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Party with Bananas from various countries...

When you traveled to a new place or country, one thing you cannot forgo is the food and special local delicacies. For the past almost one year, I have traveled to few countries, and one thing I couldn't help but noticed is, the similarity of how banana is being 'popular' haha...or maybe just banana flavour (─‿‿─)

Seoul, South Korea

Visiting Korea? Then you mustn't, mustn't miss the famous Binggrae Banana Milk o(^∀^*)o This milk quickly become my favourite drinks during my trip there that I had it almost every morning!!! Easily available at any supermarket or convenience store...

Back in Malaysia, you can get it at selected hypermarkets (e.g. AEON supermarket) which is selling in tetra about rekindle with travel memory!!

oh my eye bags... (╯︵╰,)

Bali, Indonesia

While this is not really a Bali special, this is definitely Tegal Sari's special!!! The resort that I stayed in Ubud during trip to Bali in August last year, served especially delicious banana milkshake and banana pancake for breakfast. Definitely a great kick-starter for a great day! ヽ(^◇^*)/

banana milkshake on the right - sorry I don't have a closed-up photo

Tokyo, Japan

The ever popular Tokyo Banana!!! This banana sponge cake with banana puree filling has since expanded to many flavours and varieties such as Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa (full of banana custard and wrapped in a fluffy sponge), Tokyo Choco Banana (banana cream inside chocolate), Tokyo Banana Raisin Sandwich (Rum-raisin banana ganache sandwiched between banana scented cookies) and many more!! Apart from the great taste, I also have a soft spot for its cute appeal  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)♥♥

This huge Tokyo Banana shop was located at the Tokyo Skytree and offer variety of Tokyo Banana in various packaging size...there is something for everyone here!!

If you have missed the Tokyo Banana at the city, no can always get it at the airport, with cheaper price!!

Bangkok, Thailand

While on the AirAsia flight to Bangkok last February, I chanced upon this in the in-flight menu; Siam Banana Spongecake, lol!!! I'm not sure how it taste coz I didn't buy, but based on the picture, it sure looks good...kinda resembling the Tokyo Banana, haha... ╮(─▽─)╭

Pocky lover like me? Then you must not miss this Pocky Choco Banana o(^∀^*)o Easily available at supermarkets and convenience stores, Pocky Choco Banana is one of my most-sought after Bangkok snacks, hehe... a friend told me that it's also available in Malaysia now, but I have not seen one yet though...

While 'borong'-ing for Pocky Choco Banana, I saw this Cougar Milky Banana Flavoured Candy on the shelf too...since the packaging was cute, so I bought one pack too...and boy I how I never regretted it, coz this milk candy was delicious!! Not too sweet, with decent banana flavour, perfect for anytime you craving for something sweet!!


How about our own home country? When talking about banana (pisang), one would think of the banana fritters (pisang goreng)!!! It's a classic Malaysian snack where a banana coated with batter and them deep-fried till the outside is crispy while the inside remains soft. It's easily available everywhere in Malaysia; usually at streets and night markets (pasar malam) (◑‿◐)

image credit:

And my most favourite near my place? Definitely the one selling at the food truck at's in front of the Nasi Kandar Pelita, and you won't miss it because there's always people queuing there to buy the many fried delicacies!!

image credit:

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It's interesting that how a humble banana fruit can be employed to create so many delicious snacks and delicacies...even eating as raw fruit, its wonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh never fails to delight me. Banana is also an excellent source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of manganese, vitamin C and dietary fiber, and provides cardiovascular health, digestive benefits, athletic performance improvement etc; easily one of the most nutritional fruits.

Have you traveled to other countries recently and came across a banana snack or dish?? Do share with me so I can feature here too. (▰˘◡˘▰)

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  1. I love banana too. There is banana chips from Thailand. Have you try before? It is crispy and healthy than usual potato chips. Maybe you can have a try.


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