Saturday, October 31, 2015

innisfree Malaysia second store opening at Paradigm Mall + My Hauls!!

Nothing could get me more excited on the day when I knew that innisfree Malaysia was going to open the second store at Paradigm Mall...I mean, when they opened the first store at Sunway Pyramid back in December 2014, I was away from the country thus I was not able to attend the grand opening *ouch so sad* Moreover, I don't really frequent Sunway Pyramid that often (god damn can Sunway please improve the parking???!!) so even though I was in Malaysia I didn't go visit the store (but I visited the innisfree House at Jeju lol...) Thus, I was super excited when the second store is going to reside at Paradigm Mall...which is just like a stone's throw away from my house o(^∀^*)o 

Image credit to innisfree Malaysia FB

Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB

So, the big day was on the 30 October 2015, yeay!!! (which was yesterday btw) And in conjunction with the new store opening, there would be special early bird gift for the first 50 in line!! Thus I woke up early with the intention to be one of the first 50 lol....As it was a Friday and I anticipated the traffic jam as usual, however to my surprise the traffic was pretty smooth that I reached Paradigm Mall too early at about 9.05am...and I haven't had my breakfast wtf (╯︵╰,)

Anyway....I was at no. 17 in line....I would say I was really early!!! I expected to get like between 35-45...but 17!!! (-.-!) But ok lah...better early than late; I think I would really bang the wall if I was not within 50 despite waking up so early lol...

Sneak peak on the interior....many boxes still scattered on the floor...

And at sharp 10am, the store was finally opened and ready to accept customers, yeay!!! \(^.^)/ Ok, initially I planned to take the pictures of interior and to walk through you guys on the store, but omigosh....there was too many people and I had to squeeze myself in between just to check out a product; there was no way I would able to take nice pictures!!

So, I had to borrow some pictures of the store interior from innisfree Malaysia FB can view more pictures from the FB page ya (",)

Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB 

 Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB

Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB

Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB

So, I was torn between these Christmas sets....All looks too tempting I was having hard time to choose ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ 
p/s: Talking about Christmas sets, I am going to share on awesome Christmas goodies from some of my favourite brands; do stay tune!!
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At the end, I chose the 'Orchid Enriched Cream Set'. Age is catching up so I gotta have some anti-aging protection right? (▰˘◡˘▰) So after I have satisfied with my products, I lined up to make the payment...and this was when I got a little bit impatient...the queue was too long!!! And there was only one cash register working (it was supposed to be two, but I think the other one was faulty or something) I waited for more than an hour (yes, more than an hour) just to make it to the payment counter finally ╮(─▽─)╭

Picture credit to innisfree Malaysia FB
- Can you spot me in this picture? (^^)

So...ta-daa!!!!! These were all I got from innisfree Paradigm Mall during the opening; haul + free gifts ヽ(^◇^*)/ (who doesn't love freebies, right??)

My haul (RM129): 
Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm (RM20) + X-Mas Limited Edition Orchid Enriched Cream Set (RM101) + Christmas DIY Block Kit "Gingerbread Man in Cookie House" (RM8)

Fyi, the Christmas DIY Block Kit is actually priced at RM27 each, however with any purchase of the Green Christmas products, it is only RM8 each...since I bought the X-Mas Limited Edition Orchid Enriched Cream Set, thus I was entitled to get it at RM8 only ヽ(^◇^*)/

Because I made purchase RM120 and above, I was entitled the following gifts with purchase:
Best Cleansing Foam Trial Kit + Green Tea Balancing Trial Kit* (for first 500 customers only*)

And the reward of being no. 17 in line? The Early Bird Gift: Eco-Hankie + Jeju Peach Hand Cream

There's I just registered as new member on that day, I was entitled to New Member Gift which was the innisfree Best Loved Collection o(^∀^*)o 

And and....I was also gifted this limited edition Lee Min Ho Jeju holic Album (ain't innisfree love me enough?? 。(♥‿♥)。)

With the New Year 2016 also coming soon, for every purchase of RM40 in a single receipt, would be entitled to a stamp. Collect 10 stamps to redeem a diary. Since I purchased RM129, so I have three stamps now (^^), although I don't think I would be able to collect 10 stamps, haha...

So....that's my experience in the grand opening of innisfree Malaysia second store at Paradigm Mall, the hauls and the many free goodies...extremely satisfied, although was tired, haha...and you know what? The third store is going to open soon, at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 13 November 2015 omg!!!! (°∀°) I was still thinking whether to go to the grand opening also?? 

Anyway....I hope innisfree Malaysia would also open a store at 1 Utama, hehe (─‿‿─)

p/s: If you wish to buy innisfree products but is too far from innisfree stores or have no time, please do contact me as I can help you's complimentary service from me as I love shopping at innisfree store so much! You only need to pay the item product price + postage (^∀^*)


  1. Wow, nice- i went to the pav one, it's great!

    1. Hi Felicia, great that you managed to go to the Pavilion one :D
      Did you buy any Christmas set too? :D


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