Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shiseido Ma Chérie Air Feel Shampoo & Conditioner -- is it that good?

I must be the first consumer in this planet that has second thought (a not so good one though) on this Shiseido Ma Chérie Air Feel products...I don't know, but if you google "Shiseido Ma Chérie Air Feel", you will be relatively fed with all those good and oh-so-sweet reviews....

About 5 months ago, I received the newly launched Ma Chérie Air Feel sample pack from Shiseido Malaysia. The sample pack consists of a shampoo sachet and a conditioner sachet, 12ml each. Even though it was just a sample pack but Ma Chérie does take pride in projecting the sweet and girly feel doesn't it? The sample pack was pretty and so pinky :) Oh btw, do you know that Ma Chérie actually means "my dear" or "my darling" in French? (finally feel expert in French, lol...hope my Madame would come across this :P )

The Ma Chérie haircare is created with formula derived from honey glee that brings dull and limp hair to life. The products contain moisture and repair formula that penetrates and nourishes deeply into each strand of hair, leaving the hair silky smooth and feeling light. The shampoo and conditioner are also injected with floral fruity fragrance that gives the hair a long-lasting romantic scent throughout the day. The Air Feel range is supposed to add volume to the hair with a 'light-weight' feel.

Actually, I have almost forgotten about this sample pack...only two weeks ago I remembered about it and started using right then...I did have high hope on this range, but I am not a happy user at the end...

Let's talk about the shampoo first...The shampoo is of light pinkish shade gel like texture...although many claims that a little bit is already enough, that's not my case...I lather the shampoo longer than usual yet I always find it insufficient for my hair...I have to squeeze usually two times to get that right amount...But it's true that the smell is nice...very floral scent -- I like!! 

The conditioner is of white creamy like's thick and rich so I don't need much amount like the shampoo...but the smell is horrible in my opinion =.=" doesn't smell like floral scent at all, more like a marker pen smell >.<" Luckily the smell doesn't stay on my hair after rinsing...and if compare this conditioner to the previous conditioners I have used before, this would be the most bottom ranking...sorry Ma Chérie, but this conditioner doesn't smooth my hair well like Asience does...

I will give the credit to the shampoo, but not the conditioner...Overall however, I don't find the Shiseido Ma Chérie Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner as good as others have claimed...(oh, there are so many blog reviews there, just google it) I also notice there are some small white particles built up attached to the hair near the scalp after using the, it's not dandruff or lice, just maybe I didn't rinse properly but I don't have such problem before...And no, I don't find my hair 'volumised' after using...well, maybe it is just me...


  1. no try this brand before

    1. You can easily find Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner at leading pharmacies I think :)


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