voucher of 3,000won for chocolate purchase. There was nothing much to see in the Chocolate Land, but anyway I used that rebate voucher to buy the chocolates. The chocolates was priced at 10,000won per bundle pack, using the rebate voucher it came to 7,000won. But factoring in the admission ticket, the chocolates effectively becomes 10,000won per bundle pack.

Actually, almost everywhere that I mentioned above are selling the chocolates at 10,000won per bundle pack, even at the Jeju airport. So where can you get them at cheaper price? First, if you are staying at the Yeha Guesthouse Terminal, you can buy the chocolates from the guesthouse at 20% discount, thus it's 8,000won only per bundle pack :D Second, if you happen to visit the Jeju Folk Village (one of the shooting spots for the popular K-drama 'Dae Jang Geum'), the souvenir shop located inside near the entrance once you enter the village, is selling at 10,000won for 2 bundle packs. That is 5,000won per bundle pack only!!! Omg!!! How I wish I have came here first before the 'Chocolate Land'!!! So I bought another 2 bundle packs here, because the chocolates are really delicious!!! :D

4) O'Sulloc Tea

Tea is always my favourite choice when eating out. Thus I did not hesitate to buy this Roasted Green Tea leaves when visiting the O'Sulloc Tea Museum. And they were having promotion there!! The usual price of 15,000won for a 50g pack of the roasted green tea, was selling at 10,000won only. There was sampling exercise so after tasted it I knew I have to buy the tea :D The fragrant of the tea just won me over.

Beside green tea, I also bought the blended oolong tea with the Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine. This is slightly more expensive, at 20,000won for a 50g pack. My in-laws don't like it....but i like it so much!!!!! I even had helped myself with second sampling cup, haha :D

Then I also bought the Green Tea Latte, priced at 5,000won for a pack of 10x13g. I haven't try this though, not sure how it tastes like. You can really be lost and spoiled for choices at the O'Sulloc Tea Museum. Too many kind of tea in all sorts of cute packaging, making it a great souvenir for friends who love tea :)

Oh, while you're here, don't forget to try the macha ice cream and the green tea swiss desert ever :D

5) Jeju Story Halla Hallabong Tea

Hallabong is a type of tangerine with a protruding stem, and are quite popular in Jeju. I was attracted to its packaging and paid 3,800won for this jar. I bought this for Dad thinking it was Hallabong jam, only when reached home I realized it's actually concentrated liquid to be mixed with hot or cold water. Tasted it and like it, great as casual drink :D

6) JKFOOD Salted Seaweed

I didn't plan to buy any seaweed initially, cause personally I don't like prepacked seaweed (but I like cooked seaweed like those in miso soup :D) I bought this on my Sister's request. Got this at the Lotte Mart Seoul Station, for 3,980won. There was a sampling exercise so I tasted a bit, and found it tasted not bad :D It's in original taste with slightly salted. If you wanted to buy seaweed, I recommend this :D

7) Snacks

Other snacks that I bought from the Lotte Mart Seoul Station; Lotte chocolate pies and velvet cakes, and Calbee potato fingers. Not sure nice or not, but the pictures shown on the box looks tempting, haha :D

You can find many many more snacks such as the famous Market O brownies and More Than Chocolate chocolates at Lotte Mart!! They even provide tax refund form for purchase more than 30,000won and facility for you to pack your stuff in boxes. Highly recommended place to shop for Korean food and snacks!! :D

Have you been to Korea too? What have you bought from the trip? Do share with me your haul or any Korea shopping tips :D And stay tune for Part 2 (Beauty and Cosmetics) :D

* Estimate exchange rate 1000KRW = 3.40MYR *


  1. donde los compraste? saludo desde Colombia

    1. Gracias por visitar mi blog :D
      Compré en Corea del Sur :)

    2. Haha, i don't know whether my spanish is correct; I use Google Translate :P

      Anyway, to answer your question, I bought the stuff from South Korea :D

      And thankd for visiting my blog ^^

  2. Hi i wanna ask if u know where i can buy those banana milk in Malaysia because i will go there on August
    Thank u before

    1. Hi Renie,

      First of all, welcome to Malaysia :D

      In Malaysia, you can get the Binggrae Banana Milk at AEON supermarkets or Jaya Grocer supermarkets :D Sometimes you can get it at Isetan supermarkets too ^^

      Happy hunting ;)

    2. Isetan supermarket is in KLCC?
      Do you which AEON is near to bukit bintang because i will stay there
      Thank you so much for your info

    3. Hi Renie, yeah you can try to look for it at Isetan supermarket at KLCC.
      As for AEON near Bukit Bintang, the nearest I could think of is AEON @ Quill City Mall which is accessible via the monorial, however I am not sure whether there is AEON supermarket there, or just AEON departmental store :)

  3. Saya baru dua hari yang lalu balik dari korea, dan susu banana yang aku bawa bersama dengan kawan saya. Di tahan...dikatakan haram dan tidak boleh bawa masuk ke Malaysia. Sebab susu ini virus... Kami ditahan di airport kk,sabah. Adakah susu banana ini memang haram untuk dibawa masuk? Ataupun mereka tahan sebab nak minum demi kepentingan diri mereka sendiri?

    1. Hi Long Chai,
      Hmm...agak pelik dikatakan susu ini mengandungi virus?
      Kemungkinan besar pengawalan diketatkan oleh sebab coronavirus, tapi susu ni berasal dari Korea Selatan, so tak tau lah apa masalah nye? (^^!)


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