Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcoming March 2014 with Awesome Magazines Gift with Purchase

Time flies!!! Tomorrow is already March, wow!!

As usual, I would visit the bookstores at month end to check out the new magazines release for the following month, and boy...almost all local beauty magazines for March come with GWP that I was having hard time to decide which to buy!! At the end, I walked out from the Times Bookstore at Citta Mall with empty hand lol...After few days though, I went to Borders at The Gardens and finally purchased one (yes, only one lol)...

Ok let's quickly run through what's in store for you this March :) Do note that the GWP is based on the distribution in Klang Valley yeh (cause I heard that sometimes the GWP is not available in other places) and is in no particular order ^_^

1) Eh (WM RM7)

GWP: Dove Intense Repair Conditioner trial size, and a Clarins redemption card perhaps? Not sure what's in the Clarins card, but I guess it could be a redemption card of the recently revamped White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum...the flower looks like Spergularia too lol...

2) Cosmopolitan (WM RM6)

GWP: Trial pack of the new Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner Japan Series!! And seems like there are prizes of some contests worth RM20,000!!!

3) Lisa (WM RM3.90)

GWP: Lisa again collaborates with Etude House with skincare kit!! Good job Lisa!! And there's also the Sunsilk Smoothening Cream which is a repeat from Lisa December...

4) Cleo (WM RM6)

GWP: Every copy come with a jar of the L'Oreal White Perfect Moisturizing Night Cream. Not bad huh!! And from the cover it seems like there is a giveaway of designer shoes worth RM10,000!!!

5) The Malaysian Women's Weekly (WM RM6)

GWP: Clarins redemption card similar to that of the Eh magazine, a "You Are Invited..." card with no brand visible...I tried to peep through and if I saw correctly it should be Guerlain :) And also...a pack of Top laundry powder lol...not really my pick haha...but there's more for TMWW...purchase at Times bookstores in Pavilion KL, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Hartamas Shopping Centre, CITTA Mall and Sunway Giza Mall and you get to redeem a nice Tupperware Elengancia Bowl...


6) Female (WM RM8)

GWP: Again, the same Clarins redemption card, and a Sulwhasoo redemption card of Snowise EX Whitening Serum for 7-day trial...there's more, with every copy of Female March 2014, readers get to enjoy a travel size RMK Gel Creamy Foundation and also a complimentary service!!!

7) Harper's Bazaar (WM RM7.40)

GWP: From front, seems there isn't any extra goodies but it is so pretty heavy...turn over side and you'd see a black book, titled "The Little Black Book to Singapore" enclosed...not sure what's the book about, perhaps a travel guide to Singapore? hehe...

At the end, out of the 7 titles, I decided to purchase Lisa ^_^ It is the cheapest, yet I think the GWP is simply awesome, not to mention Etude House is one of my favourite brand :D 

Now I can pamper myself with this Nutrifull Shea Butter skin care kit, which consists of Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer (10ml), Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream (10ml) and Nutrifull Shea Butter Sleeping Pack (20ml).

Then there is the Sunsilk Co-creations Smooth & Manageable Instant Smoothening Cream (10ml)...although it's a repeat, it's not a matter to me as Sunsilk leave-on cream is one of my favourite hair care products :D

Browsing through the magazine, I spotted a discount voucher of any Clean & Clear cleanser 50g. As Clean & Clear cleanser are pretty affordable, a discount of RM3 is actually quite a lot eh :D :D :D

Looking at the exciting GWP offered by local magazines in March, I can't wait for the April offer now lol (oh it's still February) Let me tell you, it was challenging for me to tear off the plastic cover of Lisa nicely, as it was plastered with thick sellotape all over; to prevent 'theft' I guess lol...In fact, all the magazines were sealed that way....At the end, I just tear off the plastic cover roughly haha...

So which GWP interests you the most, and which has you bought? Share your excitement with me oh ^_^


  1. I want to buy Lisa Magazine but I don't see any ETUDE HOUSE free gift inside it in Penang just only sunsilk shampoo. :(. Or I need to claim at the cashier?

    1. Hi Ika...I totally understand your frustration!! Seems like the GWP is always in Klang Valley only (just guessing!!)
      Do you have any friends in Klang Valley that can help you perhaps?

    2. Oh btw, the Etude House gift is enclosed together with the magazine in a plastic cover....but you may ask the cashier though,maybe they have taken out to prevent theft lol

  2. Arrh, I could not find any Lisa mag at my nearest bookstore. Mamak's doesnt got the free gift. :(

    1. Try more prominent bookstores like MPH, Borders and Times :) Popular should have also I think...
      Fast oh... ^_^

  3. I went to Seven Eleven last time and also got confused in choosing which magazine. Cause almost all mag offer great GWP. Finally I bought the Female and get free 20ml Loreal Paris night cream. The price for full size of 40g is RM30+ if I'm not mistaken. So thats a steal. Tried the cream for 4 nights and totally love it. Perhaps I should buy 2,3 more the same mag just to get the night cream. haha . and btw I bought the magazine in K.Terengganu.

    1. Hi Flower Fafa (what a cute name!!)
      Female has free Loreal Paris Night Cream too?? Is it hidden inside the mag? Wow, I should buy Female too, so many freebies!! I thought only Cleo offer the Loreal Night Cream, hehe...
      Btw great to hear that you got the GWP at K. Terengganu... :)


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