Friday, May 29, 2015

My Korean Trip Haul~ Part 2: Beauty and Cosmetics

안녕 Annyeong~ 

Are you still with me? I have posted previously on my haul from Korea for snacks~ Did you enjoy it? :D

But what does Korea really famous for? It's the huge range of Korean cosmetics and skincare products!!! And when talking about beauty supplies, a must-go place is Myeong-dong!! Every corner, every turn, is filled with at least one or two, even side-by-side cosmetics shops...and you know what? In the same street, same brand can operate more than one shop :o Common brands found here including The Face Shop, Tonymoly, Etude House, Beyond, Skin Food, Innisfree, Nature Republic and other Korean cosmetic brands.

Being a girl *ahem*, how can I forgo to opportunity to stock up some beauty products too? Presenting you Part 2: Beauty and Cosmetics :D :D :D

1) Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

When I saw the price of this aloe vera gel in Korea, I KNEW I HAVE TO BUY THIS!!!! One 300ml tub of the aloe vera gel is retailed at RM32.90 in Malaysia, or sometimes there is promotion buy 4 for RM100 or buy 2 free 1. Guess how much is selling in Korea? 4,400won!!!! That is about RM15, less than 50% of the price in Malaysia :D

Since I have been an avid user of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel, I bought 3 tubs from the shop at the Hongik Station...and was given a free mask :D I think it was a very good deal!! If not because I have very limited luggage space, I would have bought a dozen back :D

2) Innisfree

Ever since I have knew this brand, I have always wanted to try this brand product, especially the volcanic pore clay mask. And so when I was at the Innisfree House at Jeju, I stocked up the mask, and also other products that caught my interest. I bought the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (12,000won for 100ml), Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (13,000won for 100ml), Green Tea Sleeping Pack (13,000won for 80ml), and 2 boxes of It's Real Squeeze Mask Best Collection (4,800won per box of 5 masks). I'm not sure what's the price in Malaysia, but if not mistaken the clay mask is about RM50-RM60, so if you are an Innisfree fan, it's really a great buy in Korea as you can save for at least RM10 each :D It's also tax refundable if you make purchase above 30,000won at the Innisfree House.

But one thing I realized is...I should have bought the products at The Shilla Duty Free Shop (at the Jeju International Airport), or at town (like Myeong-dong, Insa-dong or Hongdae). Why The Shilla Duty Free Shop? Because it's duty free thus the price is cheaper!! For example, the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is only 11,100won at The Shilla Duty Free Shop. And why downtown? Because the shops at downtown offer samples and more samples!! 

The Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack was bought for me by my sister-in-law at one of the Innisfree shop at Insa-dong, beside other products that she purchased. And she was gifted a lot of free deluxe samples and a set of travel kits etc~ I hold my grudge; I should resisted my impulse purchase at Innisfree House at Jeju, lol ~.~

3) Welcos Hand Cream

Guess how much each of this 60ml hand cream? Only 1,000won each :D I have sampled the Peach variant (the top row), and liked it a lot :D So I 'borong' a lot to bring back home; it would be a great souvenir for the ladies :D

I first saw the apricot one at Olive Young shop at Myeong-dong. Olive Young is Korean drug store dealing with various items from health supplements to drugs, cosmetics and cosmetic accessories, just like Watsons or Guardian. But somehow Olive Young carries only the apricot variant. I got the rest from the Daiso store.

Daiso is practically everywhere at Korea, and instead of everything RM5 in Malaysia or everything $2 in Singapore, the prices are multi-level; in 1,000won, in 3,000won, in 5,000won etc (not sure there's more?) Anyway, Daiso offers more variety of the hand cream, also at 1,000won each. So I chose the Blueberry variant, Strawberry variant, and Cherry Blossom and Citrus from another range.

4) Samples, samples, samples

As the competition is tough at Myeong-dong *cough*, cosmetics shops are not hesitating in handing out samples to walk-by pedestrians just to lure them in. "Just have a look, not mandatory to purchase" comes out from those promoters' mouth, lol (most of them can speak Mandarin btw) ~

I got here some masks from Nature Republic, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, the Saem and also CC Cream samples from banila co. All without purchase, lol~ But just be cautious; once you entered to the shop, a promoter will follow you around as you browse through the products in the shop. Usually, that's what turn me off and I would just walk out without buying anything. I just dislike very much being followed or monitored. I would only call on a promoter if I have any question, otherwise, not follow me around.

While technically these masks or samples are supposed to be 'free' (it's used to lure potential customer anyway), there is this Nature Republic shop at Myeong-dong which the promoter thinks otherwise, lol~ As I walked out, she quickly tap on me asking me to return the mask. Very rudely. That's reality right? Haha~

And that's all my beauty haul from Korea in this trip~ Too little? I know!!!! I just don't dare to buy more because I have much much more at home!!! How to finish all, lol! The cosmetic shops in Korea offer really great bargain like buy 20 free 20 masks, buy 1 free 1 products etc~ I will have stock up if I have more space at my cosmetic shelf hehe~

Have you been to Korea too? What have you bought from the trip? If you are a beauty product lover and is in Korea, you'd go crazy on how huge the cosmetic market here lol~ Oh, one thing I noticed, they don't sell Japanese brands here, lol :D :D :D Maybe there is, just the places that I went, there is no Japanese brand...not a single Kose counter was seen lol~

Do share with me your beauty shopping in Korea too :D And do stay tune for (maybe) Part 3 (Fashion and Accessories) and Part 4 (Miscellaneous Souvenirs) :D 

* Note: Estimate exchange rate 1000KRW = 3.40MYR *


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    1. Hi, which skincare products you referring to? 😊


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