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Biotherm Pampering Session with Michelle Tay: Introducing the Aquasource Deep Serum

Do you love soaking in the hot spring? I do, it's kind of a therapy for me to relax my body, to cleanse my skin, to kill germs lingering on my skin hehe...but really, you do feel happier and stress-free after a nice hot-spring bath, no? But how does hot spring can improve your skin? 

It's the thermal plankton, a micro-organism found in the hot springs, especially those that found in the hot springs of the Pyrenees Mountains. Legend has it that Gallo-Roman soldiers visited the springs to rest and to heal the wounds of battle. Luckily, it can be found in the luxury skincare Biotherm for us to enjoy the benefit...yeah!!!

Thus when I saw Biotherm's announcement in their FB page on the pampering session with Biotherm Malaysia's Training and Education Manager, Michelle Tay, I quickly called and booked two seats for Sis and myself ^_^ I really want to learn about improving my skin with Biotherm skincare.

Image credit: Biotherm FB Page

✖ Biotherm Pampering Session with Michelle Tay ✖
✖ 3 August 2013 (Saturday) ✖
✖ 2pm - 3.30pm ✖
✖ Biotherm Counter, AEON Midvalley ✖

Michelle started the session with the introduction of the new Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum. The serum is a light, refreshing fluid gel enriched with millions of shimmering micro-pearls to enhance the skin hydration, brightness and luminosity. It has 3 times more concentrated in Life Plankton, where it is rich in 35 nutrients and able to demonstrate the regenerative abilities on skin. This serum helps skin to appear softer, smoother, plumper, brighter & healthier looking.

I love the bottle design so much; I think it's sleek and gentle :) Do you know that the Aquasource's design is inspired by the shape of a drop of water? The Aquasource range is also Biotherm' best seller where 1 Aquasource is sold every 7 seconds. Me only have one word, WOWWWWW !!!    (* ̄O ̄)ノ

Moving on to the pampering and sharing session....Michelle first shared with us that our skin is fragile and therefore the correct cleansing technique is important so that our skin is not harm beside getting the effective cleansing. The skincare products that we use daily are also important and must be suitable for our skin  type and conditions.

I was the first one to be pampered by Michelle, hehe...I told Michelle that my skin is prone to acne and pimples, especially on my cheeks and nose. Michelle then recommended these products, both day and night, for my skin condition.

♥ Day Regime ♥

Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: To buff away dead skin cells to prepare skin for hydration. (for normal/combination skin)

Aquasource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion: To exfoliate and rid skin of impurities and dead cells. (for normal/combination skin)

Pure-fect Skin Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution: To help correct irregularities in skin with blemishes and to visibly minimizes imperfections & shrinks enlarged pores. (for combination/oily skin)

Aquasource Deep Serum: To regenerate and nourish skin and also to improve skin tone and texture. (for all skin type; yeah!!!)

Pure-fect Skin Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel: To visibly minimizes imperfections & refines enlarged pores and also to controls excess sebum for up to eight hours while still giving the hydration the skin needs. (for combination/oily skin)

White D-Tox CC Anti-Redness Color Correction Smoothing Base SPF 50+/ PA++: Green shade CC Cream to help boost illumination so that the skin appears less red and blotchy.

♥ Night Regime ♥

Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Milk: To remove effectively make-up and impurities, and to soften skin. (for normal/combination skin)

Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel(refer above)

Aquasource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion(refer above)

Pure-fect Skin Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution(refer above)

Aquasource Deep Serum(refer above)

Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Balm: To provide rich, long-lasting & deep hydration to the skin, and also to reduce the 'redness' of the skin (for very dry skin)

Do you notice, that the products recommended to me by Michelle consist some that are for combination skin and some for dry skin? I learnt that, while my skin is prone to acne and breakouts, some parts of the skin are actually dry thus cause the glands to produce more oil sebum. Therefore it's good for me to use a cleanser and toner that can cleanse deeply and exfoliate the dead skin, and then restore the skin hydration with a suitable moisturizer for day and night. According to Michelle, we need to apply skincare according to our skin condition rather than strictly stick to a particular range.


Another good point I learned from Michelle is, never use the shower rose to wash your face (shower rose facing your face). As our face skin is very gentle, the high water pressure could erode your skin. I like how Michelle use the tar as the metaphor to explain her point. Best way is, to wash your face traditionally by splashing water from the tap...erm, like this...

Image credit: Female Fatal

Michelle then demonstrated to me on how to do a massage to my's good for skin firming and lifting...I felt relaxed!!  

After I was done, Michelle moved on to the other 2 participants at that time (1 of them was my sister :P ). Both also received a consultation and pampering session by Michelle (while I looked on, now that I was 'refreshed'!). To end the session, each of us were given the Aquasource Deep Serum (15ml!!) to try at home...

Overall I really enjoy this pampering session. Michelle was very friendly, and also very knowledgeable in this field that she able to answer all our questions very professionally. I hope I can join her workshop in the future, as I really like her style and way of conducting the session. Also thanks to the Biotherm Malaysia for arranging such a sweet and intimate event :)

(p/s: Did you notice that Michelle's dress was some sort of matching the Aquasource Deep Serum's color? :P)

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