Friday, January 24, 2014

Bag of Love January Edition: New Year, New You

Yoohoo~ It's time for Bag of Love again!! The only beauty subscription that I have ever had so far!! Comes to think of it, I never miss Bag of Love every month, except for the first Bag of Love March 2013 edition and the June 2013 edition. Other than the two months, I have had like...9 editions of Bag of Love, including this edition? Can I call myself Bag of Love freak? Haha... :D

So...jeng jeng jeng!!! This is the bag for the New Year edition!! A very useful, handy tote bag, made of canvas material...the bag is big enough as quick shopping bag, yet chic enough as fashion bag!! This is the bag that I would actually use on daily basis!! Omigosh I love this bag so much!!!

The greeting card that never fail to amuse me :D Look at the cute Mi Mi in the strawberry costume, lol...looks like an adorable baby right? And the sweet berry on the paper boat, hehe....cute cute drawing!!

On the flip is the list of the products in the bag....Very handy at all time!!

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

1) Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set
Set consists of:
(a) Wonder Pore Freshner (25ml)
(b) Wonder Pore Clay Clear (10g)
(c) Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel (10ml)

I got the same set as GWP from the magazine Lisa last December lol...but it's ok, because I love this kind of special set in a box :D Look so cute, and convenient for traveling too :D Moreover, I am in need of beauty products for my obvious pores, so this set is great for me to have trial first before buying the full size...Pass!! :D :D

2) Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo (50ml)
3) Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment (25ml)

Hair products never fail to make its way to Bag of Love, lol...I have so many travel size of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask on my vanity table, because of Bag of Love!! But it's ok, cause I shampoo and condition everyday so this hair set would be a great addition :D Moreover, it's for dry and damaged hair....suit my dry hair I guess? :)

4) Alqvimia Body Sculptor Oil (6ml)
5) Alqvimia Anti-Cellulite Body Oil (6ml)
6) Alqvimia Shape Reducer Body Oil (6ml)

Last month, I got a mini Christmas gift from Alqvimia which comes in a set of Anti-stress Body Oil (6ml) and Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin (6ml)...shall I be grateful that these trio from Bag of Love do not coincide with the 2 body oil variants that I have already had? Lol...Anyway, the Alqvimia Body Oil looks so chic and convincing that I can't wait to try them on my body for a relaxing night!!! Will update you my review ok? :D

7) King of Mask All-in-One Collagen Mask (1 piece)

Am very happy to see this!!! I've wanted to try the King of Mask for quite some time, and this one comes with collagen lol!!!! Yeah, I admit, the fear of growing 'old' does hit me but anyway, this mask could be my saviour right? Thumbs up up up!!

8) Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect (100ml, full size)

Whoops...!!! Can't believe that the full size for Bag of Love this edition is actually a product for men!!! Slightly disappointed but nah, this would go to hb's beauty regime hehe....This is not the first time Bag of Love include products for men though...previously in the May 2013 and August 2013 editions, there were vials for men, but wow, now upgraded to full size lol!!! I actually wonder if I can use this product myself? The word 'gel cleanser + toner effect' is so tempting hahaha :D :D Let's see... ;-)

p/s: Bag of Love is having a special Uber Men bag now...perfect as valentine gift for your dude perhaps? :p

Bonus: 2x Cash Voucher for MrLens (RM20) and 1x Strip Ministry of Waxing (RM30)

Now, I don't wear contact lenses, so the MrLens vouchers would be a waste..? Hands up who wants the vouchers?? I would let you know the voucher rebate code :D As for the Strip voucher, hmmm....I would seriously consider to use it :D But...perhaps I don't need it too...wanna know why? Do read on :D :D

Value for all the products above (excluding vouchers) ...

So I have a mixed feeling about the Bag of Love January 2014 lol...I love all the products of course, yet for the first time I feel the total value is quite low, for a bag priced at RM39.90...the products value is still more than the price, but I think it could be better right? Like the previous editions of Bag of Love? Nevertheless, I'm very happy to see all the products although I already have the Etude House Wonder Pore set, and the Alqvimia Body Oil (luckily they are from different variants lol) But duh, I don't really use vouchers so....wasted?

Yet, I do recommend Bag of Love if anyone ask far, Bag of Love has been very consistent in keeping the subscribers happy woohoo~~ Wanna own one yourself too? Head on to Bag of Love website or FB page to find out more :D Only RM39.90 per bag per month, and you get your dose of beauty surprise for the whole month ^_^

Oh ya....I want to make an announcement here...this would be my last review on Bag of Love (ahh, sad....) I have not renewed my subscription of Bag of Love, and would not be doing so for the near future...It's not that Bag of Love is not good, it's me who have too many beauty supplies that I have no more space to store them already (T.T) Unless I win some contests in Bag of Love that require me to subscribe one, for time being I would not be having yet another Bag of Love yo :)

Talking about winning contest, see below....voucher of a complimentary Brazilian Hard Wax worth RM114.50 from Strip Ministry of Waxing, and it's mine!!! ^v^ My personal invitation, woohoo!!!!

That's why I said, Bag of Love is so awesome in supplying the vitamin B (beauty) hehe...Just last month, I also won the Aupres Sleeping Mask from Bag of Love contest (stay tune for my review :D) Hopefully I can win more contests from Bag of Love so that I would subscribe again and do a Bag of Love review? Hehe...

Stay beautiful yo... ~


  1. Lucky Girl!
    Congratz of Your Continuous Winning at Bag of Love!

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks ^_^ Try your luck too yeah... :D

  2. super love this month bag ler!the stip card very cute...

    1. Hi Cindy!! Yeah the bag is nice heh? ^^ And cute too!! Max love :D

  3. for me Bag Of Love is not good at all. the product always come in small size! SHIT!

    1. Hi not sure if you mean that Bag of Love always come in small size and not full size products? Well that is the concept of beauty box/bag subscription...the idea is to let you to discover, learn and try the products before deciding whether to buy in full size. In fact, Bag of Love never promised full size products all the time. If there is full size product, that is a bonus but if there isn't, nothing wrong about that because beauty box/bag concept is not about having full size products....unless maybe special bag? Anyway, hope you find your love for beauty box/bag (not necessarily Bag of Love)...cheers :)

  4. I love how you did all the calculations for the bags worth in a neat little table! That card from Strip is very...clever! Hope you blog about the Brazilian experience with Strip - they look so pro!
    You're one lucky Bag of Lover - congrats on all the wins.

    1. Hi ShopGirl!

      Thanks! With the calculations, I hope readers can know the bag is worth more than they have to pay ^^

      Yeap, I will blog about the Brazilian experience if I make it..check back often yeah :D

  5. Congratulations :)


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