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Look-up High with Novexpert Instant Lifting Serum

Novexpert is a multi-awarding winning cosmeceutical skincare brand: Winner of 11 Awards in 3 years!!

Wouldn't that got you curious and captured your interest on Novexpert? I did, and was going like, wow...that must be a very good product that works magically on skin, lol!!

After I received the email from HiShop that the Novexpert Instant Lifting Serum was on its way to my home, I searched for more information on Novexpert from the internet. Novexpert was created by a team of four doctors who are recognised specialists in skin-aging in France, and you know what...? I love French skincare brand!!! What more it was curated from a blend of medical and beauty science – cosmeceutical brand that are said don’t cost the earth but deliver. The Novexpert range is Ecocert certified and claims to be “100% natural, 0% chemicals, 0% preservatives and 100% hypoallergenic”... so I guess it has to be really worth to try?

The Novexpert Instant Lifting Serum gains its hype and fame in UK since June 2013. The beauty journalists there were going crazy about this serum and loved the result so much...this serum was said to lift and firm the skin within ten tell me, how could I not be excited too on this serum!! I'm approaching 30 soon, so yeah, anti-aging is definitely a concern for me. I would want to prevent any signs of skin aging, rather than treating the signs.

The Novexpert Instant Lifting Serum comes in a pump bottle and is a light, brownish liquid. The formula was designed in collaboration with Dr Colletta, and is part of the Novexpert Express Anti-aging Care. The other two are The Repulp Cream and The Repulp Mask. So what makes this Novexpert Instant Lifting Serum a bestseller?

The first thing about the serum that really caught my interest was the scent. This is the scent, or smell, that I would never expect from a serum, in fact not even from any skincare lol...let me tell you, the smell is so candy-ly delicious!! It is so delicious – like the toffee candy, caramel smell – that you'd thought it is edible lol...Well, the ingredients are indeed good enough to eat; raspberry and apple complex, with Acacia extract and baobab pulp, Hyaluronic Acid, and 100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, Vitamin C and Quercetin. Yummy??

Well, there are reasons why the ingredients are's why:
Raspberry and Apple complex: Gives a “peachy skin” effect adding enhanced radiance to the face in 14 days!!
Baobab Pulp and Acacia extract: Helps with horizontal lifting, which tightens the skin in less than five minutes and for several hours
Pure Hyaluronic Acid: Helps with vertical lifting by absorbing extra cellular water, puffs up and fills in wrinkles by pushing from the bottom upwards
100% Vegetable complex containing Malic and Citric Acid, Vitamin C and Quercetin: Helps micro-exfoliation, which provides a radiant completion in less than two weeks.

Another benefit of Novexpert is the patented discovery, Novaxyline, a very active ingredient which stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid to awaken the youthful genes. Novaxyline acts at the core of the youth stem cell, effectively ‘re-setting’ it, resulting in a fresher, plumper and more youthful skin.

There's a product information leaflet enclosed, and in the leaflet there's an illustration on how to apply the serum in the correct direction. As similar as other lifting products, the serum is to apply in outward, and upward directions. What interest me nonetheless is the application direction on the neck area. Rather than the usual upward direction for lifting, one is to apply it in outward direction, vertically. For myself, I followed the illustration direction, however sometimes forgot about it and applied the usual way I did, which may not be suitable for this product :p

A small amount is usually sufficient for serum, nonetheless I always apply on my skin about 2 tiny pumps per application...The liquid serum is quite sticky when applied on skin, which is not really my favourite attribute. However in less than 4 or 5 minutes, the stickiness just disappear, and what you have now is an evenly smooth skin lol....I presume the serum is absorbed fully into skin, thus the sticky feeling just gone like that haha... this characteristic make me can't help to think it's sort of a 'signal' to tell the skin that it's the right time to apply moisturiser now lol...Thus if you are using this serum, allow 5 minutes gap for the serum to penetrate into skin before applying your next skincare.

The serum is said to tighten the skin in 5 minutes and the effect stay for as long as 9 hours...To be honest, this benefit does not really appeal to me that much because my skin isn't really sagging...but this serum is said to be also ideal for dry, thinning or fatigued skin in need or tackling expression wrinkles as well as slackening skin, and thus have my attention....I am actually pretty impressed on the consistency of the leaves my skin matte and feel hydrated, yet not oily, for a good few hours...

The only thing that I probably dismay is, the serum sometimes leaves some flaky particles on the side of my face (the border between face and hair)...I'm not sure how these particles were built-up, but I suspect it could be due to reaction to the sun, or to my sunblock? Reason being, it always happens only during day time...Anyway that's just my guess lah, no concrete proof haha....

With the benefits it brings to my skin, the scent and consistency, together with the fact that the entire Novexpert range is Ecocert certified and of 100% natural origin, is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and made without any chemical does make me think that this is one of the awesome serum available in the market   o(≧∇≦o)

CpMooN's Rating: 3.5/5.0

Novexpert Instant lifting Serum (30ml) is now available at HiShop for only RM156:

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p/s: Use code 1762 when checkout at HiShop to get RM20 rebate with minimum purchase of RM99. Valid until 31 March 2014 ^_^

Have you also tried any Novexpert products? Share with me your thoughts ^_^

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration but that doesn't affect my judgement and review. I'm not paid nor obliged to write good things. Please refer terms of use, thank you.

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