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Get the best out of Pos Malaysia Postal Solutions for Parcels

Update @13 Nov 2016:
Pos Malaysia and Pos Laju has increased the price for FlexiPack and Pos Laju I do not have time to update the post yet, please do refer to their websites for latest pricing...thanks :)

Update @8 March 2017:
Did a random internet search on Flexipack and stumbled upon a blogpost, in Bahasa Melayu, directly translated from my this post. With no notification to me, with no credit whatsoever.
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While many people complaining about the service of Pos Malaysia every now and then, I have been a satisfied customer of the parcel delivery services offered by Pos Malaysia. Since 2014 when I started to sell my unused and unwanted stuff online at dirt cheap prices, Pos Malaysia has been my trust-able delivery partner. (▰˘◡˘▰)

Being an avid user of the Pos Malaysia parcel delivery services, I have also came to being familiar with most of its postal solutions. It's an advantage to be knowledgeable because then you can make the right decision on which postal solutions that best suit your needs. Almost all the time I went to post office, there would be at least two or three persons inquiring about parcel delivery and would get confused due to the various options available.

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But you don't have to be the confused person. I'm going to share here the comparison between some of the postal solutions for parcels that I commonly used, and my personal reviews and experiences of using them. (◑‿◐)

Pos Laju

Pos Laju is the national courier that offers affordable price in courier services. You can either pack the items yourself and pay according to the weight and destination, or you can also opt for the Prepaid Envelopes (or Boxes, if you have bigger or heavier items), or referred to as 'Prabayar'.

If you pack yourself, the charges are as per following:

Note that the charges are excluding the fuel surcharge (15%), handling surcharge (10%) and GST. Thus if you are sending a 600gm parcel to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur, the charge would be:

Zone 4:
First 500gm = RM6.50
Next 100gm = RM1.50
Sub-total = RM8.00
Fuel Surcharge (15%) = RM1.20
Handling Surcharge (10%) = RM0.80
Sub-total including surcharges = RM8.00 + RM1.20 + RM0.80 = RM10.00
GST (6%) = RM0.60
Total including GST = RM10.00 + RM0.60 = RM10.60

Or, if you are lazy to pack yourself, then opt for the Prepaid Envelopes. It's very convenient; every prepaid envelope is plastic bubble wrapped with a seal. Just put in the item, seal it and post it.

The Prepaid Envelopes' prices are as below:

If you have bigger or heavier items, then opt for the Prepaid Boxes (so far I never use Prepaid Box). For more PosLaju Prepaid solutions, refer to the website: can either pack yourself, or opt for Prepaid Envelopes and save the hassle...which option would you choose?

For me, it depends on the item weight, and also the location (whether within Peninsular Malaysia or posting to Sabah / Sarawak). I include the illustration below for easy comparison...

As you can see above, you'd save a few cents or one or two ringgits, if you self-pack instead of using the Prepaid envelopes. But bear in mind, self-pack means, you have to have the wrapper, bubble-wrapper (if the item is fragile), scissors, sellotapes etc etc...oh the hassles!!! 

Here's how I make my decision...Most of the time, I will be sending light items less than 500gm, to Peninsular Malaysia. For this, I will be using the Prepaid envelope; save all the hassles in exchange of 40cents extra. However if the item is slightly more than 500gm, I will be likely to pack myself; never mind the hassle, I can save RM2.25!! For delivery to Sabah or Sarawak though, I always opt to self-pack that can save me RM1.32 or RM1.99.

Of course, when I opt to self-pack, it really depends on whether I have the time to pack, and whether I have the plastic envelopes and bubble wrappers. You know those plastic envelopes that you receive from couriers (any courier, be it GDex, FeDex, City Link, Skynet etc)? Don't throw away the plastics; you can reuse the plastics to pack your items and deliver via PosLaju.

Otherwise, just opt for the Prepaid envelopes and save all the hassles!!


A cheaper option to send parcel would be using the FlexiPack. FlexiPack gives you the flexibility to send as a box or as a packet, and at an incredible cheap price!! 

I discovered FlexiPack slightly few months ago, and I can't deny it increases the chance of selling my items. You see, most people are reluctant to pay shipping fees, even though the items are selling at dirt cheap price! With FlexiPack, the cost of sending parcel less than 1kg within Peninsular Malaysia is only RM4.50, compared to Pos Laju Prepaid at RM9.54 !!

Well, it comes with a 'price' though...unlike Pos Laju, Flexipack does not require recipient signature, and the delivery duration is slightly slower than Pos is supposed to be like normal mail, with tracking number lol... Thus, if you are offering FlexiPack to your recipient, make sure he or she understand the downside of FlexiPack, apart from the cheaper price compared to Pos Laju... (well, some people don't mind to wait if the parcel is not urgent).

