Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Come do good deeds and have fun at Amante's Charity Fair !!

Thinking of what to do on another Sunday?

Instead of going for movie and shopping like any other Sunday, it would be fun to change a little bit on the Sunday plan...and while at that, why not join the Amante's Charity Fair, on 7 September 2014!!

♥ Event: Amante's Charity Fair ♥
♥ Date: 7 September 2014 ♥
♥ Time: 10am to 6pm ♥
♥ Venue: Amante Nail Spa at Kota Damansara@Dataran Sunway ♥

Amante Nail Spa, the organiser behind this event, is a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs. In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchase the Amante Charity Coupon booklet for RM35. There are 7x RM5 cash vouchers inside the booklet where you can use to purchase treatments, activities, food and games at Amante Charity Fair, and BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment!! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good Sandals -- you can't have too many!!!

I went to a shoe brand warehouse clearance sale recently. I have hoped to buy a new pair of sandals, that are suitable for work (my company dress code is smart casual), and also suitable for weekend outings. You see, I love wearing sandals so much that 3 pairs of my sandals are worn out or torn, thus buying a new pair just comes naturally. 

And from the clearance sale, I bought 6 pairs of shoes, but none were sandals. I wonder why there were no sandals on sale!! So now I have many new pairs of shoes (ballerina flats, kitten heels, loafer) yet none were sandals, and so I need to go yet another shopping trip (which I have done few rounds but came back instead with new dresses, cosmetics, magazines etc but no sandals) But hey, you can't have too many shoes, right?

Anyway....if you are wondering why I still want a pair of sandals, that is because sandals are the most comfortable thing to wear...they let my feet 'breathe', and unlike court shoes, they don't hurt my feet, especially at toes part...sandals, like this one below, basically provide comfort to me feet :D And a little heel, about 4.5cm, is just nice to elevate my overall height a little, and at the same time practical for everyday wear.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

bloop Duo Lipstick Jetsetter – the Lip Beauty Partner Anytime, Anywhere

Lip care is utmost important to me. If you have read my previous post on the Egyptian Magic Cream, I have chapped lips every now and then, ever since I was still a little girl....apart from drinking lots of water and applying (colourless) lip balm to keep my lips moisturised, I also want my lips to look beautiful too....you see, I have full lips and wouldn't it be wasted if the lips are left dull and pale?? (*_*)

Lately, I am very much into something matte and natural, and yet give me all the moisturising my lips need...meet bloop Candy Duo Lipstick - Jetsetter 01  \(≧∀≦)/

bloop is being wonderful to women living in modernized urban chic lifestyle, by launching 5 different colors of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick convenient pack with matte lipstick & lip gloss to complement the City Chic’s fast-paced lifestyle needs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shizens Exclusive Private Workshop - All about Youthful Skin!!

Shizens caught my attention not too long ago, when I first heard of the brand during the launch of the "Stand Firm Stay Firm" campaign. The brand has been around for few years yet I only aware about it just recently, haha...pardon me for being ignorant, but well, I was only started to have interest in beauty products since last year so I guess it's not a biggie...:P

Anyway...Shizens is a home grown brand here in Malaysia, and is propelling its expansion nationwide and also regionally. Shizens offers a comprehensive range of skin care and cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients and formulated in countries such as Japan and Korea, each in its own elegant packaging I would say (think about glasses, woohoo~ but there's something about the Lip Tattoo leaking bottle but I'm not going to elaborate here~)

In conjunction with the Shizens' latest product "Time Resistance Essence" (which is featured everywhere!!! Posters in malls, magazines, social medias etc), Shizens organized an exclusive private workshop on 5 July 2014 at Shizens Pavilion, where participants get to enjoy one-to-one skin consultation by Shizens skin expert.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Redeem GLAMGLOW Mask samples at selected Sephora stores!!!

Hi beauties!!!

Have you heard about GLAMGLOW mask before? It's one of the items in my beauty wishlist :D :D :D

GLAMGLOW was originally designed for exclusive professional backstage use in Hollywood. In 2011, GLAMGLOW became available to consumers worldwide and is now one of the hottest brands in skincare. Known for fast-acting and innovative mud treatments, their patent-pending formulas combine real pieces of leaf with high-end technology to deliver instant, visible results.

Anyway....this post is not about the review of the mask....this post is about sharing a good news with you beautilicious who wish to try the mask -- Sephora is giving away samples of GLAMGLOW mask on 14 July 2014!!!!! :D :D :D Only available at Sephora Star Hill, Sephora Sunway Pyramid and Sephora Gurney Paragon Penang though...

Remember to go early to redeem to avoid disappointment :D And do share with me your review when you have tried the mask yeh ^_^

p/s: I will post up my review if I have the chance to try the mask :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Magically Beautiful with Egyptian Magic Cream, the All-purpose Skin Cream + GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have always fascinated by Egyptian beauty since I was little. Of course, back then I can only appreciate the fashion and style of the ancient Egyptian costume, through illustrations from books, comics and cartoons. As I grow older when I started to to have interest in skincare and haircare, the Egyptian art of beauty just got me excited and tickled my curiosity. The ancient Egyptian women took pride in their attractiveness and devoted much time in maintaining their appearance. It's said that, Queen Cleopatra bathed in milk to smooth her skin as milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate the skin, to remove dead cells. (anyone tried that before??)

And then come Egyptian Magic Cream, the ancient Egyptian's secret of an all-natural cream....this is the cream that every beauty experts have raved about, and probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world!! From Madonna to Kate Hudson to The Oprah Magazine, most celebrities agree that Egyptian Magic Cream is a "must-have" beauty and skin care product.


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