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Origins Hydration Workshop – a Discovery of the New MAD+ Collection

After having fun at the Origins EnergiZing Workshop some time in June, attending another workshop by Origins is just natural for me. Just yesterday, I attended the Origins workshop that was focusing on the Origins' new Make A Difference™ Plus+ [MAD +] collection. Drop by any Origins counter now and you'd see the MAD + collection being heavily pushed via its marketing materials. 

What? – Origins Hydration Workshop
When? – 11am-12pm, 28 Sept 2013
Where? – Origins Counter, Parkson Subang Parade

When Sis and I arrived, the event had yet to start, although it was already 11am. So I wandered around the counter to check out the premise as it was just newly opened some time in July. Let me bring you to a tour of the Origins counter at Parkson, Subang Parade :)

The Origins signature 'podium' hehe....

Where you can try and test the products...

An array of products on display, arranged neatly according to collections

You'd see the product ranking at each Origins counter...these are the top 10 products at this counter...
(oh, I saw the GinZing™ Moisturizer)

Hmm...I really don't know what made the workshop hadn't start although it's already way past 11am? I can see the participants already reached and had to stand while waiting because there's no chairs provided, unlike the Origins EnergiZing Workshop that we attended at Parkson 1Utama counter...

Even the refreshment table was not ready yet....

The Secret Recipe staff was just about to set up the refreshment table while we have already waited for good few minutes.... :(

Strangely on the other hand, an Origins girl was already doing a facial to a participant...what???!!! Had the workshop actually started already or not? There was no briefing by any of the Origins girl; what I can see was they just mingled among themselves and no greetings or whatsoever making me wondering whether there's really a workshop on that day???? ( ̄■ ̄;)!? The least they can do was to tell us to wait a little while more or share with us on other products right??? Haiya....  

Then the workshop finally started (while we were standing =.=") The workshop was presented by Ms Susan Khor of the Education and Training of Origins Malaysia. She first introduced a little bit on the Origins background and how Origins is committed to using only potent plants, organic and natural ingredients in their beauty products...she also said some of us were familiar, like 'me and my Sis' (pointing to us...) I was like, huh??!!! This was the first time I met her actually!!

Anyway....Ms Susan Khor then went on with the introduction of the Origins' new Make A Difference™ Plus+ collection. The main ingredient of the MAD+ collection is the Rose of Jericho, which can be found in the Judean Desert. What is so special about this Rose of Jericho is, it can withstand total hydration for decades and returns to life with just a drop of water. Amazing right?

Origins has used this amazing re-hydrating power of Rose of Jericho to blend scientifically with Lychee and Watermelon and makes this wonderful MAD+ collection, that can helps repair skin's barrier and reinforce skin's own moisture making ability. Talking about lychee and watermelon....I think these two fruits are great ingredients for products that helps hydration, because well, these two fruits are very 'water-ful' ain't they? (I love lychee and watermelon >v<)

So basically the main ingredients in the Origins MAD+ collection are:

The Rose of Jericho
This ancient species of everlasting plant, known as a Resurrection plant, can lose 98% of its water content, giving the appearance of beingh dead and dried. Then even after decades, it can return to life unscathed when rehydrated by just a drop of water.

Helps boost Filaggrin, a protein that is a part of skin's barrier function and plays a vital role in water retention.

Lychee Extract
Helps maintain skin's moisture balance and promote long-term hydration.

The Rose of Jericho that shown to us is when it's in dehydrated state...

Remember the girl who was having facial while we were all waiting? Ms Susan Khor continued the facial with the MAD+ collection, including the Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum which can replenish the skin critical moisture to help prevent age-accelerating dehydration. She also briefly introduced the Smarty Plants™ CC which was just launched not long ago in September...After the facial she asked whether the girl's skin was more radiant and glowing.... be honest, I think they can choose a better model for the demonstration, because the girl's complexion is already very fair and her face is what I can say like a baby face, you can't really see the difference at all the before and after. for improvement Origins...

There's also QnA session with a small gift but silly me, every time a question asked, I just answered without raising my hand thus I was actually helping those that raised hands to answer =.=" (I know because every time a question asked, nobody raised hand until I 'splurt' out the answer)

The session then ended with light refreshment. Sis and I just had some tea then left after getting our door gifts. It's not so worth to stay a little longer due to too 'messy' and because some participants brought their kids along thus it's really distracting the workshop very much. In my opinion, kids should not be allowed in any workshop (unless it's children workshop of course!) as it's really disrespectful of the parents to the fellow participants and to the workshop itself. While we have learnt something 'magical' about the MAD+ collection, it's only fair for us to return later to get the in-depth consultation by Origins Guide before purchasing the products, since it was really 'unorganised' that day. Maybe not returning to this counter, most probably we would go to the counter at Parkson 1Utama...

The door gift that we's a folder case and two small samples for us to try at home...

The folder case I think was made from canvas of recycled materials..."i don't get wasted" cool!!!

And the two small samples (really small >.<"); Plantscription™ Anti-aging Eye Treatment (5ml) and Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum (5ml).

Overall, the workshop was ok, but compared to the EnergiZing Workshop that we attended at Parkson 1Utama, there's so many things that can improved. The timing, the counter girls, the organisation of the workshop, the chairs, the allowed audience (because some patrons were actually not registered participants but just passed by and then listen together also and then they got the door gift wtf??!! And also the kids....please lah don't allow kids in ANY workshop)

Hmm...I think if I would want to attend an Origins workshop again, 1Utama or MidValley would be my preferred choice. Don't think I would go back to the Subang Parade counter ~.~

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