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#MakanMakan Food Hunt: 10 Restaurants Must-try at 1Utama [Part 2]

Welcome back to the adventure of #MakanMakan Food Hunt, yeah :D I hope you have enjoyed the 1U #MakanMakan Food Hunt Part let's check out the adventure with the rest of the outlets :)

(6) O Banh Mi

O Banh Mi prides itself on making their bread fresh in store. The banh mi (banh mi is a Vietnamese baguette) was baked to a light crisp on the outside, giving way to a soft, fluffy interior, tasty enough to have on its own or with a nice slather of butter. O Banh Mi also serves a selection of other Vietnamese fare apart from their delicious bread.

Beef Noodle Pho is the latest addition to the menu. Pho a type of Vietnamese soup, typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added. As I don't take beef, I didn't taste the noodle. But from the girls' feedback, it was good and delicious :D

Beef Noodle Pho: RM12.90

(7) Betjeman & Barton

I have a soft spot for tea. Tea has been my favourite beverage for many many years, and still is. Drinking tea has proven to have many health benefits. Betjeman & Barton, the French tea expert established since 1919, carries more than a hundred of tea varieties, our of White Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea, in the store. I think I would be having a big headache if I were to choose only one tea out of the entire collection here!

Luckily, I didn't have to do that; I was only required to choose one out of four that were being promoted :) I chose the Rooibush Cranberry Acerola, which is a type of red tea and is originated from South Africa. The other three were Chine Wulong Milky (green tea, from China), Luxury (black tea, from China) and Malesherbes (green tea, from China). The reason I chose the Rooibush Cranberry Acerola was very simple; I thought it would be interesting to try a tea from South Africa, instead of the usual China :D It is an excellent rooibush with notes of cranberry, acerola, lemon grass and hints of apple. It tasted bitter sweet and the aroma was very inviting. The tea can easily be one of my comfort beverage :D

Betjeman & Barton also offers a sweet array of delectable and mouth-watering French confectioneries. I tasted the Hanami Gateau cake, Hazelnut Macaron and B&B Pure Milk Chocolate, and was loving them so much, especially the macaron :D Betjeman & Barton would be the perfect hangout spot for me with my friends and families ;-) With the cozy ambiance, I think I could spend the whole day here (would they allow me to do that???)

Pot of tea: RM24++ per pot
Hanami Gateau: RM13.90
Hazelnut Macaron: RM4.50 per piece
B&B Pure Milk Chocolate: RM4.00 per piece

(8) Quiznos Sub

Quiznos Sub is one of the largest submarine sandwich shop chain, and is the home of the toasted sandwiches, fresh salads and delicious soups. Quiznos Sandwich Menu has a variety of signature sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, deli sandwiches, cheese steaks, and sub sandwiches. 

I was glad to try the Chicken Ranch & Swiss sandwich. It is a sandwich with great spread of chicken, swiss cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and ranch dressing. The wholesome meal is just perfect for a healthy lunch, or even breakfast or dinner if you like it. The cheese filling was not too cheesy (some people may not like it), yet enough to make the whole sandwich savoury and delicious :D

I totally loved the Chicken Carbonara pizza too!! It tasted like carbonara pasta, just that it is in a pizza form instead :P The mozzarella cheese and alfredo sauce was just so creamy and tasty! The Baja Chicken pizza was also not bad :)

Chicken Ranch & Swiss Sandwich: RM18.80 (for 6")
Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich: RM22.80 (for 9")
Chicken Carbonara Pizza: RM12.80 (S size)
Baja Chicken: RM10.80 (S size)

(9) The Library Coffee Bar

Casual and lifestyle coffee bars and cafes are mushrooming very fast in KL and PJ. The Library Coffee Bar is one of it, and the 1Utama outlet was just newly opened slightly 1 month ago. The Library Coffee Bar is a lifestyle coffee bar chain that is famed for its casual cool retro interior and cosy ambience. The coffee bar offers a large array of reading titles, delicious coffee & snacks.

I am not sure about the books here, but for food I am so totally recommend the Humming Ham pizza :D It was very delightable to dip into this flaky puff pastry pizza, speckled with the olives, lettuce, chicken and cheese. Very tasty and yummy, and oh boy I need a second piece of the pizza!! The Fish Arrabiata was very good too; it's pasta doused in a spicy tuna and tomato sauce. It's a little bit spicy but I think it's alright :D

And what is a coffee bar without coffee. As I don't drink coffee, I am not sure how is the Espresso Cappucino taste like. But I do drink tea, and oh was my favourite Earl Grey!!! Some of the girls said it was quite bitter, but to me, that is how earl grey supposed to be; flavored black tea with an interesting, exotic and bitter citrus-ty taste :D

Fish Arrabiata pasta: RM15
Humming Ham pizza: RM15
Earl Grey tea set: RM7.90
Espresso Cappucino: RM10.50 (S size)

(10) Bisou Bake Shop

It's great to have a quick stop for a tea time or to grab some cupcakes back. Bisou Bake Shop is perfect for this purpose. Spotting a wide, fabulous selection of cupcakes, cakes and cookies, one would be spoilt for choices to satisfy the sweet tooth :D  Some delicious looking cupcakes include Vanilla Sky (vanilla cupcake with vanilla butter frosting), Neopolitan (vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling and chocolate frosting) and Cookies & Cream (chocolate cupcake with cookie crumb frosting). Bisou Bake Shop also takes order for party and wedding cakes.

Cupcake of the month August was the Rainbow Red Velvet Cake. Well, it's actually a whole square slice, instead of cupcake lol~ There are layers of colorful cream, topped with butter frosting. I didn't have it there and then, instead the staff were kind enough to pack them into little tiny boxes for us to bring home. I had it the next morning for breakfast, and boy, it's the sweetest breakfast ever for the's bitter sweet just as I like it :D

Rainbow Red Velvet cake: RM13 


And voila, that was my gastronomical adventure at 1Utama :D I had a lot of fun hopping from one eatery to another trying new food, with the company of my fellow members of 1U Gals (we named ourselves 1U Gals LoL >v<) As a frequent patron of 1Utama, this #MakanMakan Food Hunt has given me a broader perspective to choose my next makan place when I jalan-jalan at 1Utama the next time :D

Credit: Sin Yee's FB (
From left to right: Hooi Yan (Danielle), Tiffany, Eugenie, Sin Yee, Yukari, yours truly, Trislynn 

Special thanks to 1Utama and the 10 participating F&B outles for having me in this exciting #MakanMakan Food Hunt event...and of course, to the team 1U Gals being fun company to be with :D

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