Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Perfect Wedding Photo Book

What does picture means to you? To me, it immortalizes the happy moment that I have and allows me to enjoy the moment again every time I look at the picture...and what does picture book means then? It crafts a story of the happy moments that I experienced that I was brought back to the time to cherish the memories again...

Few weeks back, my photo book from Pixajoy finally arrived. It is a photo book that tells the story of my wedding day....ok, my wedding was actually slightly more than a year ago but I was tooooooooooooo busy that now only I have the time to do it ~.~  (actually it's because the voucher was expiring soon :p)

I got the Pixajoy voucher complimentary when I applied a credit card, so I thought it came just at the perfect time for my wedding photo book. This is the first time I use Pixajoy, but it sure doesn't disappoint me!!! ヾ(^-^)ノ

Firstly, the design software was so easy to use. I had fun playing with the various frames, shapes, colors etc in designing my photo book. And then the photo book arrived safely within a week after I submitted my design. It was protected by a plastic cover, and also sponges at the corners. How thoughtful!! Pixajoy has also put a soft cardboard between the front cover and the inner semi-transparent sheet so that they do not 'stick' to each other :)

The binding was good too!! Look at the neat, side-sewing binding. The photo book was side-sewn so that there's no rusty bunting and sturdy for long-term handling. The creasing page makes turning and flipping pages easier and helps pages to last longer.

The papers quality were good too. The papers were acid-free paper that do not deteriorate over the time, and were gloss-laminated to assist resistance to water, tear and color-fade.

I chose buckram type paper as the cover for my wedding photo book. It was a plain weave paper, protective and durable. Black color was my choice as I love the classy, elegant and mysterious shade.

Overall, I am really happy with my photo book (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Now I can recall the joyous moment of my wedding day, everyday. I really recommend photo book to preserve your memories. And for that, I recommend Pixajoy, the awesome photo books for your epic memories.

p/s: This is not a sponsored review. Just sharing because good things are meant to be shared ;-)


  1. Hi Cp Moon, I love your wedding album! I'm planning to get one for my wedding pics also, may I know how much they charge you for one album? Thank you


    1. Hi Audrey, I'm glad that you are getting a photo book for your wedding pictures!! It is much more convenient than those heavy albums from bridal shops, hehe ^_^

      Actually, I got the Pixajoy voucher complimentary from a credit card application some time back. My photobook is worth RM150. Different type of papers, covers, size and number of pages would affect the price. You may get more info from Pixajoy website (link in my blog post).

      Sometimes, Pixajoy has promotional discounts on its website or via group buying sites, so if you are not in hurry, perhaps you can wait for the offers ^_^

      Update me when you've got your photo book? Cheers :)

    2. Hey Audrey, good news...Pixajoy is having promotion for limited time (1 day only!!)

      Go grab now ^_^


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