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XIXILI Ladies' Party at KL Sogo - Girls just wanna have Fun :D

Last Saturday afternoon (31 October 2015) was a fun afternoon for me. I attended the XIXILI Ladies' Party at KL Sogo, which was held from 12.30 to 3.30pm. It was the first time I attended a XIXILI party, or a lingerie brand party to be precise, and I wished I had went to the many parties organised by XIXILI before!

I was supposed to attend with Mom, but unfortunately she couldn't make it at the very last minute. So I went alone worrying whether I would get bored in the 3 hours time, but I think I worried too much; XIXILI organised the best ladies' party ever! o(^∀^*)o

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

So, all these years I shopped at Sogo, I didn't know there's this 'Promotion Corner' which serves great as event space at the 1F Ladies Gallery ヽ(^◇^*)/ It's near to a shoes brand's gallery (I didn't notice the shoe brand though) Probably because it's quite hidden and that I also seldom frequent that corner?

At the registration counter, guests were given a power and positive characters such as "I'm Strong", "I'm Beautiful", "I'm Gorgeous" etc....

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

And I got "I'm Fashionable", haha  ~(˘▾˘~)

While waiting for other guests (urgh I really detest latecomers!), I nom nom nom first :P

Finally the party started about half an hour later \(^.^)/

It started with the highlight of the party; XIXILI showed us on how different types of bras can affect (would 'enhance' sounds better?) the shape of the same breasts differently - either with 'wow' factor, or with pushed-up effect, or with deep-V effect, or fully covered, etc. I really love the showcase of the different types of bras - the beautiful model walked in the bra around the event area for a clearer view - cause, as mentioned before, this was the first lingerie event I have ever attended o(^∀^*)o And who doesn't love beautiful brassieres???!!!

 Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

1st Bra - the tshirt bra

2nd Bra - super push-up bra in sexy red!!

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

3rd Bra - stripy bra from the Melanie collection

4th Bra

5th Bra

6th Bra

7th Bra - the Rufina Contouring Bra, one of the XIXILI's bestsellers

8th Bra - remember, back support is important too (",)

9th Bra - the full cup bra, and that was me 'introducing' the bra, lol...

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

10th Bra - the nursing bra; the lady was demonstrating on how to use the bra

11th Bra - the corset; if you are wearing a corset, it's best up to pair up with a girdle...you don't want to look slim at top but 'menggelebeh' at the bottom right hahaha...

I would say all the guests were enjoying themselves and having fun time. Don't believe me? Look at the pictures below  (^_^) Personally I think it was because the presenter was very good in inserting some jokes and being cheeky when addressing the audience (",)

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page

Then there was lip makeup demo by Clinique, games and image styling tips...

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page
- this Clinique representative happen to love the brand XIXILI too!

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page 
- I was so fucked up in this blind game lol...

Picture credit to XIXILI FB page 
- a little workout to shake the body

Not going to elaborate long, but the party was really fun and enjoyable, and I'm so now stalking XIXILI's FB page to see when is the next party wahaha (▰˘◡˘▰) And these are the prezzies and goodies I got from the event... (oh no, not another umbrella!!!)

I also took the discount offer to buy a new bra for myself. This is the new Perfect Contour bra in Imperial Red from the Basilia collection, which is retailed at RM179.90 normal price. The Basilia collection features a delicate lace overlay on dotted jacquard mesh for a simple and chic look, and resulted a gorgeous uplifted bust line and fabulous upper-body silhouette. The perfect contour bra is a signature design by XIXILI for bust contouring. It has a unique design with centralisation, with high side panels and supportive U-back for a perfect upper body contouring; perfect for both petite and full-figured women with uneven or wide set breasts. The wide shoulder straps design gives a good and uplifting function, all day long. Now I am thinking whether I should get the matching alluring lace panty and the seductive sheer slip from the same collection too?  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Actually this is not my first XIXILI bra. Before I discovered XIXILI, I have bought some bras from another branded lingerie brand (which I shall not name here) but the bras didn't give me the long-term comfort feeling and certainly didn't fit me perfectly well. I mean, why settling for a bra that's close enough, rather than holding out for one that's perfect? Because bra, in my opinion, should support not only the breasts but also the overall body when wearing it. Some people think, as long as the bra covers the nipples, then it's good to go. But to me, it's not. If you only want to cover the nipples, then just get the nipple covers, no need to get a bra lol...

Then, some time near Christmas last year, I won a XIXILI cash voucher, and so I used the voucher to buy myself a Christmas gift; a new bra from a new brand to me. It was the Elegant Ivory contour bra from the Eloisa collection. And it was the best bra I have ever owned! I love how XIXILI bra gives me a pleasant feeling and sense of full protection. That is what a good brassiere supposed to do right, support your breasts well without compromise on comfort? If I were to splurge on expensive bras, XIXILI would be the first brand I would go for. 

Were you at the party too, or are you also a XIXILI fan? (",)

And finally, dedicating this song by Cyndi Lauper to all girls who just wanna have fun (^∀^*)

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