Saturday, September 13, 2014

[CLOSED] 100,000 Milestone: It's time for a GIVEAWAY :D :D :D

I have abandoned this blog for about a month, because of the tight schedule, with the project at its peak phase and trips to hospital etc....and I just realized this blog has passed its milestone of 100,000 page views!!!!! And that means it's time to celebrate's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

Ok, to be honest, I don't know what I will give and how many winners I will select at the point of writing this BUT.....I promise it would be something great so let's make it a SURPRISE!!!! :D :D :D

So....just follow this 3 easy steps to join this giveaway :D

* Step 1: Join this blog publicly.

* Step 2: Comment on this post "Happy 100k" including your username and email used in Step 1.
--> This step is a 'registration' to join this giveaway.

* Step 3: Comment on any posts in this could be on the post of a product review and you would like to share your review too etc...
--> Comment as many as you like :D

The best comment(s) win!! 
Tips: Meaningful feedback, constructive criticism, hilarious comment will easily win my heart :p

Terms & Conditions:
1) In order to stand a chance to win, you must complete all 3 steps above.
2) The dateline for this giveaway: 31 October 2014
3) Winner(s) will be announced in this blog, and is required to email me with your details within 3 days. If no response from winner(s), the prize(s) will be snowballed to next winner(s).
4) Method of prize delivery to be determined later.
5) Winner(s) selection is entirely my discretion. Dispute will not be entertained.
6) By participating this giveaway, you agree to abide with the terms & conditions.

So what are you waiting for??? Comment right away, NOW!!!! :D :D :D


  1. Happy 100k
    Jonah Ng
    Is it ok?

    1. Yep, this would be ok~

      Don't forget to complete Step 1 and Step 3 as many as you like ^^

  2. Happy 100k
    EMAIL :

  3. Oh,a mystery giveaway with prizes unknown!
    This has me more curious than a leak for the next iPhone.
    Miss CpMoon - here's to a Happy 100K.
    What an interesting contest you're having today!

    ShopGirl ;)

    1. Hi ShopGirl, don't forget to complete Step 1 and Step 3 as many as you like :D

  4. Happy Happy 100K!
    OMG. This giveaway is so nice. Imagine joining a contest with a surprise prize. Love the idea :)

    1. Hi Hazel, thanks! :D
      And don't forget to complete Step 1 and Step 3 as many as you like ^^


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