Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fighting Blemishes with Yves Rocher Pure System Discovery Program

It is frustrating when your skin has acne not on the whole face, but just here and there...when a pimple is about to disappear, another pimple will come out to say 'Hi', swt.... (-.-!) In my attempt to fight against this 'here and there' acne, I therefore picked up the Discovery Program kit of the Yves Rocher Pure System at the recent Yves Rocher Beauty Pampering Session...  

The Yves Rocher Pure System Discovery Program has a mantra; Ultra-effectiveness against pimples, Ultra-respect for skin. The two main ingredients in the Pure System line to guarantee effectiveness against pimples plus optimal tolerance are; 
Aloe Vera Pulp Extract
An active botanical substance known for its reparative properties and proven dermo-corrective effectiveness (in vitro test)
Anti-bacteria Salicylic Acid
One of the most powerful restorers of skin and is effective on pimple breakouts and residual marks.
Consists of three travel-sized products in the kit, I started my journey with the Yves Rocher Pure System Discovery Program pleasantly since one week ago (^_^)

1.) Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (15 ml)

This is the first step of the Pure System, to clean pore and purify skin. This cleanser has a gritty texture, which are the botanical micro-beads. And the color is orange!!! I had expected the color would be the usual creamy white but it is orange lol...

The micro-beads helps to eliminate excess sebum and unclog pores. My skin does feel smoother and softer each time after using this cleanser. I also like that it is soap-free so it doesn't dry out my skin. Nonetheless I use this cleanser for my night regime only, due to its gritty texture. Actually it doesn't feel rough on the skin because it has soothing effect, but I just do not want to be too harsh on my skin :) Just personal preference lah, haha...

2.) Clarifying Toner (30 ml)

Second step would be of course the toner, to refine pore and mattify skin. The special thing about this toner is it is of gel texture!!! I have always thought that toner is supposed to be water based so the first time I poured this toner on a cotton pad I was like 'Ehh???', haha...

The toner has pore minimizing action where it helps to unclog and purify pores and decrease redness of pimples. Because it is gel, it has cooling effect which I like it so much!! I tend to think of it as the aloe juice due to its light-green color...It is also oil-free so it doesn't dry out my skin. It keeps my skin matte, but with a soft and hydrated-look... 

3.) Stop Blemish Lotion (15 ml)

The final step of the Pure System Discovery Program is the 4-in-1 lotion. Why 4-in-1? Because this lotion stops blemish with 4 high performance actions in 1 step:
- Reduce pimples and blackheads
- Refine skin texture
- Mattifies for 8 hours
- Fades the marks that blemishes leave behind

This lotion has a gel-cream texture, and is white cream in color. It absorbs into my skin really quick yet does not make my skin feels dry. The lotion formula enriched with regulating Scutellaria mattifies the skin and leaves my skin clear and healthy. Most important is, it doesn't make my skin oily :D

My skin was having spots more than usual for weeks due to a wrong product I used, but with the Pure System I think my skin is slowly getting better. Pores are still there but at least, my skin does not feel as oily as before and the spots are certainly less visible. Best thing is, the Pure System Discovery Program kit was what I'd say, a very good deal. It was priced at RM23 per kit but I bought at RM15 only as the kit was one of the best buy items then. 

Since I am only using the Discovery Program kit, perhaps using the full-sized Pure System range would make my skin even better? I'm considering it, hehe, since the range are insanely affordable :D :D :D

PURE SYSTEM Daily Exfoliating Cleanser; RM39 for 125ml
PURE SYSTEM Clarifying Toner; RM39 for 150ml
PURE SYSTEM Pore Clearing Mask; RM49 for 50ml
PURE SYSTEM Stop Blemish Lotion; RM49 for 40ml
PURE SYSTEM Blemish Corrector; RM39 for 10ml

So the kit actually values at about (RM4.68+RM7.8+RM18.375)=RM30.855?? Wah good deal good deal  o(≧▽≦)o  Oh btw, Pure System are all paraben-free ;-)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product with my own money, and am not obliged to write good things. Please refer to terms of use, thank you.

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