Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Beauty Gifts 2015: Be Merry ♥ KOSÉ

This Christmas, KOSÉ invites fans to be merry with them. KOSÉ was one of my first skincare brand that I discovered back in 2013 (yeah, I started late =.=), and I have been particularly fond of the SEKKISEI and INFINITY range since then! Grab KOSÉ's special Be Merry Chirstmas Gifts while stocks last at any KOSÉ outlet nationwide and save up to 60%!


INFINITY Set (RM320.10/set)
(save 60%)
- INFINITY Deep Moisture Concentrate 50ml
- INFINITY Lotion Concentrate 50ml
- INFINITY Serum Complexion 50ml
- INFINITY Realizing White XX 15ml
- INFINITY Eye Cream 10g

SEKKISEI Set 1 (RM143.30/set)
(save 45%)
- SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask 80g
- SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel n 35g
- SEKKISEI Lotion 100 ml
- SEKKISEI Emulsion 20ml

JUNKISUI Set (RM227.90/set)
(save 25%)
- JUNKISUI Refreshing Lotion 150ml
- JUNKISUI Moisturizer 120 ml
- JUNKISUI Foaming Wash 120g
This is anti-acne skincare series, that fight all the stubborn acne and allows your skin to be smooth this merry season!

SEKKISEI Supreme Set (RM311.20/set)
(save 60%)
- SEKKISEI Supreme Washing Cream 140g
- SEKKISEI Supreme Refining Lotion 230ml
- SEKKISEI Supreme Moisturizer 140ml
- SEKKISEI Supreme Massage Cream 15g 
- SEKKISEI Supreme Revitalizing Cream 6g
- SEKKISEI Supreme Makeup Base 9g

INFINITY Pure Advance Set (RM375.20/set)
(save 39%)
- INFINITY Pure Advance Essence Lotion 160ml
- INFINITY Pure Advance Serum 160ml
- INFINITY Pure Advance Clear Up Wash 120g
- INFINITY Vital Comfort Mask 3pcs

SEKKISEI Set 2 (RM421.20/set)
(save 38%)
- SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 140ml
- SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel N 80g
- SEKKISEI Emulsion 140ml 
- SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml
- SEKKISEI Essense Mask 2pcs

SEKKISEI Lotion Limited Edition 500ml (RM331.70)
(save 26%)
 It has a beautiful snowy packaging to get you in the Christmas season o(^∀^*)o

INFINITY Royal Flowers Collection Compact Powder (RM371)
This limited edition compact powder comes with an exquisite designer case. Blended with a touch of gold powder and compounded with antioxidant (Madonna Lily Root extract), it helps to protect your skin's moisture. Gives you excellent convenience, quality and true INFINITE beauty!

INFINITY Prestigious Set (RM742/set)
(save 50%)
- INFINITY Lotion Prestigious 160ml
- INFINITY Serum Prestigious 120ml
- INFINITY Cream Prestigious 20g
- INFINITY Cleansing Cream Prestigious 30g
- INFINITY Washing Cream Prestigious 30g
- Gold Clutch
The classy gold clutch is perfect for the Christmas parties!!

KOSÉ is also offering awesome GWP, however note that only normal-priced items are entitled for the GWP and Top Up Purchase.
Which means, the Beauty Treats are not applicable with purchase of Christmas sets.

I am very tempted to get the Royal Flowers Collection Compact Powder (^∀^) I am so in love with the beautiful delicate floral packaging...It would makes a great gift for yourself or a friend (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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