Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good Sandals -- you can't have too many!!!

I went to a shoe brand warehouse clearance sale recently. I have hoped to buy a new pair of sandals, that are suitable for work (my company dress code is smart casual), and also suitable for weekend outings. You see, I love wearing sandals so much that 3 pairs of my sandals are worn out or torn, thus buying a new pair just comes naturally. 

And from the clearance sale, I bought 6 pairs of shoes, but none were sandals. I wonder why there were no sandals on sale!! So now I have many new pairs of shoes (ballerina flats, kitten heels, loafer) yet none were sandals, and so I need to go yet another shopping trip (which I have done few rounds but came back instead with new dresses, cosmetics, magazines etc but no sandals) But hey, you can't have too many shoes, right?

Anyway....if you are wondering why I still want a pair of sandals, that is because sandals are the most comfortable thing to wear...they let my feet 'breathe', and unlike court shoes, they don't hurt my feet, especially at toes part...sandals, like this one below, basically provide comfort to me feet :D And a little heel, about 4.5cm, is just nice to elevate my overall height a little, and at the same time practical for everyday wear.

Wearing sandals like this also means I have less worry on constant rubbing or pressure against my feet, especially the back of my feet. Well, sometimes sandals straps can be culprit too, thus always choose sandals where the straps are not too slim. The straps like the sandal below, about 1cm width, is just nice!!

Style plays important part too. I don't want my sandals to be boring, or too old-fashioned...A simple and sleek design, coupled with the right color, is the way to go...Most of the time, I like neutral or nude colors like white, beige or light brown. You can't go wrong with these colors; it's easier to match any outfit with these shoes' colors. Like the sandal below, white and light brown, I have no worry whether I should wear a pair of jeans or a dress with these sandals. 

So, how can I resist these beautiful sandals, right? They ain't boring, have the right color for any event or occasion, comfortable to look at (I suppose to wear too), just the right height, and most importantly, give 'freedom' to my feet!!

This pair of sandals are from the brand J Monica. And to my delight, these sandals are available at Jane Holliat RM139.00 RM118.15 now!!

Jane Holli was established in 2005 as a ladies handbags brand. With over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry, the Jane Holli brand sets itself apart with original, easy to match designs, and has established markets in main cities in Asia namely Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. 

Jane Holli has since included footwear and accessories into its product line up. With the success of the brand since the expansion of its category into footwear, Jane Holli has since launched its biggest store,

The brand’s aim remains in all categories; creating classic everyday easy to wear pieces that add a touch of style to its customer’s everyday ensemble.

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♥ Special for You!! ♥

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p/s: Jane Holli is having 15% off all wedges now!!!!

Remember, don't just wear shoes. Wear good shoes. And right shoes. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥

Have you bought anything from Jane Holli recently? Share with me your excitement on you Jane Holli shoes and bags ^_^

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