Friday, May 31, 2013

I want to attend The Butterfly Project's Spa Party! (。♥‿♥。)

The Butterfly Project is organising yet another awesome event this month - The Spa Party!!!

Spa Party?? Oh yes, that is what exactly I need right now ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

And together with awesome collaborators like...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Yadah Birthday Bash at SaSa Leisure Mall

Guess who's celebrating birthday this month?

It's the cute little red hair girl, Yadah!!!

A little bit on Yadah...
 Her Birthday: May 3
 Her Zodiac Sign: Taurus
 Her Character: Brilliant girl. Witty and Optimistic. Strong and Loyal.

Both of us are Taureans and both of us are brilliant, optimistic, strong and loyal ^^

Although Yadah's birthday has already passed, but a party is never too late right? :P

Thus Yadah Malaysia together with SaSa threw a birthday bash for Yadah on 25 May at the Cheras Leisure Mall ^_^

Counting days towards the event, I was actually very excited...dreaming on all the fun activities lined up for the party....but was the party really that fun??

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bag of Love April Edition: The Green Bag

Hola beauties :) 

This blog post is on the little beauty bag by Bag of Love of April's edition. I know this is way long overdue but I've been very, very busy with projects at work, down with flu and then away from the country for a week so, please please bear with me >.< Thank you for your understanding... :')

As April is the Earth Month, Bag of Love is going green too in honour of the mother nature...The bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag inside of the bag is of recycled non-woven material ..although it is made of eco-friendly material, it doesn't look 'sluggish' fact, the wording "little beauty bag" made the bag a very adorable bag indeed ^^ Love love love the wordings :D :D

Now let's see what's inside the Green Bag....excited excited... :D :D 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet Tea Time Treats at Delectable Treats by Su

Looking for a cozy lounge to have high-tea with your besties?

Look no further, coz Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall might just be your perfect answer ^^

The Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall offers a warm and comfortable place for you to have catch-up sessions with your families and friends. The place is not wide, yet it gives you the just nice and convenient corner for you to relax while sipping on the english tea and munching on the sweet cookies :P

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Unzipping" Bag of Love at Delectable Treats by Su

La la la...remember some time back, I posted about the "Unboxing Tea Party" that I wanted to attend?

I know it's kinda 'late' to announce now  was tied up with project timeline, and then 'attacked by virus' one by one for good number of days (migraine -> flu -> fever -> cough -> sore throat; in that order =.="), at the same time was away cruising on the wide ocean :P

Anyway.... I was selected as one of the 30 bloggers to the event on 27 April, woo hoo!! ~^^~

I was in the Session 1 with another 14 bloggers...albeit still down with flu, I made my way to Paradigm Mall to be part of the event :D It was a sweet event full with sweet cakes and treats accompanied by sweet beauty bag...and of course, sweet pretty girls ^_^

Image credit: The Butterfly Project

I was first greeted by this sign when I reached Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall....I love love love this sign!! Cute...and it actually reminds me of cheese and... Jerry of Tom & Jerry (*.*)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

RM1 for The Body Shop Shower Gel...yeah!!!

Today is the day....big day for all Malaysians....General Election 13, the long awaited election for all right-minded Malaysians...

This morning, I reached my polling centre by around 8.30am...and after more than 30-45 minutes...tada!!!!

Then after breakfast, I headed to The Body Shop at AEON Maluri ^^

Wondering why? Hehe....

Show your index finger and you'll be able to buy The Body Shop 60ml Shower Gel for RM1 only instead of RM8.90...woohoo :D :D

I got two flavor; Satsuma and Strawberry...each voter can only get one, so I 'borrow' my brother's finger, hehe :P

Will do a review soon, ok?

Kudos to The Body Shop Malaysia for encouraging Malaysians to vote :D 

Hope you have gotten yours too ^_^ and let's pray for a better Malaysia...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Fruitilicious Crème Corporelle Hydratante aux Fruits of Isabelle Lancray Bodylia

Ever like the good scent of fruits?

I do...and that explains why I like this body cream so much ^^

The Crème Corporelle Hydratante aux Fruits, or in English the Moisturizing Fruity Body Cream, is one of the Bodylia products of Isabelle Lancray. It's a nurturing body cream produced from the live-cells from the mango, and it smells so good!!!

I'm lucky to have won this in one of the FB contests, so I have the opportunity to try on this luxurious body fact I have won several this deluxe-size tubes; I have given them to my sister and some friends so that they can too benefit from this exclusive body cream.


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