Nonetheless, based on my experience, the delivery duration can be as fast as Pos Laju sometimes, if it's within the same area or same state. Take an example below; the item posted on 7 April, and reached the destination on 8 April:

And below is delivery to another state, which I think still relatively acceptable fast for the affordable price (only 4 days to reach destination!):

Another downside of FlexiPack is, there is no second delivery service. I think this is reasonable because FlexiPack is not a replacement to courier service like Pos Laju. But fret not, because FlexiPack is traceable. If the parcel is delivered unsuccessfully, e.g. due to nobody at home, the parcel will be kept at the local post office. Just go to the local post office and provide the tracking number to the postal clerk. To know exactly where is the parcel, just track it at the Pos Malaysia website.

So...which one is better, Pos Laju or FlexiPack? It depends entirely on your needs and requirement. Want fast? Pos Laju. Want secured? Pos Laju. Want cheaper price? FlexiPack. Don't mind to wait? FlexiPack.

Pos Ekspres

Pos Ekspres is a fast, convenient and economical means of sending sensitive documents based on next day delivery guarantee instead of following the regular delivery schedule. Pos Ekspres guarantees the reach of the mails at the intended destination within one, two or three days depending on the delivery zone.

I used to use Pos Ekspres to send documents back in my university years; nowadays I use it to send anything 'flat' like cosmetic sachet samples, cards, vouchers etc...I even use to send money note once (strictly not advisable ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ )

There's no difference in terms of pricing for delivery to anywhere in Malaysia, however the delivery duration would be different depending on zones (obviously it would take some time for delivery to rural areas, or across the sea etc). To know more about the delivery zones, just refer to the leaflet instructions inserted in every Pos Ekspres envelopes.

One thing to remember though, ensure that you post it through the special Pos Ekspres Yellow Posting Box, and before the collection time as specified on the Yellow Posting Box in order to ensure next day delivery. Posting at the Red Posting Box will delay delivery, because the Red Posting Box is for normal mail ╮(─▽─)╭

image credit: Kombizz,

So, which one should I use?

Again, it depends entirely on your needs and requirements. All three postage solutions come with Tracking Number, so consider other criteria like the item shape, delivery duration, recipient signature etc. If the item is flat, why not use Pos Ekspres due to the cheaper price and fast delivery? However, if you want to ensure safe delivery that require recipient signature, then Pos Laju will be the best choice. Or, maybe the item is not urgent, then opt for FlexiPack o(^∀^*)o

To me nonetheless, all three have been reliable so far. I have no problem using any of the three postage solutions. Minor problem happened only when the FlexiPack is stucked at the local post office; just get the recipient to check with his/her local post office and it should be fine.

With that, I hope that this post has helped you to make an informed decision in regards of Pos Malaysia postal solutions for delivery within Malaysia (◑‿◐) Have you used any of the postal solutions? What were your experiences like, or do you have other suggestions to share? 

Happy delivery!

For more information:
Pos Laju:
Pos Ekspres:
Track the parcel here:

All prices for the postage solutions stated are 'as-is' basis. For latest price, please refer to Pos Malaysia website ( for updated information, if any.


  1. This is an intresting blog that you have posted, you shares a lot of things about.

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  2. I never try using FlexiPack. Could be a good way for me to post out my parcel using FlexiPack instrad of Poslaju as Poslaju is pricey and with consider the high postage many people not willing to do online shopping without free postage. Can be headache for seller like me:(

  3. this is really helpful! thanks a lot! :D

  4. May I ask, when will tracking record for Flexipack show as I posted over the counter on Monday and today (Tuesday evening), there is still no record of it. Now I'm worried it got lost?

    1. Hi Louise,

      Hmm...that's weird...usually the next day would have already updated to the system...maybe you try check again tomorrow? If still not appear in the tracking system tomorrow, suggest you to check with the post office where you send the package.
      Do update us here, good luck! :)

    2. I actually went to the post office where I posted and the staff there kept saying, postman came and take and they don't key in anything in that branch. Not even poslaju. She said it is up to the major post office that took it. Now I'm confused as I thought once you post it, they will scan at the branch.

    3. I just checked and to my surprise, the item is already in melaka.
      They didn't even show me the entry point and which counter it was posted. Just straight away reached Melaka. -_- was having heart attacks over this.

    4. Based on my experience, the parcel will be scanned at the post office where you deliver as entry point (usually updated to the system the next day). Maybe the post office that I usually go is 'major' post office? Hmm....anyway, glad to hear that your parcel is on its way already :) Hopefully it reach your recipient soon ^^
      p/s: Totally understand your 'heart attack' xD xD

  5. Nice blog really informative for me,Very informative post. Keep up the good work.parcel to new zealand

  6. thanks for this entry. Very informative!

  7. Thanks for the info. We're building our own tracking tools for poslaju cause sometime people keep complaint poslaju site went down.

  8. Hi may I ask pack with my own box using flexipack?

    1. Hi Garlic Girl,

      To use the flexipack service, you must use the Flexipack box.
      But I understand also why you prefer to use own box, coz sometimes we want to preserve our identity (especially for brand or company), not to mention flexipack box can be out of stock quite often, or the box is too small or too big!

