Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sephora Long Lasting Brow Pencil: is really Long-Lasting and easy to use!

I was never really an avid user of eye brow products. And that is because I seldom care about my eye brows which I think I shouldn't! I once joined a beauty workshop that said that eye brow grooming is important because it helps to shape our whole face to become fresher. Well...haha...

Anyway...recently I picked up the long lasting eye brow pencil from the Sephora Collection. The Sephora Long Lasting Brow Pencil comes with an eyebrow grooming brush that really useful for brushing the eye brows. Out of the 3 shades available, I chose the shade Medium.

The brushes reside on the cap and is pretty strong (from my random point of view haha). The color of the cap represents the color of the brow pencil and gosh, when I first saw it I am a bit worried it would become too dark!

Yet...when looking at the pencil lead color...I'm worried pulak whether the eye brown pencil color suits me because it looks too light... ┐(‘~`;)┌

So, I started applying the eye brow pencil by first studying my eye brows lol...I know this sounds weird, but like mentioned earlier, I don't really do eye brow grooming and therefore don't really care how my eyebrows look like. :P

Then, I draw the outer line of the eyebrow shape that I want...In this pictures taken a while ago, I just want an eyebrow shape that follow my natural eyebrow shape correctly...

After satisfied, I then fill-in the eye brow with the brow pencil in one direction. I was very glad that, although the pencil color looks light, it was actually pretty good in providing the right amount of pigment, thus offering a smooth and easy application.

After done one side, I move on to the other side pula, and ta da!! 

Both my eyebrows has been filled in by the Sephora Long Lasting Brow Pencil nicely. Ignore the shape's not your standard arch shape that everyone else go to salon to have it done. I prefer the shape to be as close to my original eye brow shape as possible. 

For a beginner like me, this eye brow pencil is a good tool as it is easy to use. It makes no effort to glide on as the color comes out pretty easily and nicely too. It is also long-lasting; it last whole day of my working time without fading of the color! And best of all, the price is pretty decent and thus making it affordable to every one. 

However one thing though, the pencil lead is easy to break. Thus even though the price is decent, you may end up spending just as much to buy new ones due to it's fast to finish up a pencil. Hope Sephora can improve on that weakness.

So have you tried this eye brow pencil before? What is your take? Do let me know what do you think of this product (^^) and check out other eye products here!

Sephora Collection Long Lasting Brow Pencil (1.08g) is available at at RM40

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