Saturday, December 10, 2016

When my Sister upgraded to become my Guardian Angel...

I will never forget the night of 16 September 2016. It was the last night where my Sister looked at us with opened eyes, trying to talk to us albeit having difficulty to speak and make a proper sentence. Never did I suspect that, it was really the last I would look at her eyes, and the last I would hear her voice. 

Past midnight to 17 September 2016, she fainted and was rushed to the Emergency ward. She was still alive; but in a very not good condition according to the doctor on duty. The naive me started to plan to cancel the Australia trip and instead to spend the time to take care of her during her recovery; refusing to accept that she was in a life or death situation.

She was transferred to ICU in the afternoon. And still in coma. I was shaking during the whole period. Keep asking myself, what was happening? One day before, Sis was still talking to me, very much awake, telling me not to worry and go ahead with the luncheon which we had initially planned to go together. And now, she was lying on the hospital bed, with all the machines supporting her. And we had no idea at all what was happening. Doctors suspected she having SLE. Gosh what is SLE? But this could only be confirmed after performing the lumbar puncture procedure, but there's a problem...Sis was very weak and the platelet count was very low, thus the procedure could not be done, until she is slightly better.


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