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Pretty Eyes with Nuxe Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres

Among all parts of my face, the part where 2 or 3 lines have popped out to say 'hi' if you see close enough, is the area below my eyes. Yep, my *beautiful* eyes, 'spoiled' by the wrinkles right below, argh!!!! So then, I was introduced with the Nuxe Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres, the skincare with a global anti-aging action for the eye contour and lips...

Why Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres?

The Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres  is an eye and lip global anti-aging cream that targets the 5 visible signs of aging: it reduces wrinkles, lifts, erases dark circles, reduces puffiness and lightens brown spots. The cream is an anti-wrinkle serum that can be used both on the face and eye contour area. It was clinically proven that the plants used as the ingredients for the serum are effective on the reduction of all the parameters of visible expression lines - number, surface and length. In the blink of an eye, the features are relaxed and the skin is revived and radiant with youth.

The Star Active Ingredients in Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres

Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres is paraben-free and non-comedogenic. It is botanical, containing 88.3% ingredients of natural origin, with Nuxe-exclusive patented preservative system.

From left to right, top to bottom: Natural origin Hyaluronic Acid, Araucaria Seeds, Maca Root, Plant Caffeine, Bakau Plant Cells, Corrective Pigments
To moisturize, reduce wrinkles, lift, erase dark circles, reduce puffiness and lighten brown spots

If you are interested, following is the full list of ingredients...

How to use Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres?

After cleansing, toning and applying the Nuxe Nuxellence® Jeunesse, this cream would be my next product to apply. One pump (about the amount as image below) is to me more than enough, so I didn't press the pump to the bottom. I then divide the pumped cream and apply right below my eyes, where one or two lines are clearly visible from near.

Actually, there's a slight shimmer in the cream which I couldn't capture properly with my camera phone, so this cream is great as eye primer too I guess :)

I seldom apply on my lips as I don't see the point yet at my age.

My Thought on Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres

I'm in the opinion of, most eye creams are equal. To be honest, I haven't meet any eye cream that really make me look any younger or rather, magically erase all the lines below my eyes. Maybe too late? I have only started to care about my skin recently (and I'm in late 20s) so I guess it takes time...hitting the big 3-0 soon, anti-aging should be part of my main concern now...

Anyway...I like that this eye and lip cream is of natural origins thus has less chemical ingredients. The cream is light, non-greasy and non-sticky, and doesn't make my eyes look 'heavy'. When I apply this cream I can feel that my eye areas are brightened. One thing that I am specially happy about this cream is, I think it slightly reduces the appearance of my eye bags. And yes, lines are still there but if you look closely, you can tell that the lines are slightly 'less deep' now (happy ^.^)

For lips, sometimes I apply, sometimes I don't, and most of the time I don', I can't really comment on the effect of this cream to my lips...nonetheless I have read somewhere that this cream can 'reduce the wrinkles on lips'? Ok, I'll be more hardworking to apply this cream on my lips.... :P

So...overall... great product, thumbs up Nuxe Nuxuriance® Yeux et Levres!!
Have you also tried this awesome eye and lip cream? Do share your experience and view ^_^

Nuxe Nuxuriance® Yeux et Levres (RM188 for 15ml) is available in Malaysia exclusively at Sa Sa outlets.

For more information about Nuxe, you may visit:

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose but that doesn't affect my judgement and review. Please refer terms of use, thank you.

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