Saturday, October 5, 2013

Indulge in Beauty Pampering Session with Yves Rocher

A little pampering a day makes a girl feels happy for whole day...True? Indeed....after months of busy (and crazy) schedule I just want to de-stress and recharge my battery with a little pampering. Pampering myself and enjoying some "me time" are absolutely essential for my mental health and happiness. (‾⌣‾)

So the Yves Rocher Pamper Session came just at the perfect time!! When I saw that Yves Rocher was having this Beauty Indulgence Package at Parkson Pavilion, I thought it was a good opportunity for me to relax and unwind myself  :D  Even much better, I actually won the package from its FB contest so I don't have to pay anything to enjoy the pampering treat with my Sis  ヾ(^▽^)/

We arrived at the Yves Rocher counter at Parkson Pavilion slightly earlier than our appointment time. Actually that day was quite rushing as we have just attended the Origins Hydration Workshop earlier, at Subang Parade. So it was like travelling from a far end to the other end of the road, and moreover it was a Saturday afternoon where people were rushing home after half-day work. Anyway luckily we were not late, hehe...

We first filled in a survey form on our skin concerns. Then we were given a checklist-ticket for the Pamper Session, and led to the Personal Shopper Room at Parkson Pavilion. This was the first time I went to the Personal Shopper Room, and boy, it was so comfortable with the lounge and everything, so classy!!

Now let me tour you to the Pamper Session that we've gone through, shall we? ^_^

Pamper 1: Mini Facial and Face Lifting Treat

Sorry for the blur picture >_<

Each of us were seated at a separate table for a 1-to-1 consultation. The Yves Rocher beauty advisor assigned to me first asked about my skin condition and concern. Then she recommended some products that are suitable for my skin and explained how the products were able to help me to mitigate my skin problem (read: blemish -.-")

She then demonstrated on one side of my face on how to use the products, from cleansing till applying the sunscreen, correctly and effectively. Then I had to do my own on another side of my face. Gosh, I was so awkward neh... (>_<)" She also taught me on how to massage my face for better blood circulation :)

Pamper 2: Botanical Hand Spa

When I entered the room, I could smell the aroma of the lotion and scrub lingering in the air. The scent was so nice!! We were given a choice of strawberry or olive oil flavour of the body scrub and lotion. And I chose different flavour for each of my hand, hehe ^_^

The lady cleaned my hand with the scrub and then wrapped with a hot towel. Then she massaged my hand with the lotion. Well, this session could easily passed as my favourite session on that afternoon. It was soooooo relaxing and I thought I could have fall asleep hehe... (✿´‿`)

Pamper 3: Personal Make Up Session

I didn't know that Yves Rocher has a wide make up collection!! Look at the shades available in various colors, which were inspired by the color of nature!!

As and when the make up artist applied a make up product on me, she would also taught me on how to get 'the look'. I'm not an expert in make up; when she said green mascara would look great on me, I was like...huh?!! Green??!!! Isn't that weird? And she proved me wrong!!! I like the mini makeover!! :D

At the end of the pamper sessions, we were so relaxed and recharged!! We were also given RM10 voucher each to purchase any products that we like. Actually, it was never in our plan to purchase anything, but at the end we bought something, due to pressure from Miss A...who is Miss A you asked? The same girl I met during the Yves Rocher La Gacilly event  (一。一;;) Luckily there was RM20 rebate from the 2x RM10 voucher, so we didn't spend much....and I would from now on seriously consider whether I should avoid all these beauty packages from Yves Rocher...I hate pressure, and I believe everyone else does too...

Our door gift...a body shower gel and a nylon mesh bath sponge in a transparent bag...(more pampering at home  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Me after pampering session...Look refreshed and recharged right? ^_^

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