      Other option will be PosLaju, but of coz the fee is more expensive.

      There is another parcel delivery service by Pos Malaysia, which is Flexi Prepaid. It's even cheaper than Flexipack!

      Just recently launched not long ago, you can use your own box or packaging, and just stick the pre-printed label sticker to your packaging. Only RM3.80 for 500gm :D

      However, I have not used this service before yet, so perhaps you could give your feedback here, should you decide to use FlexiPrepaid? :)

  9. Hi do you know if flexipack's tracking number is realiable to oversea shipments?

    1. Hi maria,

      Fyi, there is indeed Flexipack International by Pos Malaysia.
      However is not mistaken, the Flexipack International does not come with tracking number originally; you have to purchase additional Registered Label in order to track the parcel.
      In other words, the online tracking feature for flexipack international is optional and comes with a premium.
      Do feedback here should you use the service :)

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  11. Great post n very informative ... Thankyou so much.

  12. Hi cpmoon..thank god ive encountered your post cuz i need a cheaper courier to post my product sample.:)

    Fyi, im selling diapers and wanna post out some sample. But the price of pos laju/domestic is choking ur opinion,which service is better and safer?flexipack or pos express?just 2-3 pcs of baby diaper.tqqq ;)

    1. Hi Akilah,
      It always made my day when someone find my post useful ^^ Thank you for making my day :D

      For your case, I would say Flexipack is better, as I don't think the diapers can fit into the PosEkspres envelope (^^!)

      Do you have time and resources to do the packaging yourself? If yes, then you can even get cheaper postage by using Flexi Prepaid, which is a sficker you stick on your self-packed package, and it costs only RM3.80 for 500gm if not mistaken.

      Otherwise, for convenience, just use the Flexipack box ;)

      Do update here which postage method you used :)

      Have a good day!

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  15. Thank you so much for the useful information! Explained it better than Pos Malaysia's website ^^

    1. Hi katcha...I'm so glad that it helps ^^

  16. okie case total lost 15 flexepack to hong kong.somemore no updated the tracking status....and i already complaint nut no reply.what can i do now?

    1. Hi wilson, sorry to hear about your bad experience.
      May I know how did you file your complaint? It usually take few days for Pos Malaysia to respond by email, so it's best you call up the customer service.
      For flexipack to Hong Kong, did you purchase the Registered Label for the tracking number?

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  19. Wonderful information with tracking details and durations. Have received medical courier deliveries of my grandmother's treatment. Was surprised to see the box packing and safe wrapping. Courier companies are really on a very good path bringing sellers and buyers together.

  20. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Great job, keep it up.
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  21. Thank you for this informative blog post! It definitely helps! However, I would like to ask - must the thing be flat if I post using pos ekspress? Can it be whatever that fits into the envelope and within the limited weight? Pos ekspres now has the plastic and flexible envelope.

    1. Hi Jo, thank you for finding this post useful ^^
      Yes, you are right that the PosEkspres now can has different envelope type, which started since year 2018.
      The PosEkspres envelope now has 2 types; one for document and one for small items.
      You can definitely put small items for the flexible envelope, but make sure it does not exceed the allowed weight.
      I will post a new blog post soon on the new postal solution and pricing ;-)
      Thanks for dropping by again!

    2. Hi, just wondering if I can still use the old envelopes ( for document ) I bought extra a few years back ><

    3. Hi Joeyyy, thanks for dropping by!
      A while ago, PosMalaysia did announce that they will still accept the old FlexiPack box before they changed it to FlexiPrepaid.
      Maybe the same will apply to PosEkspress too?
      Best if you could check with the Post office clerk and do share with me your finding :D
      All the best!

  22. hi, do u know about the flexi prepaid envelopes? the ones in gold/beige colour.
    What do you think about that compared to the ones above?

    Also, for the one that we have to pack ourselves, is there any min. parcel measurement to meet? Cause I'm afraid that they will say the parcel is too small or there is no place to put in/stick the consignment note; then, they will force u to purchase their envelope...

    1. Hi Sheryn94, thanks for dropping by!
      Yes I know about the Flexi Prepaid, in fact I have been using it nowadays compared to PosLaju because of the cheaper price!
      I think Flexi Prepaid is great; albeit slightly slower than PosLaju by 2 or 3 days, Flexi Prepaid comes with tracking number at a cheaper price.

      As for the Flexi Prepaid sticker, I have not used one yet but as long as your parcel has space enough for the sticker, I don't see why it would be a problem :)

      If you have tried it do share with me your experience too ^^

  23. Hello, I am looking for alternatives to International Flexipack. With every quarter increase in price, its getting too pricey to send via Flexipack esp for zone 2 (USA n UK).

    I know of alternative like small packet for 250g to 2kg but am looking for 150g and below. Appreciate your sharing if you have the knowledge. Tq

    1. Hi Bee, thanks for dropping by!
      I am afraid however that I am not able to provide you the information, as I don't have experience of sending parcel to US and UK before (^^!)

      Anyone else have the information that can help Bee? :)


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